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  1. cabowabo

    Oculus Rift

    Did my first GT3 Cup race and it was easily the sweatiest sim race of my life. The 5 hours I did in the AMG GT3 for Petit Le Mans last weekend was much, much easier. First two laps of this race were just trying not to die on cold tires, then after that it was trying not to die on warm tires while turning fast laps. Good times?
  2. cabowabo

    Oculus Rift

    The helmet and standings/relative are just overlays added to OBS (I don't see them). The spotter is Crew Cheif, which is a good bit better / more informative than the iRacing spotter and can even calculate and auto-adjust fuel for stuff like the IMSA races that require a pit stop. http://thecrewchief.org/ Overlays http://ir-apps.kutu.ru/#!/
  3. cabowabo

    Oculus Rift

    Here's a nice stable setup I grabbed from the iRacing forums, just watch that 44% brake bias with any amount of steering input and threshold braking. Also an example lap on how to be slow: Silverstone Int R.sto
  4. cabowabo

    Oculus Rift

    I don't have any of the tracks GT3 is running this week and don't care for any of them either (COTA, Belle Isle, Nurb GP). Ok, Belle Isle looks fun, just not fun in GT3 Fixed public lobbies. As such you can find me practicing/racing GT3 Cup on Sileverstone International this week if any of you are man (or woman) enough to jump in this ultimate drivers car. Let's tag up and try not to break everything in sight.
  5. Unless you're getting baller mode Ohlins they're not even actually Ohlins, might as well just get any of the taiwan two piece coils (BC, Fortune, MeisterR, etc). Fox, Xida, MCS, etc are all actually designed for the chassis (single piece body properly sized for lowered miata, custom valving, and so on). Assuming upgraded sway bars (Go to is RB front / 14mm rear) 800/500 is the starting point for your typical 205/225 200TW-40TW tired miata with no aero. I actually run 800/400 for 205 R7's, but 500r is better on streets. The R7's just have so much more grip that I was getting a bit too much oversteer in highspeed corners. Just prefer a slightly softer rear for the full sends. Xida Gen2 and Fox are the best value for what you're getting. You can go better, but you'll spend more. EDIT: Also SM Penske's, forgot about those. They're valved specifically for SM spring rates of 700/325, but I bet they could handle slightly differing rates. On the other hand SM Penskes / sways with RS4's felt fantastic when I drove on them. Will come in about the same price as Fox/Xida. No adjustability (which honestly, probably isn't a negative for the vast majority - focus more on drivermod / less on setup changes) and might actually be the best value out there.
  6. cabowabo

    Oculus Rift

    Oculus iRacing bro's and broette's. I'm probably gonna do an IMSA race in the AMG GT3 tonight if anyone wants to run some practice and then send it! 45min race with one pit stop. That or I'm just gonna continue practicing and tuning for Petit Le Mans (IMSA GT3, GTE, and Vette DP).
  7. Has something to do with the toe curve in the rear when the suspenion compresses. Can be fixed afaik.
  8. Gonna need the name of this resort...for, uh, reasons.
  9. 205 Hooisers belong on a 9, so just do that when the time comes. And I would run the RR on the 9, doesn't even look all that stretched really. When you properly match tread width to wheel width (which will be beyond the manufacturer recommended width b/c lawyers) the sidewall will appear stretched. It's fine, we're not talking hellaflush stretch that's pulling the tire waayyy away from the bead. If anyone tells you it dangerous tell them Cabo said they're wrong. I even ran 205 RC1's on 9's for a hot minute, which are narrower than RR's. Was a-ok.
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