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    MSRH Lap Times

    But you got out there! Hope you enjoyed it
  2. I’m really diggin the mad max trailer you got going on also congrats
  3. Safety FIRST! and second...and third... fun last or preferably never.
  4. As far as rovals go, TMS was actually pretty damn fun. Daytona would be neat i imagine.
  5. I like TDE but as I've developed my own skills it's made their focus on structure and education lose out on my desire to relax and fuck off at a HPDE.
  6. But a corvette is fun to drive balls out....
  7. lobster


    Does your C7 have the PDR, I sometimes regret not getting it but it would probably just be in the way now anyway. I bet the atom is fun as hell. my pb at hallett is 1:20 hope to hit 1:18 next year.
  8. lobster


    I don't really get fade... its more just mushy pedal with anything other than SRF, like its fine its just not confidence inspiring. Would be curious to see what your speeds are at hallett in your C7 if you have the data. im not particularly great at hallett. The Z06 brakes are just much larger, 6 piston, if i remember they are vented pistons and the rotors are 2 piece. I have a Z06 grill with the cooling duct but the deflector behind the rotor was removed because of the wheels. Don't really seem to have a heat issue anymore the last time I used some of that fancy heat paint.
  9. lobster


    My Z51 brakes caught on fire at COTA. I now have the J56 brake kit from the Z06. Also interesting exercise with your speed map. I looked at some data from the last time I was there. pretty interesting comparison to a hellcat. Obviously cornering speeds are gonna be different. also that's pretty rad that you figured out how to turn a hellcat without a harbor pilot.
  10. just keep using the same excuse. 2 years is unacceptable. It'll be another 2 years before anything else is fixed.
  11. lobster


    that's exactly what i do. It's "usually" around 65 bucks on amazon. if it aint ill look elsewhere.
  12. no MSRH just requires a good attitude and the desire to have fun.
  13. I would just slap a sticker R over the A and no one would be the wiser.
  14. I may be able to squeeeeeeze into the 22nd.
  15. They've been busted for 2 years almost to the day. It became a joke that they were just never gonna fix them. It still remains to be seen if they're gonna do more than the bare minimum. A DE weekend with Chin, TDE etc you can "reserve" a canopy spot. A member day its first come first serve.
  16. lobster


    http://torquebrakefluid.com/compare_torque_rt700_to_other_brake_fluids.html while its from a competing fluid its a pretty good break down. I'm not sure what its like on smaller cars but if I look at my brake pedal the wrong way my brakes get hot. I've had crap for luck with anything other than SRF for mushy pedal after just a handful of laps.
  17. lobster

    New Spec NC

    how much bb?
  18. lobster


    I look for anyway I can to save a few bucks. Some things (like SRF) i don't skimp on. An 80 dollar pair of fire retardant gloves vs 250 dollar gloves that carry the same SFI rating..... guess which one i'm gonna choose. Granted, things like external stitching and what not may lend to higher comfort which is worth "something" especially if endurance racing but for your average DE driver and hell "As a race driver" (I can say that now) it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. speaking of which I got a hole in my sparco gloves so now I need a new pair... ironically had I spent more money from the get go on a better quality pair maybe they wouldn't have a hole in them?
  19. lobster


    yup i just order a couple bottles at a time from amazon. They changed the bottle design a while back and some people thought it was different. Especially corvette forum bros.
  20. lol it was a joke, MSRH sucks at doing anything.
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