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  1. Out there yesterday and they’ve cleared and leveled it all the way to the fence now. If you need a drop off, there’s a small gully in front of Doghouse that you can back up to.
  2. It’ll be fun to play again. Haven’t tracked with you on a dry day in quite a while.
  3. It drives smooth compared to many because he did the prep right. It’s actually amazing how long the surface has been in place and how well it’s done. But if you get out and walk the track, you can see how much it’s breaking down in places.
  4. This! The pavement surface is really showing its age and the transitions between tracks is getting rougher.
  5. Yes, you can just rotate tire and wheel left to right to get even wear if your track wears more heavily on one side.
  6. Have you posted an ad at http://mav.pca.org/Classifieds/default.asp ?
  7. BTW, that strip starts looking sort of an ashy blue just before you get to the delam point.
  8. When you get them really thin and hot, that whole ring starts to delaminate. What i think causes the valleys is ABS pulsing the brakes and as those pieces grab the track they get scraped away. Heres a set of mine that did similar, I just didn’t stop as soon as you did.
  9. I’ve already got a set of these on the Cayman. If they’re still for sale in a couple of weeks, I’ll let a couple of folks at the next PCA weekend at MSRC know that need a set. Good price.
  10. In, and I need this bad! Last month was a washout with car troubles, and I need a good solid weekend. Who else?
  11. My wife tried tracking her E92 M3 a couple of times and she referred to it as a pig compared to the other cars she’d tracked. V8 power was nice, but it she felt it just wallowed in the corners. I know it’s only about 200# heavier than the E46, but it doesn’t carry the weight well.
  12. I would probably go with the E46 myself, but I really think each platform has its pros and cons. The bad part about E36s right now their age means you’ve got a lot more plastic/rubber parts that are reaching end of life, especially those under the hood which have become brittle as shit. And you’ll run into some pieces that are either NLA or stupid expensive just because nobody ever developed an aftermarket option (e.g., door gaskets). But their motors usually have no problem going 200,000+ miles and are a much cheaper rebuild than a S54. I feel I have more headroom in a 46 though, especially a slick top. And even with its issues, hearing my S54 scream at 8,000 RPM makes me happy.
  13. We could probably get you an honorary membership in the N TX Jeep club you keep that up 😎
  14. Big time bummer. That’s the worst spot on the whole track for 3 wide, especially when everyone wants the left hand apex. Glad it ended up relatively okay.
  15. That was my point, I’ve driven on ice that had more grip. The wet line can be better, but you’ve still got to cross the dry line in every corner at some point, so any extra speed you might’ve gained you give it right back. 1.3 is slightly better than the 1.7, but I’m talking very slightly. I can still have fun playing drift car, but I’ve had 5 rain days in the last year and have seen no difference in grip between worn NT01s and brand new RS-RRs. Super Swampers probably would’ve been the best choice.
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