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  1. I'm certainly not opposed to running with other orgs. I've run at ECR with a friend instructor, BMWCC, and Apex. In this case, I'm running with TDE because I want to get more seat time with then to move up from Blue. Yellow and Reds have less traffic and don't fill up as quickly.
  2. I'm on standby for Sunday only. Rick said he needs to make sure there's an instructor for me, so not certain if I'm in yet. ##EDIT## Confirmed. See you guys Sunday!! Say hi to #803 in the blue Vette :)
  3. Yet another option in Texas, and that's just fine by me! Looking forward to it. I do very much hope that there's good safe run off space if things get hairy. Leave the walls at COTA!
  4. Signed up, but on wait list. Freaking Blue group fills up really fast. I need to get better and move up to Yellow with DE so I have a better shot for future events
  5. Have you looked at the Garmin Virb? I have a GoPro now, batteries don't last long at all. The Virb also has a package that will add data overlays automatically so you don't need to do that externally. I want one just for that feature.
  6. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway - November 12, 2016 Lap Time: 2:16.17 (Harry's Lap Timer) Ambient temperature: 67 degrees Car: 2012 Corvette Base (eForce supercharged + AlkyControl meth injection) Estimated weight with driver: 3850ish lbs Estimated whp: 520 HP Tires: Continental Extreme DW - stock sizes First full event on this track. Lots of fun, looking forward to next event here
  7. No offense taken. I'm hard headed and usually learn the hard way. I stand by my decisions and actions. In the dry I have more confidence in what my car will do and other around me vs. the wet. I'd still choose dry any day of the week. If another wet day comes along, so be it...but It will be a surprise like this time...never on purpose :)
  8. Was my first time on wet track, hopefully my last. Learning car control was good I suppose, but it felt like a waste of an event for me. Bummer. It looked promising towards the end of the day towards the 4th session, but it started raining mid session and I got sad. Didn't stick around for last session. My car is a daily driver/track use combo so I didn't want to risk anything silly happening by going off track or maybe colliding with another car
  9. No. Passengers can ride with instructors though
  10. I'm registering, first time at this track. Looking forward to getting back on the scene after several months off while I re-equipped my car. Who's in?! 08:10 Instructor Meeting 08:30 Mandatory Drivers Meeting 08:30- 09:00 Instructors- Open Track- Green Group in the classroom 09:00 – 09:25 Blue Group on track 09:25 – 9:50 Yellow Group on track 09:50 – 10:15 Green group on track 10:15 – 10:45 Instructor’s on track ( Green Classroom Review) 10:45 – 11:10 Blue Group on track 11:10 – 11:35 Yellow on track 11:35 – 12:00 Green group on track 12:00 – 01:00 Lunch 01:00 – 01:25 Blue Group on the track 01:25 – 01:50 Yellow Group on track 01:50 – 02:15 Green group on track 02:15– 02:45 Instructors on track 02:45 –03:00 Blue Group on track 03:00 –03:25 Yellow Group on track 03:25 –03:50 Green group on track 03:50 –04:15 Instructors on track
  11. 21st Century Muscle Car did my LS3 LG Motorsports has a Corvette racing team, so plenty of experience there I'd also give the guys at GSpeed at the track in Cresson, TX a call. I know they do high quality work on all kinds of cars, but didn't see tuning specifically. They've done work on my Vette several times, very high quality and attention to detail.
  12. Hey gang! I have less than 10 events under my belt, but have been hooked since the 1st. Hoping to do another 10 before this time next year. MSR Cresson is where I have the most experience, once at MSR Houston, and some laps at the inner track at Texas Motor Speedway. Did parade laps only at COTA. I'm hoping to get in on one of the last TWS events in December, and also hope to get in on the fun over at Eagles Canyon soon too. My car is a double duty daily driver, 2012 Base C6. Hope to see you guys on track ! I'm # 803 :)
  13. Looking forward to it! This will be my first time on track since July
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