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  1. Why not try MSRH Shop. I did and drive from Tomball for it.
  2. I have an appointment with Jim at MSRH on Saturday. May as well jump into the deep end of chassis setup.
  3. Opinions needed/wanted 2016 Mustang. MCS coilovers and other stuff NOT a "pointy end of the class" driver (yet) Should I spend the money on corner balancing?
  4. That is flying...especially on an MPSS
  5. Trying to clear out the garage. I have a Driven branded GP-Race FIA rated seat for sale. Size is comparable to a Sparco EVO2US I believe. I also have 2 sparco mounts (DS and PS) and sidemounts. Mounts fit 2015-2020 Mustang. Seat is still in certification period. $400 for all. Picked up in Tomball.
  6. Pop's Alignment in Pinehurst is good. Only open M-F though. Stay away from Absolute Suspension in Tomball.
  7. IT is really only possible to get a good comparison by taking stickers of each and putting them through the same paces (setup, car, temp, etc) and would have to be a consistent driver to really say if they are similar. The Tire Rack testing suggest they are in the ballpark with the best out there. I agree, for track, I'd try the RS4 if I wanted the longest lasting tire and it was a competition.
  8. The 660 is a spec tire for the SSC autocross class (dominated by BRZ/FRS/86 cars. So it does well. No good tests on heavier/higher HP cars to compare to RE71R, though.
  9. Removed from s550 mustang. Fit well. Sparco Sprint is red (sold) GP-Race: $400 https://www.summitracing.com/parts/drv-dr50blk
  10. I know all about inertia Labs and chances are I will go through them once my job/pay gets back to normal, but are there any other shops? Someone suggested GSpeed?
  11. Leaving TT or just the director posiiton?
  12. I agree in context. I'm just suprised the guy said he would have fired one of his techs for doing it, but felt 100% fine doing it himself. Whatever, It's over..I will just take my business elsewhere.
  13. It's not something I'd request, just something I heard.
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