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  1. A moment of silence for a fallen brother.
  2. Kong may not be able to fix the track car by the 23rd 😕
  3. Death before dishonor!
  4. Kong Sheng Han

    2004 M3

    I have a buddy with an SMG leather wheel. If you’re interested, I can ask for photos and price. I also know a guy in Katy who could probably repaint your trunk if you wanna go that route...shouldn’t be more than $300-400. He painted my track car’s front bumper a while back.
  5. Was hoping to do a lot of track days this year. Hit a coyote in Jan and decided not to touch the car until after I took the MCAT in June. After fixing it, I had 1-2 events planned per month, but I lost a brake caliper at COTA in July which took me out for a couple of months. Fixed that and did a day at MSRH in Sept, and I had a major power steering leak by end of the event. Tried to fix that for the MSRH member day on Oct 13, but the power steering cooler is fubar, so the car is still down. Who knows what will go down next month lol. After last Sunday, I've decided I won't track the street car again until I install a racing seat.
  6. A bit late but here's my vid as a backmarker. 1:54 was the best I could do, but I know I can do <1:50 in my track car. Some fun moments at the end of the vid, including a couple of lobster's power slides.
  7. Same. The balaclavas are gone. I placed an order for a helmet shield last night, and the order number is 500 higher than the order that shipped yesterday. That’s a lot of orders they still need to go through.
  8. No, but if you click on “track by reference number” and enter in your order number, country, and zip code, you’ll find the tracking info. https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US&requester=ST/
  9. I got an email a couple of hours ago informing me that my helmet has been shipped. One out of four items shipped isn’t too bad.
  10. Silver car is broken again I’ll bring the blue car
  11. I’ll be there. Might bring the blue car.
  12. Dang, I’m tempted to use the NT01s instead of the new street tires. Decisions decisions
  13. Maybe my fate will be decided today. Kevin’s stuff has shipped today btw.
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