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  1. SOLD These have been sitting for a while outside, but boxes were never opened If you're OK with a dusty exterior, come and pick up a brand new rig and save $200+ when you consider taxes and shipping https://www.quickjack.com/car-lifts/bl-5000slx/ Asking $1100
  2. These are from UsedRacingTires.com, I didn't mount them after receiving Not quite the size I'm looking for, so just selling what I paid for them Asking $330 If you need all 4 tires, I have a pair of 285/645 R18s I can add for $200 more for a total of $530
  3. ## SOLD ## These are new and have never been mounted, stickers still on. I only have these 2, and seem to be hard to find in this size at the moment. Date codes are shown in pics Asking $250
  4. ##SOLD## This is a really good substitute for full containment race seats if you're not ready for that yet. They are universal and work in any car with an OEM seat. The padding is on both sides of your hips and will do a great job of holding you in place. This model is the "small car" version, which means 1" less than normal size for smaller car owners like Miatas etc. I'm a larger driver and used these in my C6 Corvette before I upgraded to race seats. I honestly expected more of a difference once I upgraded to race seats, but truthfully these perform almost as good! Asking $12
  5. These are dedicated track wheels. Wheels have small blemishes from track use, small scratches here and there..but not really noticeable. Wheels are straight though and light weight..good performance Center caps not included. Selling full set only, will not sell rears only. 275 fronts and 305 rears Nitto NT01..probably at half life 4 x TPMS included 5x120.65 bolt pattern These will fit narrow body C6 Corvette, or any C5 Asking $1,400
  6. Me and my buddy are signed up. Who else is in? I have one garage space to sell if anyone is interested. $125
  7. Selling my spot for $150 if anyone is interested! My car still getting prepped and won't be ready, I can't make it.
  8. Gary's Alignment in north Dallas does great work and accepts custom alignment requests.
  9. Has anyone heard anything new? Haven't been out to the track in a bit.
  10. Raybestos ST43 were one of my favorite before BBK upgrade. Now I use Ferodo DS 3.12 exclusively. My first pad was Hawk HP+. Really hard bite compared to OEM, but I've never recommended them to anyone...they suck when compared to a good race pad. Stoptech Sport/309's are a really good beginner pad IMO. Can take the heat, but wear out quickly with hard brake tracks. But if you're only doing a few HPDE's a year? I'd run the Stoptech's all day. Super cheap and effective IMO.
  11. Got my order today. 3 pair of Alpine Stars race socks Order #57730
  12. I've gotten 2 emails essentially telling me they're still sorting through all the orders and for me to be patient. Just a couple of balaclavas I think, no biggie...hope I get the order filled before they run out/refund
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