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  1. Just signed up as well! Everytime I do the 1.7 CW I happen to always spin out at Buzzard Neck at least once during the weekend. It's time to break that streak.
  2. tech12

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Let me see if I can find an EVO seat in DFW to sit in and see if it works for me.
  3. tech12

    Sparco Evo Seat

    Where are you located?
  4. I'll be there, fingers crossed the rain holds off for at least one day
  5. It's going to be interesting tomorrow for sure!
  6. I'll be there, looking forward to getting back on the track after taking the summer off.
  7. Any tips for driving in the rain at ECR? My only experience was at the TDE event back in March at cresson when it was cold and sleeting. I found out quickly to stay off the race line since that was like ice.
  8. I'm looking forward to ECR, this will be my first time out there so I need to watch some videos and learn the track
  9. Yeah I'm glad I stayed all day Sunday, that morning was rough and driving on wet icy road and with ice on my front windshield was a first for me. I finally realized to use the outside of the track once a few Miatas passed me, so thanks Miatas! This weekend wasn't the best for me especially Saturday, so sorry the guys in the red run group, I spun a few times making mental errors. I was fortunate to get Scott as an instructor on the third session on Sunday and he helped me get my crap back on track and I ended up hitting a few 1:28 lap times on last session on Sunday which was a personal best for me. I still need to improve to hang with the speed in the red run group, I need to be on throttle sooner and get horse shoe down. i'm going to make a few suspension tweaks before the 3.1 in march. First mental error of the weekend- I messed up the line coming through horseshoe, had the car unsettled and then tried to turn into buzzard neck to sharply and it was a mess. Mowing some grass at wagon wheel- I went deep into wagon wheel, I knew there was a car behind me and I didnt want to try and save it and possibly spin in front of him and in such a tight area or hit the curb and eat an oil pan so I just went went for a ride in the grass Best lap of the weekend 1:28.149 - I'm still over braking at buzzard neck and into big bend and I need to clean up horseshoe again
  10. I'll stop by for sure, I'll be in the loud BRG Mini. I need to get out and meet more people this season and I need to get to more tracks for sure.
  11. I'm pumped and ready for this weekend! It's going to be chilly in the morning on Sunday, definitely need to put some layers on to stay warm.
  12. I'll check out the AER Facebook page for sure. the car is currently on jack stands getting it's winter maintenance and upgrades. Once i get it drivable I'll get the alignment checked and redone for sure. Thanks everyone
  13. I'll look into those two, Thanks Scott
  14. Both front tires are showing that wear on the inside, I'm running a torsen LSD.
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