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  1. Looks like CW one day and CCW the other. Perfect!
  2. I really need to remember to take pictures at Hallett, I always get busy racing and forget. turbogrill - I bet we have been at the same race, were you at last WRL race @ TWS?
  3. Did you mean NC Miata and start off by swapping in a 5.7L? LS is always the answer, and so is Miata, it only makes sense...
  4. The V8 Opel will be at Hallett ad COTA this fall. Come check it out of you are in the area. We are considering running more events / adding drivers for 2018. If you are interested PM me. TX/OK WRL races primarily. Can run at front of the field (has led WRL races). Some in car video here: Track experience required, as is damage deposit.
  5. In with the V8 Opel. Hallett is a team favorite.
  6. The V8 Opel went down to H2R recently and while not fast compared to those in this thread, it was very entertaining running half a dozen 1:28.x laps in a row (with zero shifting) in this video: 1972 Opel GT GM 4.8L V8 BMW Suspension (various mix and match) 255/40/17 Hankook RS4 on 10" rims Ford T5
  7. The tires sitting on the blue hand truck are the Maxxis, the ones that aren't are the Star Specs
  8. https://image.ibb.co/c8mWaw/Star_Spec_ZII_255_17_set.jpg https://image.ibb.co/dehXhb/Maxxis_225_17_set.jpg I couldn't figure out how to put the pics in the forum post. I should really learn internet. https://image.ibb.co/c8mWaw/Star_Spec_ZII_255_17_set.jpg https://image.ibb.co/dehXhb/Maxxis_225_17_set.jpg
  9. Eh... trades? I want these out of my garage...
  10. So was there ever a 24 hour plug and play "untrained crew-proof" solution found? Simplest plan I've seen yet is to own two identical dash cams and swap them out @ 8 hour intervals in pit stops. Power on = recording.
  11. Hey Tobey, can you clarify a few things: -How long can the XD record on a single card of max size (internet said 32GB is the largest for that camera?) -How do you setup the camera to not stop recording when power is interrupted / restored to charging port? -Have you ever tried overlaying data across multiple files? If the recordings have any gap between them in my experience it cause non-trivial problems keeping the data in sync with video stream. Thanks
  12. Nicely done. I noticed several cars @ TWS locking inside front and or rear wheels when trail braking, and was thinking "maybe a bit less bar on that end". Did you notice difference in tire wear?
  13. Why didn't I think of that. Thanks hornet.
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