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  1. Tomtom

    Free Harnesse

    may i buy them from you
  2. I have 10 GA tickets for the GT World challange race at COTA march 2 & 3 text me 512-659-6953 or email [email protected]
  3. hello seller please reply.... need em for CHUMP march H2R Also need another driver for the event.
  4. edge addicts is at COTA march 16.&17 ride drive give benefit is march 15th at cota
  5. I'll take them please call or text me 512-659-6953 --tomtom schnorr
  6. i have a set of 900 and 600 coils 2 each if you like 512-659-6953
  7. fred will this fit a 1997 NA if so sold 512-659-6953
  8. Reach me direct 512-659-6953 Or come to h2r tomorrow
  9. It was me at the track asking yesterday I’ll be there tomorrow
  10. i'm interested... may i drive her thursday while im at H2R getting the zebra ready for champcar
  11. i blow thru lots of hubs... i ve gotten to where i check them before each run.... i make up that the harmonics of COTA rumble strips trash a set in one day... So i avoid them there... on MSRH and MSRC i don't see the rapid failure. wish there were resonable priced sealed bearing hubs out there.. miata's weak point is a hub built for 7 in wheels running 8 and 9 in wheels... I keep 2 hubs in my box for every weekend ... I buy from everyone and repack them when i get bored. I have had great luck with hubs from treasure coast miata and best luck with hubs from bill agha's group in round rock.. ---my two cnets
  12. I’ll sell mine for $900 it works perfectly. Low mileage not to many off-road events
  13. TraqDAsh available for sale. Doing a change and have a low mileage complete unit with the software for editing included. $900 cash. Or a set of wheels and tires Or a weekend at the beach
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