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  1. Sounds right. My car setup and feeling great on SM7/R7 pushes on streets.
  2. Porsche only continue making the 911 the flagship car because they have to for the referenced 911 elitists that probably get beatup by Miata's at every autox/track day. Smart folks know the MR platform is superior *cough* 911 RSR *cough* C8 *cough*. The Cayman is only slower b/c they neuter it to keep it from being faster than the 911.
  3. Last time I drove H2R was on crappy koni sports. SM Penske would be a marked improvement as long as you stay out of the bump stops.
  4. SuperMiata S2 doesn't have a spec suspension, although you'll surely find many on Xida Gen2s, which are the best damper you're gonna get for the money imo. Fox, MCS, SM Penskes are all mighty fine options too. If you had proper sleeves I'd put the Penskes at the top of the list for budget configuration as you coould just transfer your current sleeves/springs over. ...and there's no such thing as NA2, it's NA6 (1.6) and NA8 (1.8) 🙂
  5. You would still need a potentiometer for brake pedal even with OBDII as there's nothing that reads its position.
  6. Oh boy, the car isn't turning I better turn in more! Now that I've got too much steering lock on it's time to add more throttle!
  7. I don't know where this assesment of "hacky" and "sawing at the wheel" is coming from. He seriously didn't even countersteer once. If you watch his inputs on an actual hotlap and then go back to the instructor video you'll see his inputs are much slower and relaxed. I've seen the argument that he's treating the throttle like an on/off switch, but that's completely normal for someone that drives Spec Miata (or a similar car). We don't feed throttle, it's seriously you're either in it or you're not. Likely a hard habit to break, but sure, that could have been a good point for the instructor to bring up versus what he did. Making small line adjustments at a relaxed pace isn't sawing imo. The biggest issue I see here is that the instructor doesn't have a basis for what 10/10ths is, because his 10/10ths is the other guys relaxed 7/10ths based on this video I found of the instructor on the same track. This is straight up slow. He might be a very good instructor from an early DE stand point (teaching flags, safety, keeping a student out of trouble), but based on how pedestrian this lap is, he has no business assessing a competent driver. Meanwhile here's the guy he was berating, who actually seems to know how to hustle a car around a track.
  8. The actual video of blowing the flag was pretty bad. Very easy flag station to see and flag was extremely visible/being waved. He then blew by a car in front of him that saw the flag and had droppped anchor. Big difference between this scenario and HOMESLICE is that he picked up on the context clues, slowed down, and started looking around. As soon as he got to the next station he saw the flag and parked it. Can't comment with any authority just watching a video, but looked like some good clean n' casual 8/10ths lapping in a fast car to me. Didn't spot any counter steer and for everyone in this lot that knows how to hammer a car around a track I think it's pretty clear he wasn't hammering it 10/10ths.
  9. I got a little toasted while watching NHL playoffs last night and decided to throw my poorly written 2 cents in the arena. "Oh boy, where to start? All this talk of owning your mistakes comes off as completely insincere bullshit when; 1 . You come off so non-chalant about a very dangerous situation in which you blew 20+ double yellows, passed multiple cars, some of those cars WHILE passing an EV/crew hooking up a disabled car WHILE ALSO talking about your entrepreneural "laser focus". Buddy, nobody at the track (drivers, crew, flaggers, organizers etc) gives a shit what you do off track, how many businesses you've built from nothing and how much money you make. Fast drivers with laser focus for 2, 3, or more hours at a time are a dime a dozen. They also know how to watch for and obey flag stations. At the very least they'd put 2+2 together that there's an EV on track and that everyone is reducing pace. What you had was red mist, not laser focus. You exhibited some DE1 level skillset, at best, with both your complete lack of awareness and also pace. 2. Being a newbie is no excuse. If anyone should know the rules and regs inside out, it's a newbie. And by newbie we're clearly talking about a driver signed off solo who is well aquianted with watching flag stations and what the various flags mean. You stated some racing creds at the beginning of the video. So which is it, have you raced before, do you have a license, or are you newbie? Can't have it both ways, unless we just go ahead and assume those credentials are rubbish, which obviously they are. I'm about four events into endurance racing with another org, I've blown a local yellow while closely following a competitor, slowed down when I saw the next flag station, and came in as soon as I was black flagged. No yelling required because I knew the rules, knew what I did wrong, and served my penalty. Lesson learned, no drama. 3. Name dropping and gloating about your friends with deep pockets. Just. Frakin. Lulz. Here's the deal "homeslice", no one cares. Grassroots racers on shoestring budgets (most of us) don't care to have more jabronies like you on track. People who think they're important by bringing money to our sport while blantly ignoring rules and treating the track workers and organizers as lesser individuals, calling them an "old boys club" because they roasted you for your gross negligence. You and your kind are only making motorsport worse. Please leave or go back to DE1 with your ego checked at the door or observe from the sidelines while truly promoting the future of motorsport. "Don't bother me with the facts, we've already made up our mind." What facts were gonna save you? None. Absolutely none. 4. Your team captain has already refuted your claim that he told you to stay out. You're a pathological liar with your head stuffed so far up your own ass you belive your own bullshit. Maybe you're doing great things outside motorsport, but it's hard to believe when you now have two videos on VinWiki showing your complete lack of personal responsibility. Sure, people not involved with motorsports, fanboys, acquiantances, and otherise might have your back and all these comments you can "Like", but you can clearly see there's a strong following of actual motorsport enthusiasts that see straight through you. If you want to prove you really give a shit, you've got some work to do." Oh, and here's his first video on VINWiki where he takes zero personal responsibility for putting his car in a wall. I would love to hear the intructors end of the story.
  10. When you're in TT, but wish you had a comp license.
  11. Welp, got setllted into my new place in Sacramento on the 5th and immediately signed up for my first NASA NorCal event at Thunderhill. What a riot of a track. Super fast corners, blind crests, some off camber stuff, I'm loving it. And everyone says as much fun as Thunderhill is, Sonoma is the real fun / nut up track. Can't wait.
  12. Yarp, that's the one. If you don't need the passenger seat you can remove it and just tetris four tires/wheels (up to 225x9) into the passenger space.
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