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  1. I was whooped after my 2nd place Autocross placing on Saturday. Wish I could have made it.
  2. If I show up, whose name can I give? I usually use Robert, but want to make sure someone is there for sure, lol.
  3. I agree with your sentiment, but comparing a light car with 330whp on presumably non street tires isnt exactly a fair comparison to a heavy Mustang even with a lot of HP. Last Jan NASA at MSRH Terry Fair ran a 40 in his 480whp 2018 Mustang at 3600# I think in TT2 in basically a TT3 car. On 315 R7s and a 41 on 305 RE71s. The s550 is a way better track car suspension wise than an old Terminator. Michael Mills ran a basically stock GT350R to a 42 WITH A PASSENGER, but we arent all a pro driver.
  4. This. Little benefit right now.
  5. I'm doing autocross events on 11/3 and 11/4. Can't make it on 3rd.
  6. I was confused about it for sure.
  7. Who knows, he is collecting 190 per person, though.
  8. 23rd is going to be busy as a Northside Mustang/MSRH member has invited a large group of folks out that day.
  9. This thread went to shit.
  10. So..I'm confused... First post: " Is there any suggestions how to safely find the limits outside of the track to help guide me? I was thinking a large parking lot or something but not sure. It will take me alot of time to continually push the car at the track since I'm a bit reluctant to lose control. My 577rwhp car can get out of control in a hurry so I tend to be a bit mindful. Any suggestions on getting more comfortable in the car would be appreciated unless it's just straight up seat time" Then you say you need more coaching of when to brake, too slow, etc.? How many track days have you had? The instructor (not coach) seems to have been doing his job of instructing you on the basics...setting a foundation through repetition. I'm not trying to come off like an ass, but when uounget the basics down, you will get faster naturally. When you understand why you are running the line you are; when you understand and can apply the practice of manipulating weight transfer, lines, consistency, you will be faster. Autocross, karting, sim racing all will help shine those skills. HPDE is not the place to test limits. Miscalculate and you have many things that can go wrong and a lot of orgs arent too keen on testing limits, especially when that testing involves multiple offs, especially in lower tiers of HPDE. in an autocross, you can drive 10/10ths. Have to learn courses quickly with a lot less risk to yourself and the other novice drivers in HPDE.
  11. Once again... autocross. Next event is in 2 weeks. Then first sunday in December. Or...do nothing. You asked for options. I gave one with 2 opportunities. Tyoical... ask for advice... doesnt want to take it.
  12. That's what I heard, but I can't confirm nor deny officially.
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