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  1. GT4 cars are Caymans. Nuff said
  2. I love that tire article, but I'm a huge Billy Johnson fan.
  3. Per a discussion I had with Robert, probably CW. I think that is the default direction unless there is a special circumstance.
  4. I'm heading out on 6/2 as a guest.
  5. Good, smooth lap. Congrats on the promotion to RRG. One day I'll be there.
  6. Well, per a respected source, pulling the plug disables ABS and messes up brake bias so...that's not happening again. As per the shock mount? Parts on order.
  7. Not good. I got 2 laps in and was done. Lost brake vacuum it seems and broke rear shock mounts. Whoa Pony, Please WHOA!!!!
  8. Sure do. Here you go. I'm going back out tomorrow to test some changes and improvements so another video will be up soon. 1:48 lap MSRH CCW
  9. Gorgeous car. I always wanted a Terminator.
  10. Yeah, I knew that was off when he was talking because I knew where I was on and off the throttle, but you can hear me getting to throttle early as hell in every corner. Plus I needed to trailbrake more. This video is almost a year old (the original) and I have gotten better at trail braking, but I wouldn't have thought to do it as much as I need to. The line through carousel was different, though.
  11. What he found was pretty basic and fundamental, but it makes perfect sense and was very helpful. Have a look.
  12. Lap time: 1:47.7 (AIM)/1:47.3 (Garmin) Track: MSR-H (CW) Car: 2016 Mustang GT Weight w/driver: 4100 (est) RWHP: 440-450 (est) Tire: 305/35/18 NT01 on all 4 corners I know there is more time in it and I'm way under driving the tires, but it was a personal best. Pointers? I've found a lot of places to improve, but always good for other eyes.
  13. My best from today. Not the time I wanted, but it was a personal best. The car felt good, I just need more time to get used to it. This was the first full weekend wringing it out after some upgrades. I'm a little disappointed in the time, but I'll get better.
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