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  1. No one gonna buy it anyways, so cage and remote mount spinny boi it is.
  2. TOO LATE,MOONSHINE V2 INCOMING - COWABUNGA IT IS If someone is seriously interetsted PM me, could possibly arrange delivery early November as I'm planning to road trip my way out to NOLA for #GRIDLIFE and then head home for Thanksgiving. My street parked SC400 got hit in driver quarter panel and I'm seriously considering going full send GLTC/ST4 racecar on it before simply giving up on it (or going hotboi widebody stance DD). I love both cars, but let's get real, SC400 racecar would be way cooler than the millionth miata build and oh baby those 4l v8 rumbles. I don't think I've left anything out, but if I think of it I'll update the thread. Here's the deets on the miata. I recently installed 9lives racing sturdyboi / splitter / air dam, so as far as NASA classing goes it's now in TT5 where it's woefully underpowered. Was planning on turbo to make power for GLTC/ST4. All it needs right now to slot right back into TT6 is an OEM front bumper and take the spoiler off the trunk. I haven't registered the car in California because I've been too lazy to find and install OEM exhaust manifold and bend the EGR pipe to fit from NA header to NB throttle body. In Texas emissions counties it's quite easy as you just need to swap back to OEM ECU / intake / o2 sensor / OBD-II cat, drive for 5 minutes, shut it off, drive for 5 minutes and all the monitors should be ready. Drivetrain ~75k orig miles ~65k original mile BP4W - 136whp (Dynojet SAE) on 93 or 142whp (Dynojet SAE) on e85 - Bought with 55k orig. miles and installed with new water pump, timing belt, seals in January 2018 MS3 Basic (Innovate LC-2 for A/F) and OEM ECU BP5A Intake cam RacingBeat header RacingBeat test pipe or Enthuza OBD-II cat RacingBeat PowerPulse cat-back CSF Radiator Flyin' Miata oil cooler -Needs ducting or relocation to be functional with current aero, haven't got around to it yet Original 5 speed (~75k miles) 4.78 Torsen Type-I setup by John Wagliardo Suspension Xida Gen2 800#f/400#r - Freshly revalved by InertiaLab, only one event (4-5 sessions) at PPIR - Includes additional 1000# and 500# springs RacingBeat front sway bar Supermiata 14mm adjustable rear sway bar Extended Lower Ball Joints General OEM Hardtop and latches Autopower roll bar DaiKai boss hub with airbag light delete NRG QR MOMO Mod69 wheel Pioneer something or another bluetooth radio with Kicker speakers Ultrashield Rallysport on TDR rail Schroth 4-point ASM (OEM belts still installed) 4x 949 6UL Gen4 Bronze w/ 205 R7s (8 or so HC's, but beat) 4x 949 6UL Gen4 Bronze w/ 205 Conti ECS (nearly brand new, a few street miles and a few sessions at PPIR) 9LivesRacing sturdyboi, undertray, and air dam - Splitter cut-off for no points GLTC BlackBird spoiler - Cut to <250sqin for no points GLTC Powersteering delete welded pinion Extras DW 450cc injectors (Needed for e85) DW 100 fuel pump SuperMiata front end service kit (tie rods / upper and lower ball joints) Energy Suspension bushings 4.1 ring and pinion LRB undertray with oil cooler ducting Stuff it needs PPIR killed the front right hub Right axle has cut boot. Hasn't started clicking so I've just been sending it. Here's the last time the car partied in Texas in NASA TT6
  3. You seem to have typo'd a 1 into your price, 8,500 is great price for this car GLWS
  4. I thought it was NA8, too, but maybe not.
  5. Automatic is half point less compression 8.5 vs 9.0, so that makes even less sense.
  6. Probably mine if you still have one laying around. Won't make crap for power, but I imagine it's got a lot of track hours left on it if he wants a free head 😛
  7. You can see part of the problem on the AFR readout. 12 is low boost turbo territory. Timing bump and 12.5-8ish would unlock some power right off the rip. Stock ECU runs pretty lean until ~4.5k and then too rich.
  8. If you're using the NA8 head I left with Sam that's my old ~65k orig miles head, made 125whp on it with intake, header, exhaust and MS3. It makes garbage power compared to your typical SM head (ex. xfactor). With cams could probably hit mid 130s without too much fuss. On stock intake/header/ecu all you can do is static timing bump and adjustable AFR, but wouldn't expect more than 115whp or so without a good head. *124 And here's current motor (BP4W) on same intake, header, exhaust, MS3 with BP5A intake cam.
  9. Note there you can run a smaller oil cooler if you give it fresh air vs mounting behind rad. Behind rad I think you have to size up by 50% or somewhere in there. Considering you likely need more capacity for boost vs us N/A plebs might help with packaging. Also make sure ducting is on point, break out the tape to seal gaps and all that jazz.
  10. Pretty much done with aero (until I get a wing). Going to add some cables/eyelets to support the outer edge of splitter and that about wraps it up. After that baseline fluids, going to replace coolant hoses with OEM b/c the ones in there look like they're on borrowed time, and it's time to send it at some bucket list tracks. Also got some nice new numbers from TrackDecals, didn't get to finish left side b/c old vinyl left some gunk behind on that side and I don't have anything to remove it at the moment.
  11. Nothing to see here, just another miata with splitter and air dam. Adding aero to the car, but not power at the moment landing me in a very uncompetitive TT5 state. But no worries, kinda over TT at the moment and loosely building towards ST5/4 / GLTC. Plan is to just make the car fun for DE, knock out every track in Cali and try to find time and moonies for a cage somewhere in there.
  12. Yeah, best part of iRacing is definitely learning the tracks and getting the correct inputs imprinted. The driving itself is a mixed bag, you can definitely reinforce stuff like trail braking, catching slides, and such but the way the tire behaves at/over the limit is where things fall apart and you just gotta deal with it. TBF even in the real world tire manufacturers don't know what is happening when tires get to that point. *Most other sims merely fudge numbers to create a tire that feels and performs as it should. iRacings tire model is an actual virtual tire that they adjust parameters of (compound, sidewall stiffness, etc).
  13. They won't hold as much, but the way they move between understeer / neutral / oversteer is much more natural. The tire model on the PCup actually feels connected to the road and intuitive, it's just a powerful car with no TCS that gets going faster than FIA GT3 cars with less aero and what feels like half the brakes. The allowed slip angle is probably too narrow still, but you can hustle it way more than the previous tire model allowed. It's getting there. GMX5 actually feels good in cold conditions being under driven, but at 10/10ths it just floats around with near constant counter steer, it just feels silly and makes the car skate around in ways I've never felt.
  14. Just had to go mow some grass real quick on the way to the win. What a race, these things are intense!
  15. ...did you seriously have your account deleted just to come back and post as a guest. Edit: Oh that's from February. Reading is hard.
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