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  1. Yeah, I readily admit the video quality sucks. But I'll also say the view isn't much more stable in real time. My car isn't exactly the smoothest thing rolling around out there. 😄
  2. And here's the shaky as hell video. I really need to get a better phone mount. First lap is the 2:12.72 followed by a couple of more almost as quick (6 laps in a row were all under 2:14 this session). Saw the Corvette I'd been trying to chase down all weekend about 2-3 laps into this video when he was just cruising a couple of easy laps, and tried to sneak up before he saw me. Once he did though he took off and I was stupid enough to try and stay with him, which is how I ended up smoothing out the rocks between 9 and 10. As you can see, lots of room for improvement, especially in hitting the same marks lap after lap. Any feedback or input is highly appreciated.
  3. Yeah, I struggled with setting reference points since everything there is still so clean. Didn’t want to use skid marks since those were changing lap to lap, so trying to set visual cues on sight lines and getting my car’s weight shifted at just the right time to make my moves was daunting.
  4. Turn 5 backwards is going to be fun. I predict a lot of 4 wheeling in the infield.
  5. I’m not sure that my experience is totally valid since I was just learning the layout and used my brakes HARD, but I used more pad than I would’ve for a weekend at MSR as a comparison. You’ve got at least 3 - 100+ MPH straights where you have to jump on them hard for slow corners, and there isn’t much time between hard use for them to cool before you hit the next braking zone.
  6. Track: Eagles Canyon Raceway - Oct 18, 2020 Lap Time: 2:12.72 (Aim Solo) Ambient temperature: 75, Sunny, Breezy Car: 2001 BMW M Coupe Estimated weight with driver: 3200 lbs Estimated whp: ~300 WHP Tires: NT01s First weekend on the Italian Canyon and I’m in love. Did 2 weekends last Fall on the short track, and while it is fun, there just isn’t much variation. That is NOT a problem on the big layout. I was lucky and chased some fast drivers around on Saturday and tried out about every line I could until I started to get a feel for the layout. Car was setup loose this weekend, so I did a lot of sliding around and about wasted a fairly new set of NT01s in the process, but now I know where there’s grip and where I need to wait it out until the tires hook up. It’ll be a day or two before I get a video up, but I’ll post it when my slow phone finishes it’s upload.
  7. Great to meet you yesterday and had fun trying (emphasize “trying”) to keep up with the Piglet.
  8. Just think of how fast you'll be going CW making the transition downhill from 1.7 back to 1.3. Your brakes better bite going into turn #10 or you're over the hill damn quick.
  9. Nice! Hopefully they’ve got everything sorted on it for ya now. Next time you’re down this way holler and we’ll grab some BBQ
  10. You need to bring your yellow-eyed monster down for a day playing on the 3.1.
  11. Registration not open yet, but I’m setting myself a reminder for it. Missed the opportunity to drive the big track when PCA cancelled its March event here, so this will be our learning opportunity.
  12. I’ve lost track of his build, but I know he’s got at least MCS 2WNRs, caster/camber plates, and all adjustable control arms . . . so pretty much all new suspension making room for bigger meats and treating them right.
  13. Please do. We love meeting new people at these events, but aren’t very outgoing ourselves.
  14. I had a chance to play with Forrest of TTW and his new Supra earlier this year just after he'd picked it up. It was still totally OE and even still had paper tags, but it gave me a run for my money for a whole DE session. I imagine it's quite a bit quicker now that they've had a chance to play with it and it's no longer close to OE.
  15. Monday fun day! Anyone else planning to attend?
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