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  1. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold yet. Looks like a well sorted car. GLWS!
  2. Hey Kong, saw you post on bimmerforums selling a LTW rep wing...wondering if  you still had it.

  3. Some videos and photos from COTA New calipers Dropping off new NT01s, rear calipers, and rear springs Bonus
  4. Removing headliner and installing sunroof delete panel. I was going to wrap the delete panel silver later on, but I got this terrible idea of painting it with “titanium silver” spray paint. Note to self: Never attempt any kind of paint work ever again. Left the headliner off because the fabric was sagging in some areas, so I had to use zip ties to secure wires and attach the dome light. Terrible fitment in the back, so I didn’t bother sealing it. I think I’m just gonna wrap the whole roof black. Front plate so police have no reason to pull me over I thought I had a new set of front PFC 08s in the garage, but apparently not. Luckily the blue car had thick 08 pads installed up front, so I took those out for the silver car and put stock pads in. Weighs 3060 lbs without driver and fuel. Not bad, but I’m gonna shoot for <3000 eventually. Arrived at storage place for at least the next couple of months Arrived at COTA for COTA After Dark event A rear caliper bolt backed out during the third session, so I had to get it towed back to storage No worries though. Prepped the blue car and drove it for the last two sessions after dropping off the silver car. Went back to storage after the event to drop off spares and tools and take a closer look at the damage.
  5. Repairing coyote damage New right brake duct bracket Removed AC condenser and radiator Mahle-Behr condenser in. All of the R134 has already leaked out, so no need to evacuate it OE radiator in. Also put a 1/4” screen in front of the condenser to protect the fins from large debris CSF oil cooler New air duct in Deleted aux and mech fans, and put in a SPAL fan instead Wired to aux fan controller Letting it idle for a bit to monitor for leaks or abnormal temps on gauge Driving around the neighborhood, the oil temp was higher when I was moving relative to idle temp. I’m going to see if higher speeds brings the needle down Never forget I’m hoping to drive the car at COTA on Friday. Still need to install new front pads, relubricate caliper guides, regrease FCABs and F sway bar, install sunroof delete panel, and do tech inspection.
  6. Yes, Jason and Terry helped me. They were able to confirm that whoever installed them just flipped the F and R springs, but everything else was fine. I decided to go a little stiffer, 600 lb/in F and 700 lb/in R.
  7. Went to a free autocross event in January Hit a coyote driving from Austin to Houston I had more important stuff going on, including studying for the MCAT (which I took on June 15), so I decided to park the car and worry about repairs after the MCAT. Sold the E36. Their last day together Picked up another E46 in March Another wash Tucked away again Done with the MCAT, so time to uncover it Too many spares Back to work after a short drive around the neighborhood Removed the PSS10s to install MCS 2WNR coilovers. Put the Bilsteins on the blue car. I need to install the following: cooling system components, AC condenser, CSF oil cooler, SPAL fan, and all of the other parts that the coyote broke
  8. Post-flood DE #2. Car ran great all day until halfway through the happy hour session. I noticed the the red battery light flickering during braking. Decided to bring it in a couple of laps later but no worries since that was the last session of the day. I have a habit of doing things to the car the day before the event, and for this one, I installed a Brey Krause harness bar the night before. A ride in my instructor’s 993 RSR Another alignment... Installing six point harnesses Doing my second paint correction (first was the E36) Attempting to fix soft pedal issue by replacing calipers, rotors, and flushing with Castrol SRF. Pedal is even softer now, so I figure some driving will help get any tapped air bubbles out. At ABR to have time sert installed on oil pan drain hole bc whoever did the last oil change overtorqued the drain plug. Traded my stock 18s plus some cash for 18x9.5 ET22 ARC-8s Installing alternator before DE. Also bled brakes again after ~200 miles MSR Houston with DxB Discovered broken sway bar mount when I got home E36 was finally repaired so I figured I should take photos Sold the SS Race muffler Bimmerworld Race exhaust arrived Looks like crap, but function > form on this car, I guess Removed sway bar so I could take the car to Austin to have mount repaired and reinforced Having to wear earplugs on your drive is always fun Fixed S2R sunroof delete panel finally purchased E36 decided to start leaking coolant, so I had that towed to Houston and drove the E46 around Austin Car kept stalling on me on the street, and having the car turn off in the middle of intersections was starting to get annoying. So, ICV cleaning had to be done. Friend took this at a meet Got me a Sparco Circuit for safety reasons. I was worried I’d be too fat to fit, but it actually fits me great. State inspection Car wash was long overdue
  9. I had been eyeing the RTD shifter and an Alcantara wheel for a while, and I finally decided to pull the trigger in Jan. The shifter is a custom V1 model that will accept a BMW golf ball shift knob. Took a few weeks to produce, and I was able to install it with the help of a friend two days before a DE at COTA. I should have gone with black alcantara..can’t do anything about it now. Alignment after installing Turner monoball RTABs, FCABs, and RSMs, then off to a buddy’s house to install the shifter One last thing I needed to do was install a new oil temp sensor. I did this the evening before the event, bad idea. Turns out that ABR overtightened the oil drain plug, causing the oil pan to strip when I removed the plug. I was not able to tighten the plug anymore, so the leak would prevent me from tracking my car. Sitting overnight So in the morning, I went ahead and drove to COTA, picking up a spare E36 drain plug that my friend had on my way there. Get to COTA, unpack, attend drivers meeting, then get to work to see if the E36 plug will work. Luckily it did and all I missed was the 30 min warm up session. Boom. Done Car ran great aside from the brake issue I’d been chasing for over a year (soft pedal for about 1”). My new Federal FZ-201 tires lost half their tread at the end of the day.
