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  1. What kind of asshole is blocking off a football field worth of paddock for two cars?
  2. All the tracks in Crapifornia have sound restrictions that I won’t pass. Fucking libies
  3. @docphang would like to have a word with you Edit: Never mind. He hasn’t been on in a while
  4. My new Sparco Circuit sits pretty low in my E46 due to side mount holes sitting higher on seat than other seats I’ve used. I had to add more cushioning to the seat bottom even at max height on my seat mounts. If you’re looking to sit in some seats to see which one will fit you best, I have a Sparco Circuit, Sparco Evo II US, and Cobra Imola (GT width) that you can try out. I’m in Katy.
  5. Kong Sheng Han

    Free Harnesse

    I plan on coming to Austin towards the end of this week/early next week. Would you be able to hold the red Schroth harness for me, and I’ll pick it up when I’m in town? @KevinDB if he holds the red harness for me, I can give you my black Schroth Hybrid II with 3” shoulder belts for free when you come over to check out the seats.
  6. I’d recommend six point because it’s more comfortable in the crotch/upper thigh region, and I believe it provides a bit more safety. My Schroth Profi harness doesn’t never loosens up on track, which apparently harnesses of some brands like to do.
  7. I’ll take the Solo if he doesn’t buy it.
  8. Sounds like a good plan to improve HP:wt while keeping your car intact! I may be able to sell both, as I won’t be installing a seat in my new car for a while (and I can find another seat when the time comes). I’ll give you a heads up before I visit Austin and hold both seats in the meantime.
  9. Oof. No worries. I’m a small person overall, and was only describing fitment for my size. I’ve had bigger people sit in that seat while driving my car on track. I also have a Sparco Evo II US, which is a little wider than the Oreca seat. It is expired though (2018). I can sell either the Oreca or Sparco seat. If interested, I’ll bring the Sparco seat to Austin, and you can sit in both seats to see if either fits you.
  10. Yeah, that’s what WRR told me. I actually found it to be more comfortable than than the Evo they had in stock. I'm 5'7" with 32–33" waist; during ownership my weight has fluctuated between 145 and 165 lbs (athletic build). It fits me well, and the harness holes are above my shoulders. They’re very comfortable after adding lumbar support. Seat is stored in Austin but I’m currently in Houston. You’re welcome to sit in the seat when I’m back in Austin in 2–3 weeks.
  11. Kong Sheng Han

    Free Harnesse

    I’ll pick up the Schroth harness if you have it in 2-3 weeks. In that case, I’ll have the same harness to give away in black (expired around 2015).
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