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  1. TIL I will be using a brads RV in the poverty section for shelter from the rain
  2. yep went off on saturday, wasn't feeling well stopped driving after that. did better on sunday. skipping sessions did enable me to get some footage of the entire TT group coming around big bend.
  3. neat, that's like me with @@V6Donut on my shoulders...
  4. well i know last year I went without tires at all and still managed some garbage laps. It was dry tho. also bringing h20's with meeeeee
  5. that would be a good class to watch for spectating. BRZ guys driving their faces off to set some laps. Corvette guys not even realize they made it on a race track, they think they're on their way to lubys after a stellar cars and coffee show. It's okay, they'll win anyway and tell all their other corvette buddies how much faster they are than a FULL PREP BRZ RACE CAR!!!
  6. not sure why nobody is talking about this but are you not worried about the corvette owner stigma? The amount of ridicule you get for owning a corvette is terrible.
  7. how long would the flames last on the train in a vacuum?
  8. @@Boostedtaco is just being sarcastic. I would consider helping out if you can't find anyone else.
  9. There is the "audi driving experience" @ COTA it's pretty sporty but they put you in an R8 for the day. http://www.circuitoftheamericas.com/audi
  10. why cant you come now? Come to more NASA events v0v you seem to really like doing DE's a whole bunch. Come do a NASA DE at least then you can meet and talk to the racers in person.
  11. I think visitors are free!! There will be vendors onsite and you'll have full paddock access!!
  12. Just poverty general admission for meee
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