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  1. Here's the multi-stream for the team. I'm in apexv2r_marc car. EDIT: Heres the link, woops http://multitwitch.tv/apexv2r/apexv2r_marc/apexv2r_tom/apexv2r_daniel?fbclid=IwAR22ToBVkTKoaBTUD1XiUAVZaOnbB79t6W0lD-T7CWpDEeG2RbwyRtIZPgw and here's top split stream
  2. We'll have a in car stream up for the truly bored. If we happen to make top split iRacing will have a 24hr broadcast with commentators like so...
  3. Mercedes GT3, inb4 wrecked out by DP
  4. I'm qualing and starting Daytona tomorrow, diss gon be me.
  5. I've grabbed 3rd and got sideways in a friggin Miata on RS4s on cold (~20f) nights where it ended up snowing in Austin, whatever year that was (2018?). Then proceeded to hoon those tires nearly to the cords. You'll probably be ok even if it's not the best idea.
  6. 1:53 is faster than TT6? Uh...nope. TT6 in properly driven/setup car is gonna be on pace with a nats prep SM. <shade> Current NASA Texas TT6 field is slow unless Whitener shows up, that dude is legit. </shade>
  7. Dang, didn't meet to YEET the poor guy straight out of motorsport.
  8. Nice! I've been eyeing the NC's myself, great pick up.
  9. Unbolt the seat belt and run it through the lap belt hole (door side) and then buckle through lap belt hole on trans side. If you run it over the seat on either side you'll just submarine as the lap belt won't be able to cinch your dainty hips.
  10. Today, the resonators met their end. I'm very pleased with the outcome! Added the missing volume and rowdiness a 4l v8 should have, but with 3 cats / 2 mufflers it's still plenty comfy on the highway and for DD duty. Resonators Resonator delete
  11. I have no recollection of Barber. Pretty sure I've never been there.
  12. Anyone that thinks HP+ is a good track pad doesn't have a f'n clue what they're talking about. OP obvioulsy ain't lookin' for vette pads any more, but for a track only vehicle there's no reason to run XP10/8, should be going for something that can tolerate much more heat. XP10/8 is good on dual duty miatas with poverty hp.
  13. So you getting a Veloster N now?
  14. That's an actual caged and log booked racecar, it has no business mingling with TT peasants.
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