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  1. MSRC 1.7 is autox. Any normal track with some actual straights and poverty hp cars like ours get walked. FT86 ain't fast and on top of that, ain't as fun to drive as a miata. If you actually want to go fast and have that v8 llama power, the C5 is the answer. TTD doesn't exist and was traditionally a weak class, I could have won TTD at champs with my TTE time which was only good for third. You'd currently slot into TT5 and get murdered by a well setup/driven TT5 FT86.
  2. My bad. A whole no tenths faster.
  3. A 1:24.6, wild. A whole 2 tenths faster than I run in an NA Miata that's my only vehicle.
  4. I was lolling at FT86 suggestion, I think c5 would be way faster and more fun for occasional DE. FT86 is boring, straight up.
  5. Lol at 86 suggestion. Spend 3x as much as you would on the miata you just sold to be marginally faster. Get the C5 llama powers. Rejoice in 'Murica V8 noises.
  6. I can pick it up end of March, but it'll just be coming to live with me in Sacramento.
  7. 650whp sequential NC makes my pants tight. Owner is a cool dude and is on here.
  8. There is and there isn't. Depends on how far you are willing or can go. If you have to keep OEM headers, ECU, can't dig into the head, then there's not much on the table. On the other hand if you can run aftermarket headers, improve flow in the heads, throw cams at it, and run a standalone ECU there's some decent power on tap. I've been reading up b/c GONK started a monster with this whole SC400 voyage. The intake side of heads is apparently a big bottle neck, poorly desinged. http://www.themotorhood.com/themotorhood/2017/9/6/tuning-guide-how-to-modify-your-1uz-fe
  9. Some of ya'll have spent too much time in modern comfy vehicles with ample horsepower and it shows. Ya'll gettin' soft. The NA transmission tunnel with OEM carpet and what not in place ain't a "furnace", but maybe there's a big difference between NA6 and NA8. NA8 does have better A/C, if properly functioning, than NA6 along with a solid bump in power. Yeah they're loud, yeah they're slow, yes you need to drive them like you're on a gutless motorcycle on the freeway, but damn if it ain't still fun. I'm not saying I want to get in an accident in an NA, but I've never had issues (or been scared) in fast moving traffic on Dallas/Houston freeways, just get after it. I mean, isn't that the point? Getting to ring it out and still churning pedestrian speeds? :p It's fun for totally opposite reasons that my parents Merc e550 was fun (PPOOOWWWAAHHHHH!!! and comfort) Just comes down to what you're looking for I reckon, but my NA has made a number of trips in the 4-10 hour range from home (Mobile, AL), to NOLA, to Hallett, etc. Blasting around town ain't no thang.
  10. Noisy, sure and not much you can do about it but the RPM's are a non-issue. People coming from pretty much any other car are alarmed by seeing 4k rpm at 80mph, but the BP will churn that out day in day out without complaint. 4k is only high RPM relative to your typical commuter or v8 churning out 2k at 80mph.
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