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  1. Good reminder. I got a fixed torque wrench at 100lbs that never moves. Makes it easy to dedicate to just my wheels for track days and hopefully calibration is less of a concern. I just got it this year, but I intend to check it at the start of each season at least
  2. ^ Yep! If I had a do-over I would do: 1) Cooling ( I used Improved Racing oil cooler kit and Dewitt's radiator) 2) Safety 3) Brakes 4) Everything else With a BBK like AP Racing, might have to get new wheels to clear the new calipers..but wheel spacers will suffice if both at same time aren't in the cards. If you do decide on AP Racing (which is the best according to practically every Corvette track driver), I would suggest don't get the entry level Sprint kit. When it works, it is fantastic..but some users have experienced caliper crossover line failure..myself included. The more expensive options don't have external crossover caliper lines to fail, plus can hold a bigger pad..so well worth it IMO. Something else I wish I had known ahead of time lol Delrin bushings for the control arms are a very nice recent upgrade I did...they are from Borg Motorsports. Mark Petronis at AMT Motorsports sells seat mount/rails..and a crap load of other stuff. I have just about all of his products and they are top notch. He even sells some things not listed on his site such as OMP Steering wheels. And after a single purchase, he might give you a deal on one or 2 items..such as Brey Krause harness bar (which I also have) Murray Motorsport has the absolute lowest prices on OMP racing seats if you're considering that brand at all. You'll just have to wait for shipping from Ireland. There's a FB group named Corvette Track Enthusiasts you can join for some of the most active Vette track drivers feedback. Between there and Corvette forum autocross/road racing forum...you can find info on just about any question you have.
  3. Another SSB Vette! Welcome to the club. Here's how mine looked when I picked it up. Looks a bit different now though. Great choice going with wide body. I didn't know any better and went with the Coupe.
  4. Terry Fair said the same thing. They didn't want to risk having a light pole destroyed. Kind of sucks, but I don't own the track either so understand
  5. Waiting for the full story for this event TT and HPDE cancelled for day 2 due to track incident exposing a safety issue Was blistering hot today, and several incidents here and there caused big delay after first sessions lasting a few hours Let's see what comes of this. First impression seems that TMS either needs to make some changes to the track somehow, or will simply no longer allow non caged cars at all....not even for just the in infield.
  6. I just got an open trailer a couple of months ago. Longer is definitely better. I have a 20 foot and I'd be happier with a 22 or 24ft for my Vette. This is a pretty tight squeeze currently. Removable fenders is a MUST. Mine are not, didn't think it would be a big deal. I had to screw some permanent wood planks to drive on to for me to be able to get out easily and doors to clear. I might be selling this one later this year to get the right one for me.
  7. I agree somewhat. But I find I can't stop thinking about the C8. The C7 GS was most definitely going to be my next Vette ...up until the C8 reveal. Now I have this sick feeling that if I do get the C7 I will have regrets that I didn't wait longer. These are all a poor man's day dreams of course. The C7GS would have to be in the mid 40's, or wishfully thinking mid to high 30's, for me to pull the trigger. So I'll just be on the sidelines waiting to see what happens with pricing for as long as it takes.
  8. That scared the bejeezus out of me when he got the rear end close to the edge when backing out lol
  9. Mid-engine, naturally aspirated @ 495HP Dry Sump oiling system on all models Dual Clutch Transmission, no manual No more leaf springs Front end will lift on demand to clear speed bumps 0-60 in less than 3 seconds for Z51 model Will be made in both left and right hand drive....shooting for global market and starting to walk away from the previous audience of older Americans who only care about muscle and heritage. Starting price $60K That's a lot of car for the price point!!
  10. Perfect time trial tires! Once I go through these remaining NT01s, I'm switching to Rival 1.5 to see what all the fuss is about and see if they actually do last forever. Would be awesome to only need maybe 2 sets per season..plus they'd be a bit cheaper for me. Really good driving man! If you can manage to get at the front of the pack, you should stay there with little to no traffic for a good 5 or 6 laps with your lap times. I'm looking forward to getting past August and this heat, but I'd take it over rain any day.
  11. That's cooking man! My best lap of the day Sunday was the same...1:24.598 Except I have over 200 HP more on pretty new NT01s 🙂
  12. Just a note: Those 10.5" speedlines are a good budget wheel, but with Nitto 315 (which run pretty wide), you might consider the Vorshlag C5 11" wheels. Terry already figured out the perfect narrow body Vette offsets and they would be optimal for your application. Given all that you seem to be putting into upgrades, I wouldn't hold back on proper wheels for only a bit more.
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