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  1. Yeah, best part of iRacing is definitely learning the tracks and getting the correct inputs imprinted. The driving itself is a mixed bag, you can definitely reinforce stuff like trail braking, catching slides, and such but the way the tire behaves at/over the limit is where things fall apart and you just gotta deal with it. TBF even in the real world tire manufacturers don't know what is happening when tires get to that point. *Most other sims merely fudge numbers to create a tire that feels and performs as it should. iRacings tire model is an actual virtual tire that they adjust parameters of (compound, sidewall stiffness, etc).
  2. They won't hold as much, but the way they move between understeer / neutral / oversteer is much more natural. The tire model on the PCup actually feels connected to the road and intuitive, it's just a powerful car with no TCS that gets going faster than FIA GT3 cars with less aero and what feels like half the brakes. The allowed slip angle is probably too narrow still, but you can hustle it way more than the previous tire model allowed. It's getting there. GMX5 actually feels good in cold conditions being under driven, but at 10/10ths it just floats around with near constant counter steer, it just feels silly and makes the car skate around in ways I've never felt.
  3. Just had to go mow some grass real quick on the way to the win. What a race, these things are intense!
  4. ...did you seriously have your account deleted just to come back and post as a guest. Edit: Oh that's from February. Reading is hard.
  5. I found your wares. https://www.miataturbo.net/miata-parts-sale-trade-5/fs-bp6d-vvt-race-engine-102842/
  6. 245 on 15x10 fits NB with roll/pull. NA would be aggressive pull, but doable.
  7. Just put flares back on, run 275 Hoosiers that actually make use of them, and send it. The amount of work the rears would take to fix and ain't worth it for a track car.
  8. All the 1.8s from 94-2005 are BPs, just different iterations (BP08, BP4W, BPZ3). I'm sure there's still some good examples out there, but seems it has mostly dried up. Used to be you popped a motor you just swapped in a junkyard low mileage one for relatively cheap and moved on. Now we're getting into actually needing to rebuild. Next time I need a motor I'll probably just be trying to find a good bottom end or basic rebuild and slap SM shop head of choice on it There's also this https://treasurecoastmiata.com/c-1074840-rebuilt-cylinder-heads-and-engines.html
  9. Assuming stock it's not even close to being interference.
  10. The age of the junkyard BP has come to a close. If you wanna be about that junkyard life it's time for a k24z3 (yay!) or ecotec (bleh)
  11. The Gang gets COVID
  12. Tomo and Eric finishing nose to nose was great, haha
  13. Final couple of laps http://www.twitch.tv/apexv2r_austin/v/599381274?sr=a&t=2s
  14. Straight up the best sim race I've ever been in, that was a riot! Skip to 1h14m for main race start.
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