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  1. Thanks Brad, I really liked how everything felt this weekend so I was able to push super hard. Hopefully we get even better weather in May and I can get into the teens? It's a stretch goal, but what it will take to get the overall ST/TT2 record.
  2. Track: COTA Date: 3/17/19 3PM Lap Time: 2:21.7 Car: 2007 Lotus Exige S TT2 Weight with Driver: 2000 this session WHP: 260 Tires: 225/45-15 Front 245/40-15 rear A7 with 5 HC Weather: 70, Dry, track is overheated
  3. Also Brad's review is 100% accurate, however I thought everyone knew that EA was more of a rich dudes playing thing vs Chin being serious track cars. The only way I got a clean lap was via starting at the front of white and sending it on lap 3 before I caught back up. One time in white I left pits, did a 3:24, because I saw a guy in front of me, then caught him again by 11 the next lap. So his average lap time was around 2:50 in white. Here is a video of my mostly orange group experience. I only get pointbys on the fly from people who know me, everyone else I scare and then they realize im there after.
  4. I tell every student this every time. And yet they all seem to almost crash at 20 every event, they get on the power way too early, before apex. Sheesh.
  5. Yeah, that was fun, finally put something good together on the very last lap!
  6. I am coming and instructing, two weekends at COTA in 3 weeks will be hard on brakes, but lots of fun. Looking to get into the 2:22s.
  7. Is your foot pressing the gas when you brake?
  8. Re-71R are the best normally but Rival S could be and there are a few that are just a tiny bit behind.
  9. All of the cheater AX tires are better then all of the "R comp" tires, and it's not even close according to those in the know. Good news is the Toyo's wont last long on that car and you can try something else soon.
  10. I wonder if one day I will go to cresson and not need three jackets.
  11. I was told no chicane.
  12. Lotus # is about what I was paying. Those numbers follow a trend of how much people actually drive the cars probably except the lotus. Clamshells are over $8k now. so figure $15k if someone hits you in a parking lot.
  13. The fastest lotus in NASA does not run a rear bar. I don't run one, but I am getting to the point where I may need either a rear bar or a cage. This is with real downforce and the largest A7's that fit.
  14. Yes please start your driving career by parading around in a series that encourages the use of large Missiles mounted on top of your car. You had been asking and saying reasonable things until now....
  15. I feel like you slightly mischaracterized what Edge Addicts does below. 1. The passing is on any "straight" however they leave that up to the instructor to decide when the driver is ready to give point-bys on the smaller straights. 7-8 15-16 18-19 19-20 etc are excelltnt passing zones but not everyone is ready to use them. 2. It is a "experience" more or less. Most of the EA people in the past are there to drive on cota and tell their buddies about it and as such no-one tends to get kicked out for a train, and the pace in the lower groups is occasionally slow (although December was very very excellent). I would recommend that anyone who wants lots of good track time starts with Chin. If you think you might race start with NASA. Overall the quality of your instructor will vary 100000% depending on who you get more then what group you are with. PCA you MIGHT get the best average instructor. But they will be old and grumpy ;)
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