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  1. Check out this video coaching session I had with a Nelson Mason from Racers360.com. Good information that may apply.
  2. Selling my home alignment stuff. Toe plates used once and camber gauge 18 months old. $375 Tomball but work by K1 Speed at Beltway/290.
  3. HPA is pretty fun venue. Good on you with the charity.
  4. Aces in Pasadena is popular in the Mustang crowd. They fabricate full exhaust systems. Im sure they can do it. Not Houston, but...
  5. I used to do them all the time on my fox body and was pretty close.
  6. yeah, the rear is going to mess with me. For the rear, I'll string it first to see where things are side to side. then even it up that way.
  7. I've grown tired of being at the mercy of "big alignment machines" and their "sorry we aren't open on weekends" or "sorry , your car is modified, we can't do it" so I've decided to do my own alignments. I bought some toe plates that were delivered today and already have a camber gauge. Time to get serious. I'll be swapping some suspension pieces this weekend and can now set my alignment by myself. Pretty stoked (until I kill tires for shit show alignment)
  8. At a DE level yiu are fine. Racing and TT involves a different mindset (generally more aggressive) and more purpose built cars/machines that may be set.to ragged edge.
  9. You must not know Lobster's sense of humor. I'd almost bet that was a joke. Hence the smiley.
  10. Yeah, staying left before/at Launch allows you to get straighten out the track between launch and start of keyhole (and a lot of throttle), then quick, hard brake to turn Left to keyhole and hammer the gas and before the curve in keyhole. if you are going fast enough, braking for that left is warranted. I'm not as fast as Lobster, so take my word for what it is....2nd best, lol.
  11. I was whooped after my 2nd place Autocross placing on Saturday. Wish I could have made it.
  12. If I show up, whose name can I give? I usually use Robert, but want to make sure someone is there for sure, lol.
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