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  1. Understandable. Have a good day.
  2. Anyone have an extra gopro I can borrow for the member day? ?
  3. If anyone plans on going next weekend, I’d love to tag along.
  4. So did the shop follow up with you?
  5. Attended a DxB event in mid-Sept. Everything stemmed to go well, but after getting lunch with friends after the event, I discovered a puddle of PS fluid in the lot. Lots of bugs died that day. I tried to fix the leak in early Oct by replacing the affected hose. That didn’t work out so well. Fluid leaked at the quick disconnect bc apparently it was not seated all the way...the PS cooler end was damaged, so I had to order a new one. NICE I ended up driving the blue car at the MSRH member day. PS leak fix take three Had to sacrifice some blood f
  6. Back in Sept 2019... New street/track tires. Was curious how they’d do considering they cost $422. (They were okay) Needed something to cover the big space left by the deleted fog lights. So I got fog light covers and riveted on plastic sheets. These should be able to hold up to debris. $23 all in. Pretty good cupholder Beware Replaced the rear rotors and pads and did brake flush.
  7. Looks a lot better with the OE trunk!
  8. E46 gang! Do you have the white M3, #222 I think?
  9. No worries, the floor is fine. A couple of ratcheting straps, and I’ll be ready to go.
  10. Have you installed a passenger seat? How do I register to get motion sickness in your car?
  11. Idk what a well-sorted miata costs, so E46 M3 ? Cheap(ish) if you DIY most things, easy to work on, somewhat fast (okay maybe not), reliable if you get a well sorted one and keep up with maintenance and preventive maintenance, 8200 RPM redline :D, great aftermarket support. Good E46 M3 turnout at events, so if you have issues, there will be people there who can help or who might have spare parts you need. The E36 vs E46 comparison sounds in one of the previous posts sounds about right.
  12. 1. Don’t hit a coyote 2. Drive MSRC 3.1 and ECR 3. Attend BMW CCA race school in May
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