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  1. Lap time: 1:47.7 (AIM)/1:47.3 (Garmin) Track: MSR-H (CW) Car: 2016 Mustang GT Weight w/driver: 4100 (est) RWHP: 440-450 (est) Tire: 305/35/18 NT01 on all 4 corners I know there is more time in it and I'm way under driving the tires, but it was a personal best. Pointers? I've found a lot of places to improve, but always good for other eyes.
  2. My best from today. Not the time I wanted, but it was a personal best. The car felt good, I just need more time to get used to it. This was the first full weekend wringing it out after some upgrades. I'm a little disappointed in the time, but I'll get better.
  3. Looks like a shitty weekend with rain. Yay (not).
  4. Bill didn't think it would sell out.
  5. Wow. Dude that sucks. Sorry man. Hope it gets fixed quickly.
  6. I left my cellphone on my car and went out on track once at MSRH. I called and asked if they ever found something...they basically laughed.
  7. I'll be at COTA watching the Pirelli/Blancpain race with the wife.
  8. Already planned if weather holds.
  9. I'm up for Sunday and hoping for good weather. I have some things to try. Hiw/when is direction decided?
  10. Best towing capacity in the 1/2 ton truck market is the 3.5 Ecoboost F150. Mileage is good, too.
  11. I thought about this class, but I think I'll just wait a year and prepare for TT3 or just say screw it and continue in DE. I've stressed enough about what to do, lol.
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