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  1. Re-pave is done last I heard, but they're still working on curbing and such. Don't know about races...but there's definitely a group that has their karts ready to race. Speculation is that it will be ready to use in next couple of months.
  2. Found one. Fingers crossed we can still make the race
  3. I admire your dedication to information sharing during your builds, Terry. Thank you !!
  4. Engine blew on our endurance 1993 BMW 325iS If anyone has a line on another OBD 1 M50B25 engine, please let me know! We have 2 weeks till the race 😕
  5. Missed this today! Car developed issues with oil catch can system Saturday, and also one of my front tires chunked..no time to fix both before morning to make the drivers meeting and go run. Will catch the next one!
  6. Anyone else going? I'm in, but for Sunday only if all goes well There may be some spots open in green and red last I heard yesterday https://www.thedriversedge.net/02_tracks.htm
  7. Nice driving Joe! Got those tires really singing
  8. This post deserves more credit lol Well done sir. The slapchops definitely got me haha
  9. Love the brotherhood here! Sorry to hear about more issues Joe. Any plans to run in the Dallas area, or COTA before the year is over? If you drive the beater, I want to sit in it for a laugh 🙂
  10. You'll always be #1 punkin..no need to be jelly
  11. Hey dude! Same to you!! I didn't realize you were a fellow TJ too. Hope it serves you well, brother ! Maybe I'll see you at the track sometime and check how things are working out
  12. Trailer sold! That was quicker than I expected. Now I get a do-over to get the right one for me
  13. ## SOLD ## I just bought this trailer used, but it was my first trailer and I didn't know any better. It was sold to me as a 20ft trailer, but the deck is actually 14ft with a 2ft dovetail at the end. I've been using it to tow my Vette. Works fine, but too short for my tastes and I want to get a longer one. It has new tires all around plus a spare, a bulldog hitch, lights work, steel ramps, and a tire rack already on it. Fenders are NOT removable. I have some 2x12 wood planks on there to raise the height (not pictured) but are screwed in and easily removed if you want. Tandem axle with brakes on the rear Located in south Dallas (Pleasant Grove). Looking to get $1,900 Will throw in another spare plus a tub of used Mac's tie downs for the buyer.
  14. If you're still looking. I have a 16ft open trailer (14ft wood deck with 2 ft dove tail) that has a tire rack on it. It's older, but tows fine. New tires with 2 spares and has a bulldog hitch and lights work. Fenders are not removable. Was sold to me as a 20ft..but I guess the guy was measuring including the front part. I tow my Vette with it...but I want a longer deck.
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