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  1. I have this one and like it, has enough room for all the stuff you mentioned and more. I keep my go pro and AIM Solo in it and it has a few pockets too for random stuff, also not too pricey at $60. https://store.windingroad.com/bell-racing-pro-V2-helmet-bag
  2. If you're not getting the response you want you should post up in the iRacing hardware forum too, lots of Texas guys in there and this stuff would probably go pretty quick, especially if you're willing to part out. I upgraded recently and my old stuff sold pretty much all the same day I listed it.
  3. Sadly not a lot of progress here, I've been halfway through the roll bar install for about two months now. Hard to find the motivation when actually getting on track seems so far away with all the stuff going on. Also my time and funds were redirected to this: I figured since I'll be at home so much for the foreseeable future (not going back to the office until Sept if at all during 2020) it made sense to put efforts towards something I'd be able to use a little bit more often. Once I get my VVT motor and ecotec + swap kit sold it'll give me the kick in the pants to get t
  4. Let me know if the sale falls through and it's still available, I've got cash in hand.
  5. Alright I knew I'd be terrible making updates, finally getting around to it a month and a half later after a little less progress than I'd like. I installed the Sparco Ergo driver seat, Sprint passenger seat (there was a slight change of plans), 383 steering wheel, got all the airbag light defeat crap in, and put in an android auto head unit since I realized how great it is having that available after getting the FiST. Getting the Ergo in was pretty straight forward, just time consuming taking it in/out a bunch to get the position right. The NC definitely has more room for a drivers
  6. Parting out my track prepped '01 Miata. I had a kid and decided to go with a more mildly setup NC for the next few years. Full updated list of items available in this spreadsheet (format shamelessly ripped off from Hollywood). Willing to negotiate on prices for most items, especially where it saves me time (buying multiple items, keeping engine/trans/clutch together, local pickup, etc...) Quick copy and paste below of what's in the list, the link above will be kept up to date I can't promise that about the list below. Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  7. Sure that'd be great if you get a chance.
  8. Thanks! Thanks Joe! You have to stay the course, I'm living vicariously through you. I think of you as the version of me that isn't lazy ? I was happy to see you living that Miata life! Haha, an exclusive group for sure ? You still out at H2R? I'll be out there with a buddy on the 19th, one last track outing in the NB before I start disassembling it to part it out. Yep, Dynotronics is the plan when it gets to that point, I'll enjoy the 2.0 for a while though while I get the rest of the car prepped/sorted, adding power will be the last step. I think @
  9. Hi Everyone, So I've been on the forum a while but never been super active, I just bought @Hollywood's 2008 NC Miata, and talking to him he convinced me it'd be a good idea to start a build thread if for no other reason that I could look back on where the car started and see the progression. I've wanted to do a build thread on previous cars but have always been too lazy, so this time I'll try to keep up with it. A little background on me, I'm 35, I grew up in San Antonio and moved to Austin for college and stayed ever since. I just moved down to Dripping Springs (just SW of Austin)
  10. I'm curious if you've had a chance yet to get a feel for the Ecotec and how that might affect your opinion here?
  11. Dude it's awesome that you're so excited and driven to improve, and with time you'll get there for sure. In the short term though I would HIGHLY recommend not focusing on lap times and not comparing yourself to your uncle, the others on track, friends in different groups, or what # you're at on the progression scale, etc... I know it's difficult (I am a very analytical and competitive person as well, so it was hard for me) but I would spend the next couple of events you're at focusing on the very basics of watching for flag stations, being aware of traffic, giving/receiving point by's, r
  12. I've got xidas with 800/500 spring rates on my NB with the 949 race alignment and love the setup, no experience with the fox stuff.
  13. MSRH has a giant paddock area that's not visible in that image above, it's circled in red below. It's typically pretty empty for TDE weekends. I actually like parking over there along with a few buddies as you I like to have my truck/trailer/car all in the same spot and this lets me do that without taking up prime space others could be using. If you want to be social or think you'll be back and forth to the front area a lot a bike or something isn't a bad idea, it's a bit of a trek in the summer heat.
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