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  1. I really do love that track. It's a haul to get there but its worth it. Also the slip n slide is a lot of fun.
  2. I'm going to head up tomorrow before 9am i think. Not gonna bother with TnT 😞
  3. yup... makes me wish i had a PDR in my car. In 2015 "navigation" was a required option to get the PDR and I didn't realize it. meh.. its okay OBDII spits out all sorts of shit to AiM.
  4. NASA will be doing the full roval in August. otherwise I'll do without the 35 second laps.
  5. yep, you use the cosworth toolbox to import PDR data. its pretty damn powerful.
  6. Such passion! how are you getting your hot pressure readings? I’m still super impressed that you can really feel the difference of a single pound of pressure! Especially on such shitty R888R but I would probably it take those over some as3 all seasons tho.
  7. Are those hot pressures or cold pressures? Are you using the factory TPMS while on track? Do you have a crew waiting in the hot pits? Being able to differentiate between 1psi is some next level skill. you should be racing at the top of your class! instead you only ever drive on the 3.1 in HPDE with sub-amateurs Do you have any laps with overlaid data in the video? Would be great to see a lap with your 30psi run vs your 31psi run as a comparison.
  8. Iracing tonight 7:30pm practice 90 minutes 10 minute qual 20 minute race global mx5 at road Atlanta
  9. lobster

    Go Kart

    Ive been thinking about it for a while. LO206 is probably what I would get. my concern isn’t money it’s time tho. It seems that most weekends revolve around the car. right now I’ll stick to rental kart racing in the interim.
  10. after the apex in the sweeper (110mph+) you're basically done turning until the turn in point for diamonds edge, in my car I brush the brakes to drop from 133 to 110ish and back on the gas after the apex and then I'm pointing at the yellow sausage curbs on the left side of the track and brake toward those. I see a lot of people driving more on the inside through there and it has never made sense to me, I personally cant make that line fast. To much steering input after the sweeper, to aggressive of a turn in for diamonds edge.
  11. well.. due to feed back today and last weeks turnout, i believe its best to move the weekly race to thursdays. So same details but tomorrow night instead of tonight.
  12. RACE NIGHT 7:30Central 90 minute practice 10 minute qualifying 20 minute race thinking Road atlanta in the global MX5
  13. thedriversedge.net looks broken.
  14. I'm selling a G27 wheel/pedal/shifter & wheel stand pro $250 for both. https://www.amazon.com/Wheel-Stand-Pro-Steering-included/dp/B004AYMCRG/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=Wheel+Stand+Pro&qid=1558300650&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-941-000045-G27-Racing-Wheel/dp/B001NT9TK4/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=logitech+G27&qid=1558300681&s=gateway&sr=8-4 to lazy to take pictures so there are some links to amazon. as you can at the time of this, the price for the G27 was over 1000 dollars because it's an A++ ultra rare amazing wheel. I'm practically giving it away. I also have quite a bit of miscellaneous computer hardware. Radeon 560 x 1 Radeon 550 x 3 1 & 2TB disk drives A handful low capacity SSD's (64GB/128GB) Build up a low budget sim rig and be the envy the town.
  15. well with carbotech/gloc you can run their 1521 street pad which is "compound compatible" with their race pads. So you just swap pads when you're ready to go to the track.
  16. uuuuggggghhhhh quit your job and play games with me. the session will be 'lobstersauce" the pw will be nickisafineboi
  17. I'm starting a weekly race for TJ's Starting at 7:30pm 90 minute practice 10 minute qualifying 20 minute race Mid-Ohio Global MX5 cup More details are in our TJ's Discord which can be found here - https://discordapp.com/invite/PcXZqPU
  18. I wanted to do the test day but my wife is out of town and coming back on friday. I need to stay home with my kitties. Cant leave them alone for an entire day.
  19. well you're a piece of shit so i should of expected that.
  20. what day are going up friday morning on thursday? I'm heading out early friday morning.
  21. "traffic" doesn't register on my meter of giving any amounts of fucks. It may be fantastic I dunno. Manually shifted automatics seem to have a delay. Including the C7 corvette's A8 and the A10 in the camaro. Click.... wait... shift.. It may have some great logic for shifting i dont know, I just expect to be let down severely in the name of efficiency or some other nonsense.
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