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  1. Bill didn't think it would sell out.
  2. Wow. Dude that sucks. Sorry man. Hope it gets fixed quickly.
  3. I left my cellphone on my car and went out on track once at MSRH. I called and asked if they ever found something...they basically laughed.
  4. I'll be at COTA watching the Pirelli/Blancpain race with the wife.
  5. Already planned if weather holds.
  6. I'm up for Sunday and hoping for good weather. I have some things to try. Hiw/when is direction decided?
  7. Best towing capacity in the 1/2 ton truck market is the 3.5 Ecoboost F150. Mileage is good, too.
  8. I thought about this class, but I think I'll just wait a year and prepare for TT3 or just say screw it and continue in DE. I've stressed enough about what to do, lol.
  9. I'll be the slow one in TT3 thank you
  10. If 100TW tires are already allowed and slower then 200tw tires, IDK why there had to be another/different class. My 305/35/18 NT01's (Mustang) on 18x11 were 310 dollars and will last a full season. To run street tire, I'd have to up my wheel size to 19's due to the fact that the only 200tw tire that will fit well on an 18x11 wheels is the 615k and the Rival S. Both of which are probably slower than my NT01. The 305 street tires that are "fast" are almost 100 dollars more per tire than the NT01. They are 375 dollars each. I can get Hoosier A7 for 400 that will fit on 18x11 wheels. As a few people know, I'm considering TT for later this season or next, but I'm kinda stuck in the middle of 2 classes.
  11. 1. Met: 1:48 ccw; high 1:47 cw 2. Yep 3. Nope 4. Yep--Bought F150 5. Yep 6. Not entirely, but getting better 7. No, but I have her doing some sim stuff.
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