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  1. Found this article that someone else just posted, which aligns with what you guys are saying. https://motoiq.com/how-to-properly-select-and-size-tires-for-performance/?fbclid=IwAR1avUC81GgrUZhIr4L0PXZNmGlURoOoywPZhxI2IV8pvTfkIPl-6izlGJs I never gave too much thought to actual tread width and have been going on the premise that sizes were standardized. This changes things for me and actually opens up many more tire sizes for the wheels I currently have..some of which I thought were previously out of reach or at least non-optimal. Going to try different sizes immediately and report back!
  2. Alright, want to hear from some people much smarter than me (everyone?) How do you pick an optimal tire size? The easy answer is go the widest tire you can fit, right? Except not all tire manufacturers make the same size..and the faster tires are only in specific sizes..and then sometimes there are budget constraints. Clear choice could be simply throw some wide sticker Hoosiers on there and go to town, but I dont have a $10k budget for tires each season. All that aside, let's say you know the width limits of what you can fit. And you know a few tires that are fast which you're wanting to run. The dilemma I'm finding is with width vs diameter..wheel size and weights. Do you pick a faster that's more narrow and/or weighs less? Or go widest at all costs? An example: I can fit a 305 tire on the rear of my C6 coupe. I've read I can go maybe 315 or even 325, but that's another discussion. The tire I've been running lately is a 305/35 R18 Nitto NT01. This weighs 32.2 lbs and has a diameter of 26.42". Stock size is 285/35 R19 at 26.9" at 31.09 lbs....so I'm running a wider tire at the cost of smaller diameter and more rotating mass by 1lb. I could go even wider with a 315/30 R18 with even smaller diameter at 25.35" at 30.5 lbs, or a 315/30 R20 for larger than OEM diameter at 27.48" but also weighs 34.4 lbs. Wider is better for acceleration and cornering right? And taller means longer contact patch too? But I'd have more rotating mass to deal with. It makes my head spin and I go back and forth trying to find the optimal size..not to mention I may have to buy different wheels if I were to change set up..which makes choice even more important. Budget aside, any wisdom for me? What's the correct math to apply here?
  3. This is a new seat that was purchased from Winding Road Racing in April 2019. I am selling because it would not fit in my C6 Corvette coupe. The base was fine, but the shoulder width was a little too wide by about an inch and was hitting the door panel. I didn't want to cut the door panel, so I am getting another model. I am a big guy and the hip width on this is one of the largest I've found and I fit comfortably. Even more room if you remove the inserts. The pictures show some scuffing at the bottom of the fiberglass where the shop tried to install, but you'll never see that after installed anyway. Again, this seat never fully installed..so it is new. You can see the valid date till 2024 to confirm. I am into this seat for over $930 with tax and shipping and am trying to recover $700. I can meet in DFW, or can maybe split the shipping costs with you. I will be in the Austin area on weekend of June 28th/29th and can bring this with me.
  4. Likewise man. Given the way this year has gone though, I'm now probably going to invest this year (maybe) in a wheel and tire set up just for rain. But I have other things I want to do to the car still to help me when it counts in the dry.
  5. The members who have already signed up are starting a spec kart racing league. Sounds really fun, but I'm not going to let myself get into another wallet draining habit. I have enough already !
  6. Which track are you going to? And what organization are you running with? MSR Cresson and MSR Houston both have on site shops which can do a formal tech inspection for you.
  7. https://kartmoto.com/ Anyone here own karts? I'm definitely going to make a trip to observe once it opens up. I like the idea of it..but I don't know anyone who owns their own kart.
  8. Summertime is here folks! Who's signed up? I wonder if the paddock updates will be done by then? Dunno, just want a freaking DRY track day event =]
  9. Very disappointing! Was really looking forward to running with everyone again, but Texas weather strikes yet again. We did get credit towards next event though, which is awesome given the circumstances.
  10. Same. The only other new car purchase I was referring to was a 2003 Dodge Ram regular cab. Got it for like $19K I think off the show room floor. Spending this much was never my plan, but ... #racecarlife
  11. Yep, sure does! I had also picked out a blue one before I went. When I saw it in person, however, I quickly started looking for another color. I was hoping it would match my car a little..but the night sky blue or whatever its called has more of a green tint to it than I liked..a little teal maybe. I dunno, I was just immediately turned off by it.
  12. 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Crew Cab Texas Edition w/Max Tow Package. Also had the dealer add some leather seat covers vs. the cloth. This thing is massive! I would have gone with a regular cab, but those are only available with long beds and the low end trims. Got $6,500 worth of incentives and I managed to not accept any finance add-ons except for the gap insurance. This is only my second new vehicle ever. Probably would have made sense to buy used, but I lose all sensibility with cars...and here I am. I chose brown because it is the most unique color and it reminded me of an F-150 double cab my father used to own when I was very young. I wonder if the sales guy was secretly laughing at my color choice because I kept telling him I really liked how the black looked but I wasn't going to do it because I would hate myself immediately after every wash. This color may not be too much better, I'll find out soon enough I suppose. It's going to remain mostly stock, but there are a few things here and there I want to do like Xpel to protect against rock chips, tonneau cover, bed mat, and a dash cam. Down the road possibly an audio upgrade..this system is not very good.
  13. 20 foot open is what I'm leaning towards right now...with brakes on both axles...probably steel deck (not holding my breath for aluminum at under $5K)
  14. BigMonkey73


    That sounds super close to what I want. So you're saying Mueller is someone I should get in touch with and they should be able to take care of all of it once I have the land? PM me any contacts you have please!
  15. 2019 Silverado 1500 with 5.3 V8 and Max Tow Package
  16. BigMonkey73


    Let's see some pics! Did you have the barn-dominium built? Or was it already existing? What area is it? That's something on my long term list to look..but I haven't found any good info on housing like this in DFW area.
  17. Great stuff guys! Thank you very much. This will help me keep a look out for the right things when it's time to pull the trigger.
  18. I will soon want to tow my C6 Vette coupe and need a trailer. Enclosed would be awesome, but not in the cards right now and will settle for open. I need to keep this in a budget of $3K or less ideally. Doubtful I can get an aluminum under that, but that would be ideal. I am new to trailers...so I'm guessing I would want a tandem axle..and minimum 16ft? It's probably going to be steel..but are there any practical benefits of 18 or 20 foot over 16? I'm sure there are, just can't think of them. What width do I want? What about style and/or accessories? Tilt bed? Winch? Dove tail...not even sure these kinds of things would be allowed by the budget. I do have race ramps I can use to help get the car on.
  19. BigMonkey73


    Following. This is something I've thought about as well
  20. Very sorry this happened to you, but thank you so much for sharing! I'm driving for first time here soon and just got track insurance from Hagerty and will be mostly covered it seems.
  21. Dunno, but this is certainly helping their hit rates! Any attention is good attention on the Youtubes For the video: I didn't know what I was looking at until I saw the EVs parked on the side. I was like "whoa dude!"
  22. Indeed! Glad you saved it bud. And yes, clearly your wife loves you very much. Also also, dude that's some awesome memory and drawing..and evidently you keep your tools really organized. I have to hunt every time I want to find a tool...i suck at organization
  23. How many folks here are attending? My previous PB was 1:22.9 and will be shooting for a 1 second gain. I'm going to have to dig deep for it, but the car has it...i can feel it
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