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  1. Unbolt the seat belt and run it through the lap belt hole (door side) and then buckle through lap belt hole on trans side. If you run it over the seat on either side you'll just submarine as the lap belt won't be able to cinch your dainty hips.
  2. Today, the resonators met their end. I'm very pleased with the outcome! Added the missing volume and rowdiness a 4l v8 should have, but with 3 cats / 2 mufflers it's still plenty comfy on the highway and for DD duty. Resonators Resonator delete
  3. I have no recollection of Barber. Pretty sure I've never been there.
  4. Anyone that thinks HP+ is a good track pad doesn't have a f'n clue what they're talking about. OP obvioulsy ain't lookin' for vette pads any more, but for a track only vehicle there's no reason to run XP10/8, should be going for something that can tolerate much more heat. XP10/8 is good on dual duty miatas with poverty hp.
  5. So you getting a Veloster N now?
  6. That's an actual caged and log booked racecar, it has no business mingling with TT peasants.
  7. I only did three weekends this year; NASA TX MSRH Season Opener, NASA NorCal Thunderhill, and WRL feelsbadman.jpg at Barber. Between moving, wedding in Canada, ER visit, building a PC/sim, and picking up a proper daily I just didn't have monehz for track. Next year planning on getting after it in TT5 (hopefully ST5 at some point) and also try to hit every track in Cali whether comp or DE. Moonshine needs nothing other than some basic maintenance and I wanna add a bit of fun via lightness and aero. NASA Champs is only ~9hrs away, so that might go on the schedule.
  8. Spoiler alert: it's because I'm poor
  9. That's gonna be a no from me, dawg
  10. It would make sense if they disabled it after the EPA crack down.
  11. I think in kpro you can just force all monitors ready, so as long as you don't fail visual you should pass fine. But it's not by any means smog legal.
  12. ...and we really enjoy clubbing baby seals in muscle cars. It all works out in the end 😄
  13. What are you coming from? If just spring loaded pedal then you're gonna have to get used to the brake mod, but it could also be that the brake mod sucks , dunno? I use g920 which doesn't have fancy pedals, but upgraded to nixim springs with the rubber plug in brake pedal. I short calibrated the brake to a reasonable pressure to allow good modulation at threshold/trail. If I calibrate by using all the available travel/max force I have to use way too much force just to barely reach threshold brake (not ideal). You're just gonna have to calibrate to taste, but set threshold (~75%) somewhere that feels natural to you. From there your brain will figure it out in a few days.
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