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  1. TDE has officially added Sept 7-8. With all this warm weather and no rain they should be close, right?
  2. Awesome thanks. I will need to pay more attention this time.
  3. I've only been to hallett once. Where are the rv spots?
  4. Karting is a lot of fun and good practice. I would still have a kart just for seat time but my back does not like a vehicle with no suspension.
  5. Every car is a little different. But that looks good. I had the same car and I ran -2.7 camber 0 toe front and -2.5 camber 0 toe on the rear. Cannot remember what the caster was.
  6. Cool car for sure. That was my first track car. Just be real smooth with everything you do and have fun.
  7. What everyone said above, but I will add. I bought my enclosed 20' for 4k. Nothing fancy but does the job and leaves me room for extras. Enclosed has more drag towing but all the other benefits out way it to me. Not only does it keep you out of the rain it keeps you out of the sun, wind, cresson in march and you can sleep in it. Keep an eye on cl and race sites and you might be surprised what you can get with just a little more money. Shameless plug...once I get the title back for my trailer it will be for sale, as I bought a bigger trailer.
  8. Last week there were 6 people signed up for comp license, now only two. HPDE prices are not bad but racing price ouch.
  9. https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/6793-nasa-tx-aug-16-18-track-tbd-wild-speculation-theories-on-location/page-2
  10. Robert can you add SCCA TT to the calendar too please. Thanks! 2019 schedule currently stands as follows: • Event 1&2 – January 26 & 27, 2019 SCCA Double Regional Time Trial and SCCA Club Races MSR 1.7 track • Event 3 – March 23, 2019 – Regional Time Trial event ECR 2.55 (subject to weather and completion of ECR 1.0 layout. 2.0 expected to be under construction.) • Event 4 - May 11 – Regional Time Trial event MSR 1.7 track • Event 5 – June 15, 2019 – Regional Time Trial Event • Event 6 – July 27, 2019 – Regional Time trial event (2nd annual Snow Cone event) • Event 7 - Aug 24 – Regional Time Trial event MSR 1.3 track • Event 8 – November 9 & 10, 2019 – annual SCCA Double Regional Time Trial and SCCA Club Race Licensing school • Event 9 – Dec 01 – Regional Time Trial event – Toy Run MSR 1.7 track
  11. that's the way I read it. I was out there last weekend working and it is amazing what they are doing. Thank you ECR!
  12. This thing is awesome. I want.
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