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  1. Well, all that prep for nothing . . . PCA just called off the DE weekend and refunded the signups. 😷
  2. We'll see how it goes, I'll just have to be careful who I try to follow on the first go around
  3. Add in the fact that losing ~25% of my retirement funds over the last month means I probably won't be retiring this year, and I'm right there with ya!
  4. #1 = owner needs to fire that employee. It's a pure 100+ MPH joyride and no way can he claim it was needed to check their work. The guy is creating lots of liability for the shop owner and it'll bite him in the butt one of these days. #2 = free alignments for life or you post the video and name the shop for everyone else to see how they treat customer cars.
  5. Registration opens Friday morning at 8 AM - https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=10423 It'll be my first time on the full course since they've reopened. Only got 2 weekends on the short course last Fall.
  6. BobKid

    AIM Solo FS

    Got it today. Nice doing business with you!
  7. Me (AIM2) Lap time: 2:28:36 Date: February 23, 2020 Car: 2001 BMW M Coupe Estimated weight with driver: 3100 pounds Estimated RWHP: ~290 Tires: late life NT01s Estimated temp: Low 50s, windy and cloudy Loosened up my suspension from Saturday's sessions and gained just a hair on time. Car felt a lot looser, but that's more what I'm used to and for me it makes rotating the car a lot easier. Unfortunately my tires totally gave up the ghost during the 3rd session and it felt like I lost almost all rear grip in the course of 3 laps. Fronts which were newer did fine, but rears just absolutely quit mid-session. First time I've seen NT01s do that, usually they're pretty even all the way to the cords. https://youtu.be/93KepXAIyYM Debbie (my wife) Lap time: 2:29:06 (AIM2) Date: February 22, 2020 Car: 2014 Cayman S Estimated weight with driver: 3300 pounds Estimated RWHP: ~300 Tires: late life NT01s Estimated temp: Low 50s and clear Deb got her best times on Saturday afternoon when the sun was out. Both of us loved the mixed Red/White sessions this weekend and hope the PCA will do that regularly in the future. I missed running with some of you folks who've moved on to instruct and it was nice to get to play with some of y'all again.
  8. Engine is all the way behind the front axle though, so a mid engine mega Miata
  9. I saw it in a garage at MSR and didn’t have a clue what it was. Once I got close enough to start drooling on it, found out it was a supercharged Shelby Series 1. Had to come home and google it to get the story, because I didn’t even know these things existed. With 600+hp and only 2700 pounds, I’d about give a nut for a chance to put a couple of laps on it. Sexiest damn car I’ve seen in a long time.
  10. Registration opened today for PCA Maverick Region HPDE Track Days Feb 22-23 (MSR 3.1). Car is ready and I'm in.
  11. Nice lap Sam! Total no drama lap (start of next lap OTOH . . .🤣 ). You’re starting to make it look a lot easier than it really is. I got a handful of high 1.23 laps yesterday, but never could get into the lower half. Good to see you and Joe powering thru.
  12. BobKid

    Goals 2020

    That I'll do sometimes, just not regularly. What I really don't want is something like the ApexPro real-time LED display. To me that just sucks you into the right now. And if my thinking isn't ahead of my driving, then my reactions will be behind my grip and I'm toast.
  13. BobKid

    Goals 2020

    I tend not to notice much on the timer while I'm driving. I'm afraid I'll get sucked into driving consciously in the here and now versus thinking/looking ahead and letting my subconscious mind get me there.
  14. BobKid

    Goals 2020

    Made the move last year to finally drive a track other than MSRC and had a blast at ECR. Shifting experience and skills to another track was easier than I thought it'd be, so hopefully we'll get out and hit Hallet and/or COTA too this year. While my times haven't been getting that much better, I have been getting easier on consumables and I'd like to keep building on that habit. Didn't get as many events under my belt in 2019 as I'd hoped due to work schedule and life getting in the way. Definitely hope to improve on number of events this year. Big thing this year is to get into data. Bought and started collecting data last year with an AIM2, but still haven't gotten around to learning the software and doing anything with it. Now I've got several hundred laps on it, but some were me in my car and some were my wife in hers. First thing I'm going to have to do is weed through and separate those or they're useless to both of us.
  15. I’ve always wondered about the use of something like the off-road tire deflators to maintain a constant pressure as the tire heats. That way you could start at your target pressure and keep it there for the whole session regardless of heat buildup since the excess would vent itself off. https://www.trailheaddeflators.com/product.html
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