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  1. Lap time: 1:21:20 (AIM2) Date: Sept 15, 2019 Car: 2001 BMW M Coupe Estimated weight with driver: 3100 pounds Estimated RWHP: 290 Tires: midlife NT01s Estimated temp: High 80s and clear  2nd day on my only venture away from MSRC so far, so still learning how to adapt to a new track. Got a lot of help from the coaches this weekend and that really helped me learn it the right way without too much excitement. Still too tentative through the back section, but I’ll work on that next month when PCA is back here.
  2. I see there's now 129 people signed up, should be a blast on the new layout. Who else is in?
  3. and only 19 people signed up right now, so tons of room to run!
  4. Since we only run ours on the track Sept-May, I haven’t bothered with any cooling mods and it’s rock steady on temperatures. Eventually I’ll add the 3rd rad, but for now it does well without it.
  5. Other than the GT3s, I’m not seeing many 911s keeping up with the Caymans on track days.
  6. Heck no, once those started last September they didn’t quit.
  7. We’re in! Nice way to start the track season.
  8. First 2 trucks as a teenager were 3 on the tree. First truck that I bought once I got out on my own was a J10 with a 4 speed. Only vehicles I’ve owned since with an auto were those that didn’t offer a manual option (CTS, JGC, and later pickups). My wife broke our record by getting her Cayman with a PDK versus a manual. Now she’s spoiled and will probably never go back.
  9. BobKid

    Wall Art

    but he has the hacksaw, impact wrench, and BFH . . . and those are what I seem to use most often on mine.
  10. Not sure how I'm going to get off work that day, but I'm signed up! Now I gotta find some dang tires.
  11. You still have any room? Figured you were full up by now
  12. https://www.tracknightinamerica.com/events/1993728-track-night-2019-dallas-south-june-4 Anyone planning to attend? Wanting 1 more event before I shutdown for the summer and haven't done one of the TNIA events yet.
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