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  1. I bought tickets to this. Does anyone know where to find a daily schedule so I can plan the weekend?
  2. I've been waiting for this to get my first set of slicks. RC-1 here I come.
  3. You the man! Life is just stacked right now and I'd rather not go to the track all stressed out if I can avoid it.
  4. They never say until right before, but pretty sure it would have been yellow. They did have me with an instructor since I've only driven with them.once in this direction.
  5. Just a busy month and could use the weekend to catch up.
  6. I'm looking for someone to take my spot at the upcoming TDE. Just call Rick and tell him you're taking my slot.
  7. I do need to trust my gloves that a death grip is not required. All good specific things to make goals for the next event.
  8. Thanks for all the great insights cabowabo. I also don't like moving my hands that much. The reason I was doing it was more for effort and fatigue sake. By adjusting my hand position especially in key hole and carousel I could reduce arm fatigue. Obviously I just need to work out more, but especially for the happy hour it made a big difference in how I felt. But at the same time I did feel I sacrificed a bit of control.
  9. Which M3 were you in? There were a few of you I was passing, I mean passed me [emoji12]
  10. Finally got around to sifting the gorpo footage. I had a good time this weekend. I accomplished my goal of doing an entire hour session. I slowed down about 2 seconds per lap in order to go the whole hour. That 2 seconds of effort makes a huge difference. I ended up running a 1:55:79 in the first session on Sunday. The blue spec Miata I was playing with really pushed me hard that session and it was much fun. Any tips/advice is welcome. https://youtu.be/o43I7F-6OW8
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