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  1. When you're in TT, but wish you had a comp license.
  2. Welp, got setllted into my new place in Sacramento on the 5th and immediately signed up for my first NASA NorCal event at Thunderhill. What a riot of a track. Super fast corners, blind crests, some off camber stuff, I'm loving it. And everyone says as much fun as Thunderhill is, Sonoma is the real fun / nut up track. Can't wait.
  3. Yarp, that's the one. If you don't need the passenger seat you can remove it and just tetris four tires/wheels (up to 225x9) into the passenger space.
  4. Sure...but the TT6 winner could have won the class (TT3) outright and the same time would have been good for last place in TT4. So that's not saying much.
  5. Plz help, can't sign up as I don't see COTA on the remainder of my schedule?
  6. Not my car and unfortunately not that easy financially. The loss of that chassis has sidelined our enduro efforts for the foreseeable future 😞
  7. It was. It was straight up a moment where time stopped as soon as the Cayman moved enough to reveal a car looking right back at me that couldn't be avoided. EDIT: Oh wait, if talking about red Miata, yeah, probably an oh shit moment for him, the infiniti, and the bimmer too.
  8. Feel fortunate to have walked away and even got a crossfit workout in yesterday, but the whole situation sucks. Very bummed for Sam and in general.
  9. MSRC 1.7 is autox. Any normal track with some actual straights and poverty hp cars like ours get walked. FT86 ain't fast and on top of that, ain't as fun to drive as a miata. If you actually want to go fast and have that v8 llama power, the C5 is the answer. TTD doesn't exist and was traditionally a weak class, I could have won TTD at champs with my TTE time which was only good for third. You'd currently slot into TT5 and get murdered by a well setup/driven TT5 FT86.
  10. My bad. A whole no tenths faster.
  11. A 1:24.6, wild. A whole 2 tenths faster than I run in an NA Miata that's my only vehicle.
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