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  1. Wow dude, glad it wasn't worse on track. I've had some moments after the session/day like that. Pretty scary, makes me open up the wallet for upgrades more easily.
  2. Only time I was ahead of @Max all weekend! Getting ready to give a point by !!! 🙂
  3. I have ya covered with my 3rd vehicle
  4. Just a heads up, headed to COTA for SCCA Time Trials on June 27th. Might have a little room on the back of the truck in case anyone needs some parts transported from Dallas.
  5. That sucks, Joe! Glad you and the car made it home OK. Time for that truck and trailer you were talking about 🙂
  6. CCW for me. CW I don't like the elevation decrease out of tombstone before buzzard's neck and after ricochet going into wagon wheel. Have mental block that makes me brake too much so that I won't go off
  7. Fun weekend guys! Got to meet some fellow junkies..and set a new PB in this direction. I need to learn how to analyze data with AIM. I set my PB in the very first session and wasn't able to reproduce it..but by day 2 I was pretty consistent 1:26 when I had clean laps. Car has more in it for sure. Will be uploading some videos today. Good chatting with you guys!
  8. MSR-C 1.7 CWDate: 6/9/19Lap time: 1:26.46 (AIM Solo 2 DL)Car: 2012 Corvette C6 BaseTotal vehicle weight with driver: 3,500 ???Wheel horsepower: 450ish RWHPTire size and model: NT01 275/40R17 Front 305/35R18 RearEstimated ambient temperature: ~90 degrees? Hot AF is all I know! This is 2nd fastest lap of the weekend where I set a new PB. Don't have video for the other one yet..have to try and get it from dash cam...the GoPro didn't have a battery for that session and I missed the good video recording. I'll update this post if I can get it. Fun event, but weather turned bad on Sunday and I didn't do the last session...which is OK because it started to get really windy and ugly/drizzling a bit and I wasn't sticking around for that crap. The rest of the time it was a freaking sauna.
  9. Hmm, ok well maybe not. Perhaps just my personal set up? I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and used Track Addict app. I compared the lap times on a SCCA time trials event @ MSR Cresson in January 2019 and the phone lap times vs transponder were maybe a 10th sec off...thus the assumption. I guess doesn't apply to all phone/app combos?
  10. Yes! I've always wondered just how extreme it can get with a Miata. And I presume this will probably be the first ND Miata Kart? This will be fun. Any chance this can get on track? Would love to see some lap times and on board video!
  11. Phone vs external GPS do give similar lap times, but the refresh rate is what helps with data analysis. The phone just doesn't give enough data points to be as helpful. Pure lap times though, phone is good enough
  12. Found a trailer for Leroy! Got a great deal from a fellow Texas racer near the Houston area. 20 ft open trailer with tire rack already on it. He put new tires all the way around and threw in some Mac's tie downs and race ramps for low clearance loading. Going to try this out very soon, but I expect this should work out perfece for me.
  13. Yep, never ran with NASA...but that event is on my list too. Hope to get in on that, never done a Roval.
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