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  1. Same. The balaclavas are gone. I placed an order for a helmet shield last night, and the order number is 500 higher than the order that shipped yesterday. That’s a lot of orders they still need to go through.
  2. No, but if you click on “track by reference number” and enter in your order number, country, and zip code, you’ll find the tracking info. https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US&requester=ST/
  3. I got an email a couple of hours ago informing me that my helmet has been shipped. One out of four items shipped isn’t too bad.
  4. Silver car is broken again I’ll bring the blue car
  5. I’ll be there. Might bring the blue car.
  6. Dang, I’m tempted to use the NT01s instead of the new street tires. Decisions decisions
  7. Maybe my fate will be decided today. Kevin’s stuff has shipped today btw.
  8. What was your order number? Mine was 57331, and I haven’t received any updates. kfennell hasn’t either and I think his was 57201.
  9. Kong Sheng Han

    2004 M3

    I have minty black rear seats if you need them.
  10. Same..until I called them to ask if the visor I ordered is the correct one for the GF RIFT helmet. Then boom, he tells me the HANS and balaclava I ordered are out of stock. At the time, he still had 700 orders to process, and refunds will be issued when the processing stage is reached. I fully expect they’ll refund my helmet order. Also, some things shouldn’t have been on sale...
  11. Two out of three things I ordered are out of stock, so I’ve been refunded for those.
  12. It actually isn’t. MSRC is like an open track day (so I’ve heard), but at COTA you get five 25 min sessions with traffic. A couple of my sessions were cut short back in July. One due to a crash.
  13. Yeah, I noticed that the website showed “out of stock” for a couple of things I ordered, after placing my order.
  14. Whose blue S2K is that? Looks NICE!!
  15. I’m patiently waiting for the email informing me that everything I ordered is out of stock 😄
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