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  1. CV1. Gonna sit on that until some much better stuff comes out...or until it quits on me.
  2. I just did a VRS Sprint race, nearly 300 people signed up, top split nearly 4600 (about a 1000 more than a typical Saturday afternoon), 10 splits, and service seems fine. But iRacing is NR2003, so yes, it's based off early 2000's software. People starting the race upside down is really just business as usual round here.
  3. Sorry, these monoblocks are reserved for an unholy union with a Lexus. But rest assured you can probably find a set nice a cheap on Facebook Marketplace like I did! Also, this car is amazing. Much love. As an aging individual that now owns a heavy, automatic, sluggish, refined, comfortable, classy (?) automobile I approve.
  4. If there's ever a time to jump on and goof off with no consequences, it's now! Week 13 Ridiculousness combines the GMX5, Radical SR8, and Williams F1 and it's as mental as it sounds.
  5. 800f/500r on Miata = race setup 800f/500f on SC400 = DD comfort setup
  6. HKS hotboi coilovers have arrived. Will likely knock these out next weekend, then still need to roll fenders bc the only work I did on the car last weekend was 20 minutes of cleaning headlights. The wheel adapters will need longer studs pressed in as the AMG wheels have a really thick mounting surface and lugs only get about 4-5 turns 😞 Miata Xida Gen2 for reference, Supra shocks are beefy
  7. Everything I read said SC headlights cloud/yellow from the inside, apparently I got lucky. The look and complete lack of visibility at night was killing me so was planning on eventually sending them out to be disassembled, cleaned, polished (inside and out), and resealed, but figured what the hell on trying a McGuires hand polish kit. Did not disappoint. Hopefully the protective spray actually holds up but I'm thinking about just using clearbra to make sure they stay clear.
  8. Well, if there's a silver lining here it's that this poor mustang finally got to see more than 60mph.
  9. Fender roller arrived and first set of tires mounted. 235s and wheel adapters should show up tomorrow, so fender roll/pull and test fitting this weekend, then coilovers show up next week. I'm getting very excite. Need to clean the wheels up a bit too, have been lazy.
  10. Rollin through NASA paddock like...
  11. Can confirm A++ dollies wheeled around the racecar I totaled real well. Would recommend 11/10.
  12. Using your offspring as a reason you can't get ass stomped in TT
  13. Welp, haven't really been doing anything with either car over winter. Been lazy. But, decided it was time to get rolling on both and wanted to go ahead and get the Lexus setup so I can re-focus on the Miata for rest of the year. Original plan was to run Bilsteins with coilover sleeves and was even going to have them revalved at Inertia Lab, but about a month after ordering and the fronts already having been dyno'd I was informed the rears are no longer being made. Called Bilstein diect and sho nuff. Got those refunded and just went with HKS Hipermax. To be honest, they just look like every other BC variant (monotube adjustable body, custom anodized color, cheap), but whatever, the spring rates are right sitting at ~800f/500r. Supra guys run them quite a bit for DD/light track and don't have anything bad to say about them. If I could get the Xida/Tractive equivalent for Supra then I'd do it, but it's either china coilovers, KWv3 or start spending big buckaroos. Maybe we'll revisit suspension later down the road. With suspension out of the way the only thing left was deciding on wheels. My go to pick was Kansei KNP (hypersilver with polished lip mmm), but I just didn't really want to spend 2k on a wheel and tire package. So, with the braintrust that is TJ's Discord I've ended up here; 18x8.5et44 and 18x9.5et46 AMG monoblocks that have 215/40 and 235/40 Conti ECS on the way for that mad stance and awesome summer tire handling y0. For those in the know, yeah, Lexus is 5x114.3 vs MB 5x112, so I also have 32mm spacers on the way to convert bolt pattern and also get the offset nice and flush. Before that stuff arrives I need to do two things; Move passenger/front ABS harness and roll fenders.
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