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  1. Yep, saw that yesterday when picking up my car from Doghouse. More parking space for track days and guests get to be closer to the track too. I'm liking it a lot
  2. MSR-C 1.7 CWDate: 4/14/19Lap time: 1:27.13 (AIM Solo 2 DL)Car: 2012 Corvette C6 BaseTotal vehicle weight with driver: 3,700 ???Wheel horsepower: 450ish RWHPTire size and model: NT01 275/40R17 Front 305/35R18 RearEstimated ambient temperature: ~60 degrees? Don't remember New PB for CW direction. I really need some practice going this way. I was also practicing less shifting and trying to carry more speed, but I'm still chicken shit and wasn't pushing hard enough..the car has more time in it for sure.
  3. Just got confirmation for my seats. I'll be at Turn 15 in Section 3 Row 32. Should be a great view! Hope to see some of you there ## EDIT ## Never mind. I've upgrade to VIP at turn 13 to be with a couple of buddies.
  4. 1) Texas World Speedway - I LOVED the banking!! Got to some really get some high speeds. I wish I had more seat time there, but now it's gone 😞 2) Eagles Canyon - This track eats brakes and tires like nothing. Loved the back straight high speeds, and the elevation changes were awesome. Can't wait to get on after the updates! 3) MSR Cresson 3.1 - Big ole' long track with fun elevation on the 1.3 side. This big config skurred me first time I drove it. Nerves got the best of me and I got bumped back down to novice group for a couple more events lol 4) MSR Houston - This track is just so chill to me. Flat and easy. Just don't get too comfy when coming up towards the wall 5) MSR Cresson 1.7 - I have the most track time here. I'm always ready to get on it to try and find more time. Really hate driving here in the rain...so freaking slick 6) Texas Motor Speedway Infield - This is cool just because it's inside the oval. Too bad I only get the chance to drive on it with Lone Star Corvette Club once a year. There's probably other orgs that run there, but I haven't looked in to. 7) Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) - This is some bumpy bullshit right here, but it is definitely a lot of fun for champcar/lemons type wheel to wheel. I'd never drive my Vette there though...I don't think it would survive more than a few laps
  5. Yep, I ran the semi dry session on Saturday too. Better, but i was still chicken and didn't push too hard at all. I almost went back to the hotel after lunch on Saturday, but i changed my mind at the last minute and stuck it out. Glad I didn't get stuck in the mud anywhere at least!
  6. Crud! Car is out of commission this week, will have to catch the next one.
  7. Sunday was great ya'll !! Saturday, not so much. "Great opportunity to practice car control" they said. Hrmph!
  8. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/time-trial-with-lone-star-grand-prix-at-cota-circuit-of-americas-scca-texas-245090?fbclid=IwAR38_bDMQAogjLi-PCuaNd-HS6ZfX2jxztTUkF_Ca50MkaT27R66ngw3mWw This will be my very first time to get to drive on COTA! Finally get to see what all the fuss is about 🙂
  9. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=9026 It's actually a little more expensive at Pegasus. The link you posted was for the 135 cfm, not the 235 cfm Good advice though!
  10. This will be done and ready to use by next month. I think it's pretty cool that Cresson is getting some refresh. North Texas should be a hip track day place to be this year between this and ECR updates
  11. Are they? I just flipped my tires on the wheel...but I had heard they are directional. Good news if they are..one less thing to worry about
  12. Following. I had a tire that did almost the same thing when i didn't have much camber up front. Just adjusted camber to be more aggressive, but interested in replies
  13. https://pitstopusa.com/i-13964799-cool-shirt-air-blower-system-complete-235-cfm.html?ref=category:133986 This looks to be a pretty good system with high air flow Any reason not to get this one? Any other suggestions? Mount is on the side of the helmet if that makes any difference
  14. https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/autocrossing-and-roadracing/4114357-the-will-this-seat-fit-in-my-car-thread.html Great reference thread ^
  15. Ya the car is actually still street legal haha. Plates, inspection/registration and all !
  16. Good find! I posted there. Do you have video by chance?
  17. There are TONS of things that you can do for track mods. Corvette track forums will help ...there's lots of C5Z06 drivers...really sorted out platform cooling mods, roll bar and seats, brakes/BBK, track wheels and tires, bushings, SKF hubs, sway bars and coilovers, aero, and finally power
  18. Here's what I put together from the time lapse pics. I slowed it down a bit, still a bit fast IMO..but didn't want to mess with it anymore. After looking at it myself, I feel even worse lol. It really amazes me how I had convinced myself that we were both at fault to some degree, but no way..I totally screwed the pooch on this. I was on the inside line and came in way too hot....didn't brake early enough and I hit him square in the passenger quarter/bumper. The impact wasn't actually too dramatic, but I drove him way off track. Most of the damage on our car was because I had the wheel turned when I went off and I'm certain that's what caused the control arm to bend along with the wheel. 100% my fault here, no hiding that. Ugh, hard pill to swallow.
  19. Don't know about the video. I'm the only one who knows how to work the GoPros, and since I was driving...someone messed up the setting and did time lapse instead of video. I'll see what I can grab. Yes, we had a trailer...but the tow vehicle was having transmission issues. We thought that the truck might have been overloaded, so we just drove the car home. Turns out that was not the issue and still had transmission problems.
  20. Welp, first wheel to wheel race completed...sort of. We were in the E3 Racing white BMW #335 Day #1 went pretty great. We had some car issues, but they got resolved and we were able to race. 3 drivers, our head driver did first and last stint...and I had my first taste of a 2 hour wheel to wheel. It was a blast for sure, and now I see why people choose cheap cars to run. Some of these guys don't seem to GIAF if they make contact or not...really ballsy in some corners going 2 and 3 wide! I had to back off a lot to make sure I didn't hit or get hit. In the end, we ended 2nd place in C class for day 1 and car made it back safe. Day #2, not so great. We fixed a couple of more issues and we changed strategy such that I had first stint. We put on some new stickier tires and the car felt fantastic! I set the new fastest team lap time of 1:31.7, but only managed to do about 35 laps. Going in to turn 7, I tangled with a green Miata. At this point I am not 100% if it was my fault or not, but in retro...ya it was because I was being way too aggressive in the first session. I should have backed off to make sure we finished the race, but I had such a good flow going and had so much confidence in the car...we both deep braked and then the Miata crossed over and refused to take the outside line on the right hander and I hit his rear quarter panel and we both went straight off track. Got the car turned back on, but had to limp in to the pitts. Lower control arm broken, wheel bent, steering wheel and alignment is off center, and god knows what else...she's at the shop to get a full diagnosis. It turned out to be the Miata parked right next to us !! I didn't realize until after we left. We scrambled for hours to get the new control arm..had to bribe the track shop guys to let us use their press to get the bushing in, but we got it done and that was just enough to get the car home back to Ft. Worth. Race #2 was DNF. I was heart broken and sad that I let my team down. They forgave me, but it still hurts. I forgot the "endure" part of this endurance race, and it has been a hard personal lesson. We will be at the next one back in September for sure though to give it another go. P.S. The helmet air blower and cool shirt saved my butt!! It made 2 hours seem really easy, but without it I would have been screwed for sure.
  21. Car going to Doghouse next week. Having them wire up my AIM Solo 2 DL with the ECU for permanent power and so I can start getting data. I've used it twice so far since I bought it, but only lap times. Also having them install some Track Spec vents, and that should finalize my cooling mods. Will be glad to check that off my list! Fingers crossed that the weather holds up, I'll be looking for a check ride to Red promotion
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