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  1. Wish I could ! I love the 3.1 I will be watching Indy @ COTA that weekend
  2. Garages are not climate controlled, right? Didn't seem like last time i was in there with you Brad. Do they have Wifi in the clubhouse? Can you re-sell the membership if we can't use it anymore for whatever reason?
  3. Can 2 cars fit in the single bay garages? The website is updated with new prices. $5K one time fee and $250 a month. Guess it's too late to get the previous prices with only $2.5K buy in?
  4. As someone who is currently tracking a base, I advise against a base model. Get the Grand Sport instead if you're going C6! That is assuming you're expecting to go fast in advanced levels. The dry sump will help safe guard against the engine being oil starved on sweepers. The base model has limited tire widths (limited mechanical grip) vs the wide body Vettes. I've maxed my tire width out at 275 front and 305 rear...about the safest I can fit under the fenders...and the tire selection for these sizes is pretty limited. There's also cooling goodies that come with a GS that you'll want. Plus it just looks way better IMO. Stock seats should also be better on a 2012/2013 GS I believe. So ya, just the wider wheel/tires and dry sump system alone is worth the extra cost for a Grand Sport IMO.
  5. Whoa whoa whoa guys!! Back on topic here.... BRZ vs Vette you mofos! Who's the real deal @ Cresson?! Huh? This would be more interesting if I already had my new BRZ :) Soon though! I want one..then I can be slow in a Vette and a Berz...so who laughs at who !!
  6. I always buy some photos too from every event, for same reasons. He captures some really good shots sometimes!
  7. Base, not Z51..but otherwise everything accurate! I suppose you could call it a Z51 since it has the sway bars and upgraded brake kit though. Was my first time trial event :) Loads of fun!! My most impacting mods include headers/exhaust + tune..maxed out wheel/tire width and yep NT01s. Some other stuff too like upgraded cooling and stuff, but nothing that helps me for lap times I don't think.
  8. I've been using NT01's for a while. Which cheater AX tires are you talking about specifically? I'd like to be in the know and check to see if they're available in the sizes I want.
  9. Thanks man! This was also my first time using the AIM, but I don't have the ECU connected yet..so no data. I'll have it for next event in April and going forward. I think there's some time on the table for sure, could use some polishing and more seat time in Houston..i only get out there once a year. Maybe i should try for a second event out there this year.
  10. Track name: MSR Houston CCW Date: 3/3/2019 Lap time: 1:46.72 Car: 2012 Corvette Total vehicle weight with driver: ~3500 Estimated wheel horsepower: ~450 Tire: Nitto NT01 My new personal best !! I "think" I left a tiny bit of time on the table because I lifted right before finish line since there was a car ahead of me that couldn't let me pass. I got promoted to red this weekend and this was my very first and only run with the new group...which was the last red session of the day
  11. Weekend was a blast! Weather was almost a non issue and we got plenty of hot laps in. First session of day 2 was sketchy, but the rest were purdy good. Was a pleasure meeting Chris and Phillip and I even got to see Joe again. I'm still on the way back to Dallas...just stopping at Sam's Restaurant for lunch. I hope I can get some video uploaded soon!
  12. Weather changed last minute ( in my app ) Looks like we get Saturday dry at least. Woo!!
  13. Ermaghod this is amazing BBQ at Killen's! Onward to the hotel. See you guys tomorrow!
  14. I'm going. Got a solo seat in Turn 15. Looking forward to it!
  15. For real! I've been watching the forecast. It better freaking stay dry. Chances are 30% for Saturday according to my app as of today
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