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  1. We could probably get you an honorary membership in the N TX Jeep club you keep that up 😎
  2. Big time bummer. That’s the worst spot on the whole track for 3 wide, especially when everyone wants the left hand apex. Glad it ended up relatively okay.
  3. That was my point, I’ve driven on ice that had more grip. The wet line can be better, but you’ve still got to cross the dry line in every corner at some point, so any extra speed you might’ve gained you give it right back. 1.3 is slightly better than the 1.7, but I’m talking very slightly. I can still have fun playing drift car, but I’ve had 5 rain days in the last year and have seen no difference in grip between worn NT01s and brand new RS-RRs. Super Swampers probably would’ve been the best choice.
  4. Do rain tires really buy you much at Cresson?
  5. Yep, that was me and I’m exactly the same way. And my wife was in the blue Cayman right next to us. I had a coilpack fry itself, so I was only running on 5 of 6 cylinders finishing the first session. Unfortunately that’s not a part anyone local carried in stock, so it ended my day early. I did steal my wife’s car for the second morning session though, and had a blast driving something so different.
  6. Children and small yap-yap dogs are overrated.
  7. Crap, sorry I didn’t realize that was you right behind us under the awning on Sunday. I’m not that good on the social side of things, plus my head was somewhere else once my car broke in the first session. So I apologize for not coming over and introducing myself. Luckily it did look like you were having a good time and were getting some nice laps, hope you come back up for more PCA events.
  8. Naw, you need to apply contact time to the equation here. If one of you are faster, I only have to hear about it now and then if I log in. But if it’s my wife thats even a tenth of a second faster, I’ve gotta hear about it 24/7 until the next DE.
  9. I knew I jinxed myself with an optimistic post 2 weeks before an event and sure enough . . . got 5 laps into my first session today, everything was feeling great, times were coming into shape, and BAM, failed coilpack on #4 cylinder and nobody had one available on a Sunday. Car ran rough as hell, but at least I was able to limp it home. Oh well, 6 new coil packs and plugs on their way from FCPEuro.
  10. HIM (AIM) Lap time: 2:29:95 Date: February 24, 2019 Car: 2014 Cayman S Estimated weight with driver: 3300 pounds Estimated RWHP: ~300 Tires: late life NT01s Estimated temp: Low 60s and clear Only my second time ever doing hot laps in my wife's Cayman S. After my BMW limped off the track, borrowed her car for the session right before lunch. Was determined to push it harder than my only other opportunity before and this car is amazing. So much capability that I’m not able to use without more experience in it. HER Lap time: 2:30:05 (AIM) Date: February 24, 2019 Car: 2014 Cayman S Estimated weight with driver: 3300 pounds Estimated RWHP: ~300 Tires: late life NT01s Estimated temp: Low 60s and clear Left the AIM in the Cayman for,the wife’s session just to see how close we were. Answer is . . . a whole lot closer than is good for my ego, so no more go fast mods for her until I drop my times.
  11. Lap time: 2:32.25 (AIM2) Date: February 24, 2019 Car: 2001 BMW M Coupe Estimated weight with driver: 3100 pounds Estimated RWHP: 290 Tires: midlife NT01s Estimated temp: High 50s and clear Only had 1 session today (really 6 laps) before I had an ignition coil pack die, and had to call it a day for the bimmer. Wasn’t feeling well on Saturday and called it a day then after 2 sessions. My head just wasn’t in the right place and I was dangerous on the track.
  12. The groups will only be running the 1.3 while the Green group is on the 1.7, so I don’t think he’ll have the opportunity until they move him up to Blue.
  13. Man, things had been nice and quiet since I replaced the ZF 5 spd with a factory reman unit. Had over a year of DEs with pretty much no breakage which really let me focus on my driving versus cobbling things together and driving around the car's issues. But . . . got up underneath it yesterday to tech it for an upcoming PCA DE weekend and noticed my UUC urethane tranny mounts were crumbling. These suckers aren't even 5 years old and they're toast. Luckily an easy swap once my order form Vorshlag gets here, but I think I need to do a deeper dive and start finding ore of these aging issues (on the car that is) before they find me.
  14. I used the MotorCraft superduty pads and new DuraGo rotors on my F250. $300 for everything needed on Amazon and it stops much better than before. On the Jeep Grand Cherokee I used the EBC yellow stuff pads and they were a huge upgrade over OE. Dust freaking everywhere, but it stops on a dime. Tried the PowerStop Z23/26 pads on it before and they sucked.
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