  10. Thanks! I saw your car last Sunday. I didn’t realize it was yours until I got home and saw a picture of it on this forum.
  11. So the car was ready to go for COTA, but Harvey caused heavy rains in my area and water levels on roads were too high to get the E46 out of my neighborhood. Rain would not stop, so I was forced to max the car out on jack stands in hopes of saving the car in case it got flooded. Water is just starting to enter the garage in this photo. A few days later, I was able to get a ride on a military truck to get essentials. Discovered that water has gotten inside the car but could not do anything about it bc I was not allowed to stay (nor did I want to..) Back at the house about nine days after evacuation. Removed the front carpet and put a dehumidifier inside and kept it running for a week. Did not have time to remove the sound deadening. The car was declared a total loss because it got floodwater inside. Insurance was not willing to fix it. Ok. Cool (Hook em). I know the car will be fine or can be parted out, so I’ll keep the car and take the insurance money. Win for me, loss for you bastards It was a sentimental value type thing too—I had put too much effort and money into the car to just let it, a fully functioning car, go. I had wanted to keep the car for double duty before the flooding. That meant keeping every mod reversible, because I wasn’t going to sell it (and still don’t, turned down a $40k offer recently) and wanted to eventually bring it back to stock. So this car was supposed to go back to stock, and I would buy a caged E46 M3. Well, after the flooding I decided that wasn’t going to happen anymore. I would turn this into a track car and buy another M3 to use on the street. As of this post, I’m 22 y/o and plan on going to med school, so I really don’t need a trailer and tow vehicle as I won’t be settling down and making good money for at least eight years. So, I will be driving the car to/from events. So far, everything except sound deadening removal is reversible. I went with a harness bar instead of cage bc I’m still driving on public roads. If/when I decide to go the full cage route, I’ll simply unbolt the harness bar. IMO, the car is as safe as it can be for the track + driving to/from events. You can see where the floodwater got to. Luckily most of the wiring was spared. Next weekend (Sept 16), got the car back on the ground and had it towed to ABR Houston for flood inspection. Kept the battery disconnected bc I did not want to potentially damage the car. Insurance settlement still not completed bc POS geico put together a fraudulent valuation report. I was coming back to Katy from Austin every weekend for a while, while taking a bunch of difficult college courses. What a PITA Picked up this 1999 E36 M3 with 97k miles on it on Sept 28 Drove the car back to Austin next morning to go to class. Got a call later that morning that the E46 is ready, so I drove back to Houston that day to pick it up. Changed motor, trans, and diff fluids; lubricated brakes; cleaned electrical connectors. Car runs great, felt like a racecar after having driven a rental car for about a month. So now I’m driving this totaled car that’s value has still not been settled. It was showing signs of starter failure, so I ordered a new one and left it parked in the garage while I went back to Austin in the E36 Fourteen days after buying my E36, a retarded sorority girl in her stupid tiguan backed into my E36 and totaled it...in a ****ing parking garage. Drive it home so I can bring the E46 back to Austin for DD use. Before I do that, I have to replace the starter. I was in a rush to get back to Austin and did not think to clean the ICV and ITBs, which I later regretted Back in Austin. Doing another alignment after making some spring and ride height changes New eBay diffuser At the 24h Series race at COTA. Picked up a set of scrubs for free. Fuel pump is going out. Good thing I had a new OE unit sitting in the trunk Installing the CSL diffuser. Not happy with fitment but whatever Love the more aggressive look Tire hoarder Cleaning the dirty stock wheels 12/16/2017 First track event since flooding. Car ran great. Installed AKG 75D trans mounts before the event, and they introduced terrible NVH Cracked a fog light so I went ahead and deleted them LED interior and license plate lights Looks like the LEDs are brighter, but they really aren’t I could still smell floodwater inside the car, so I had a feeling it was coming from the sound deadening, which looked filthy. Had time to remove it and so I did. Discovered a little bit of floodwater underneath. I was surprised how much all that sound deadening weighed. Took this photo later that day. I think I replaced the rear pads That’s it for 2017. Going from a street/track car that was very compliant for primary use, to transforming into a dedicated track car.
  12. I guess I should start from the beginning, though I won’t list most of the details prior to this car becoming a track car. I bought it on June 12, 2013 at 16 y/o, first car. At the time, I thought tracking was cool but figured you have to be rich to participate in the hobby. ThunderMoose and Ortho281 helped me realize that tracking wasn’t as expensive as I thought. Ortho, who was my orthodontist, would invite me to track events he was attending at every appointment. Eventually I caved, and I signed up for the TWS PDS event on July 2015 I was hooked after that. Before the flooding, I had set up the car to be a good street/track car—not too loud, not too harsh, etc. Comfortable and practical enough to drive twice a week while I was in school. So here we are in August 2017... Ready for the last TWS PDS event ever And one week later, my final event at TWS With new ARC-8s and NT01s RIP, my dude Farewell, TWS Goodbye 08/20/2017 5:12 PM COTA one week later Up next, the death of my E46
  13. I’m looking to buy a pair of springs in the specs listed above. Would prefer Hyperco, but others are fine as well. Normal wear and tear is fine, but damage, corrosion, etc. is not. Let me know what your price would be shipped to Austin, TX 78705.
  14. I bought my first car which was a manual before I had ever driven a manuel. So my options were 1) learn how to drive the thing, or 2) sell it. Seemed to work out okay.
  15. Any members going anytime during the first half of July? I’ll need to do a shakedown in the track car before hitting up COTA if I can fix it in time.
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