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  1. I guess for now I hold the very unofficial TT5 lap record with a 1:27.7 (it says 9 but i braked before S/F) Matts TT5 ND miata with RS-4s probably 200 lbs overweight given these tires.
  2. If you buy good modern pads (cobalt, carbon lorraine, probably others) you don't need to do this. if you buy Carbotech, G-Loc, etc you do. Seems like a good argument for Cobalt!
  3. Yes or course. The question is when on Thursday do we have access?
  4. Andrew said WGI this weekend when we asked him. I get the impression hes been about everywhere.
  5. Are these pics taken with the car running? If so is your vacuum line hooked up correctly etc?
  6. Well first you need to have your brake pedal about level with your gas pedal when you are at max braking. This is when you should be shifting anyways. Second you may need to accomplish this with spacers/covers. They should in no way change pedal feel as they should be very rigidly mounted. Lastly. my pedals are closer, so I much prefer using the side of my foot to hit the gas and I "rotate" it off the side of the brake pedal.
  7. That seems like not a bad price for fixing a newer Porsche with that damage so I guess this isn't the end of the world. I know for a fact USAA has paid claims in the past, however I believe in the past few years in general in TX many insurance companies are not. Interested to hear how that process goes!
  8. In my 3rd hand experience they hit you with the bill before you leave so maybe that barrier is a freebie!
  9. Just lots of laps there and it seemed like you were being more abrupt with your right to left transition there then expected at your level. Ive had 2 students spin there doing the same thing as well, despite my guidance. Just got lucky those times that we didnt hit anything.
  10. Sorry to see this, thus is why i tell people to turn in from mid track there it makes that initial input less. Did you by chance track out further at 2 then you had in previous laps?
  11. Thanks Brad, I really liked how everything felt this weekend so I was able to push super hard. Hopefully we get even better weather in May and I can get into the teens? It's a stretch goal, but what it will take to get the overall ST/TT2 record.
  12. Track: COTA Date: 3/17/19 3PM Lap Time: 2:21.7 Car: 2007 Lotus Exige S TT2 Weight with Driver: 2000 this session WHP: 260 Tires: 225/45-15 Front 245/40-15 rear A7 with 5 HC Weather: 70, Dry, track is overheated
  13. Also Brad's review is 100% accurate, however I thought everyone knew that EA was more of a rich dudes playing thing vs Chin being serious track cars. The only way I got a clean lap was via starting at the front of white and sending it on lap 3 before I caught back up. One time in white I left pits, did a 3:24, because I saw a guy in front of me, then caught him again by 11 the next lap. So his average lap time was around 2:50 in white. Here is a video of my mostly orange group experience. I only get pointbys on the fly from people who know me, everyone else I scare and then they realize im there after.
  14. I tell every student this every time. And yet they all seem to almost crash at 20 every event, they get on the power way too early, before apex. Sheesh.
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