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  1. First 2 trucks as a teenager were 3 on the tree. First truck that I bought once I got out on my own was a J10 with a 4 speed. Only vehicles I’ve owned since with an auto were those that didn’t offer a manual option (CTS, JGC, and later pickups). My wife broke our record by getting her Cayman with a PDK versus a manual. Now she’s spoiled and will probably never go back.
  2. BobKid

    Wall Art

    but he has the hacksaw, impact wrench, and BFH . . . and those are what I seem to use most often on mine.
  3. Not sure how I'm going to get off work that day, but I'm signed up! Now I gotta find some dang tires.
  4. You still have any room? Figured you were full up by now
  5. https://www.tracknightinamerica.com/events/1993728-track-night-2019-dallas-south-june-4 Anyone planning to attend? Wanting 1 more event before I shutdown for the summer and haven't done one of the TNIA events yet.
  6. Sweet! I’m getting the itch to upgrade my tow toy and I’m just amazed at how expensive trucks have gotten the last 10 years or so. The only new truck I’ve ever bought was a 99 RAM 4X4 SLT and I got out the door under $20K. Now I’m gonna be lucky to stay under $50K for similar.
  7. I think the 10 year old battery was toast and the OE alternator was on its last legs anyway. Both of those I’m happy to now have new, the starter is the only thing that was really unnecessary in the long run. But hey, now I’ve got a spare starter on the shelf and I know my way around the engine bay a whole lot better. And it got me another session in the wife’s car on Sunday, so not a total bummer Now I need to find one more event before it gets too dang hot and we take the summer off. Got a lot of other normal maintenance to take care of then, like valve adjustment and VANOS upgrade.
  8. Embarrassing to admit, but the old starter was fine. Swapped the new one in and no change, so I started hand by hand checking the cabling and found this. With the cover clipped in place, it hid the break in the starter cable. Relugged it last night and it starts and runs like a champ.
  9. Not to that point yet, but I am starting to get a feel for my wife’s Cayman. Other than one coil pack that was fixed between sessions, it’s been a trooper at track duty.
  10. The way its positioned under the intake I can get a bar on the solenoid, but not the starter body itself. Believe me, tried to do that for an hour the other night before I gave up.
  11. Agree on Quirt Smith, he and his folks have always been more than helpful and you almost have to force him to take any money. Agree on most of the rest too, except that out of my league bit . . . I think she’s the lucky one to have a caring husband who lets her stay so close to my lap times. 😇 and yes I’ll deny the hell outta saying that if one of you ever tells her! 🤣
  12. Yeah, I’ve got this patched area buried in a rubber grommet where it passes thru the cover now.
  13. Starter is under the take manifold. Actually probably easier to get to than the alternator was. If I hold the key to start I can hear a click when the solenoid kicks in, and then can hear that click cycle if I pump the clutch, so I know that interlock is working okay at least. And since it will push start, I figure it’s gotta be the starter itself now.
  14. While addressing those I also found a wire going to the injectors with a hole in the insulation grounding to my valve cover. Insulated that, replaced all coilpacks and plugs and it was running like a dream for 2.5 sessions this weekend. Then all of a sudden the misfire was back. Pulled it in and found the wire I'd insulated had melted the tape and was grounding again (valve cover gets hotter than hell on the S54). Quirt Smith racing at MSRC cut out the bad section and soldiered in a new section with good heatshrink protection. All that was good, but now it wouldn't start. Turn the key, hear the fuel pump run, but no crank. It would push start no problem and ran well, so el Tortula threw a multimeter on the alternator output and sure enough it was low. Had a spare alternator at home which I threw in that night, and also replaced the 10 year old battery, but still no crank, so starter is now on order.
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