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  1. Hi All, Sorry, we will not be having any beginners at this event so not much need for Instructors. Having said that, I've instructed for numerous organizations and being the chief instructor for another organization as well as currently working a corporate driving coach for Porsche here in Los Angeles, I understand your hesitation at our normal instructor rate. Let me say first that it's $60 for two sessions of instruction (you're not tied up with the student all day) - the equivalent of $120 a day if you were to equalize it to instructing 4 sessions like a normal weekend with other organizations. Additionally, most of the time, the instruction is lead/follow where you are driving your own car and have 3-4 students following you. Second, I've driven and instructed at events in Texas, The Southeast, The Midwest, and Southern California and can tell you instructor compensation is varied throughout the regions. Our normal rate is widely accepted here in Southern California (which was a surprise to me at first when I moved out, I was used to driving without any entry fee with other organizations). Speed Ventures has been doing business since 2001 and we currently run 28 events a year. I'd love to share our laid back atmosphere and quality track time with you guys. Come on out!
  2. Hi All, Some of you may remember me, some may not. I got my start to tracking while living in Houston and have since worked my way to Chicago, Atlanta, and now Los Angeles. I now work full-time for a Track day company here in Southern California called Speed Ventures. In addition to that, I run a podcast called "SlipAngle" and help out with some of the #GRIDLIFE festivities in the midwest. Anyways, enough about me. Speed Ventures will be at COTA April 27/28/29 - one of the rare 3 day events. For anyone looking for more seat time at COTA, we are offering a great value at $495 a day if you register for 2 or more days. Open wheel cars are welcome. Visit www.speedventures.com (you'll need to create an account to register) for more info or email me at [email protected] and I'll make sure you get any info you need. I'm also hoping to do a SlipAngle get together in Austin sometime while I'm in town. Hopefully some of you can join us. Thanks, Austin Cabot Speed Ventures 424.266.7818 [email protected]
  3. aCab

    MSRH Lap Times

    Man I need to get back down there. I'm fairly confident with some A6s my car will do a 1:43, maybe a 1:42 even.
  4. Finally got around to editing my video from nationals down.
  5. Sweet spot for me on my S so far has been : Front: -3.4 camber 0.0 toe 5.4 caster Rear: -3.0 camber -.24 total toe in I've been playing around with caster a lot this year and its effects on dynamic camber. -5.4 has proved ideal at -3} camber on a non staggered set up.
  6. if ajay doesnt want them, id love to have them for my daily driver - id pay shipping costs of course
  7. Man, I remember this car from last year...and I still want it!
  8. Yeah, yeah. LOL. I still can't wait to chase you around in my miata next year! Hope the wrenching is going well!
  9. Went to Gingerman the Day after NASA Nationals. I was pretty upset from blowing my record setting lap at Nats, so I went into beast mode. The Current TTC Track record is a 1:46.02. This beats it by almost 4 seconds, beats the TTB record by 2.5 seconds, and only .5 seconds behind the TTA record. Cool track temps surely helped, but I have had nearly 25 days on track at Gingerman alone this calender year - which probably helps the most. Enjoy http://vimeo.com/49250983
  10. Group Buy ending on Monday
  11. I would almost move back to Houston for this!
  12. I agree about the paying for the advice piece - not a fan. If the platform was able to be used for free, it would be a very valuable asset. But there are so many resources out there available to people that I don't think paying for a service like this is going to be the most popular thing in the world. If it was free it would take off like mad.
  13. Not involved in it, just really like the idea. I agree it could be easier to use. Hopefully in time they will get the bumps ironed out.
  14. Looks interesting: http://www.trackproadvisors.com If you sign up, use me as a reference - Austin Cabot - then add me as a friend. What do you guys think of the platform? I find it pretty interesting. Ive already been able to talk to Mike Skeen and Andy Lally. *Edit* - there are promo codes out there for 6 months of free GOLD membership status - just google for them.
  15. Hi guys, A friend of mine works at a shop and recently let me know they were running a special on the AiM SOLO & SOLO DL. He said they were offering them at a significant discount (10% I think) on their initial batch of units. If it's 10%, thatd be $360 for the SOLO and $630 for the SOLO DL. If you're interested, let me know and I can get you in touch. aCab
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