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  1. Unmarried SCT X4 Device with 3 custom tunes by 5 Star Tuning. Right now I have custom tunes loaded for a 2011 - 2016 Ford Superduty 6.2L V8. Tunes included are: • 91 Octane Performance • 89 Octane Daily / Tow • 91 Octane Daily / Tow Worked great on my 2012 F250 SD, but I'm selling the truck and now have no use for the tuner. Truck was returned to stock program, so this device is now unmarried and available to tune another vehicle. Tuner can also be used for many other makes and models, see https://www.sctflash.com/Products/unfiltered-product/sct/SCTX4/sct-x4-performance-programmer for details, you'll just need to buy the tune files. New cost is ~$450 shipped; asking $275 OBO for TJ'ers
  2. The best thing was, Yellow and White run groups usually went out with only 6-7 cars per session all weekend. If Green and Blue groups, but we had lots of open track for our sessions.
  3. I can’t make out what you said at the :39 second mark
  4. Like Brad, my car likes the left side. When I drift out to mid-track for 5, it's putting more side load on than my car's semi-trailing arm rear suspension can handle since both camber and toe change when it unloads. Tight inside minimizes the side load, but it does make the turn sharper. Going to play with different suspension settings next time to see if I can help myself some. I've been running it very loose so far as I learn the new track, and can probably crank up the compression and rebound quite a bit with the smooth surface there.
  5. That’s pretty much my normal line into T13 now. If I try to get over parallel to the track I’ve still got side load at beginning of braking and my car wants to swap ends. So my visual target is the end of the curb and I brake in a straight line diagonally across the track towards that. Makes the turn sharper, but I can trail brake most of the way to mid loop and full throttle from there to T14.
  6. Walked the Italian canyon Saturday evening and it’s going to be a beast. All paving is done and most of the curbing. Brad said if the weather co to use to cooperate, they hope to be running it sometime next month.
  7. I was wondering where you went. 🤣 good job keeping the shiny side up
  8. Really enjoyed chasing you around for a couple of laps. I was impressed with how flat your car is through the corners and how crisp it looks to be on turn-in. You definitely are getting a lot from that platform.
  9. Lap time: 1:18.99 (AIM2) Date: Oct 20, 2019 Car: 2001 BMW M Coupe Estimated weight with driver: 3100 pounds Estimated RWHP: 290 Tires: midlife NT01s Estimated temp: High 60s and clear  Dropped into the low 1:20s on Saturday, and knew there was still a lot more time to be gained in the T4-T13 section if I could grow some nads. Tried some incremental changes through that section, but wasn’t getting much payback. Finally said “screw it” during the 2nd morning session and stayed WOT from T4 to braking for T13. Scared the crap outta myself and still not sure how I kept it on the track, but that alone dropped just over 1 second.Probably won’t try that again unless I get some aero or at least a caged car. sorry no video, but phone dove to the floorboard on the first lap of that session. Luckily had the AIM2 on a better mount.
  10. Thanks. Tried all kinds of lines through T5 this weekend, some with decent results and some scared the crap outta me. Found my car likes to be tight to T5 where others drift out to mid track around it. If I do that my suspension unloads unevenly over the hump and I’m fighting to keep it nose first at 100+. I'm now full throttle by T4 apex and ease it to ~75% throttle around T5 apex, then mash it down the hill into the braking zone for T13. I had one run where I forced myself to stay WOT from T4 all the way through T5 and into the braking zone at T13 and I still don't know how I kept it on the track. Car was sideways braking/sliding into T13 and luckily it scrubbed just enough speed that it grabbed when I hit the gas and made it around the corner. It was fast as hell, but I doubt I could pull that off more than 1-2 times in 10 attempts. I did cut a whole second off my lap time doing that, but I won’t do it again without a full caged car or at least some aero for grip.
  11. Yea, 4 through 13 is my focus area this time. I'm hesitant and waiting on the gas until I make 5 and it's costing me.
  12. You could always bring the vette. You’d just have to wear your jorts for the weekend.
  13. That'll work. I'm always faster in a chase, either as chaser or chasee
  14. Come out in the White and let me try to stay with the BRZ train
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