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  1. 295/30/18 Toyo RR is oddly 241 dollars a tire. For some reason that particular size is considerably cheaper than 315 @ 370 per tire. I bought a set for TMS last year after discounts with trackdaytire it was sub 1000 bucks which is a great deal to me. They're just not as competitive as I need them to be to run them more often and save cash money.
  2. what about that rush SR-1 that is apparently not vaporware after all?
  3. TIL GT3 cars are sacrilegious abominations.
  4. lol they've been pretty responsive support wise so im pretty happy about that. Hopefully they can give me an updated firmware soon. I really didn't have a lot of time on saturday. I bedded in some brakes, then had 2 quick sessions just to shake down the car and packed up and headed home. 4 hour drive is an incentive to get an early start. I plan on making some adjustments in March with NASA and see if I can squeeze out a 16 or better.
  5. Well its funny you mention that, I bought an AIM MXP, expansion hub and have a smartycam on my shortlist. buuuttttt apparently the 1.2 based Aim devices are not compatible with the C7_ECU firmware. So I basically have no idea right now about anything. I'm working with Aim on a solution. but based on my "garmin virb XE" around 100mph maybe a mph or two more. which makes sense, gearing in 3rd on a Z51 is like 107mph with OEM wheels, smaller diameter wheels on the car so in that ball park. But the data I get from that isn't actionable for analysis like the AIM. I don't overlay the speed because it can be erratic and show wildly inaccurate numbers which is confusing for anyone watching the videos. Needless to say, I very much can carry more speed just need more gear, I could probably gain 3mph at the apex if I just shifted to 4th slightly early before the ricochet apex instead of waiting until im straight on the exit. I'm wasting way to much time just riding the top of the gear. I could also improve tombstone and the entire rattle snake complex, wagon wheel etc lots of time on the table. Just watching the shakedown video I can see 1.5 seconds.
  6. I am flat through ricochet, the car sits on the redline all the way through there, my car doesn't bounce on the rev limiter until you're on the redline for like 5+ seconds. I need to shift to 4th before the apex i think. I'll try that next time.
  7. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 1/18/19 Lap time: 1:17.23 (via AIM MXP) Car: C7 Corvette Z51 ST/TT2 Total vehicle weight with driver: 3403 lbs Wheel horsepower: 425hp Tires: Hoosier R7 w 8 heat cycles Was out there testing today for a few sessions, banging away low 1:17.xx laps Had a predictive 1:16 into running into a slow mover at the apex of big bend. starting to get video, the GPS in my garmin virb is showing different times than my aim. but whatever. 1:17.5 in the video.
  8. Holy shit! That’s awesome the driver came out okay. What was the story on that?
  9. I saw a CTR really up close today being caged at dashbuilt. based on that, you should cage yours
  10. Cool I’ll be at driven/blessed maybe even instructing in February if they request otherwise. I would also add events in cresson on your calendar. it’s a bit further drive but it’s a great track to learn on and probably one of the safer tracks to make a mistake at imo (the 1.7 ccw)
  11. Fiberglass composites don’t roll 😞
  12. lol I wasn't comparing I was just giving another data point. regrettably 315 hoosiers are as big as I can fit currently without taking out the saw on the fenders. #narrowbody
  13. ah I thought we were talking about 8 cause the whole throwing out the anchors thing after the sweeper. makes sense tho 50mph seems awfully slow for t8 9 you barely need to brake maybe none at all in a Miata???? Just Turning seems to scrub enough speed for me.
  14. v0v T8. I'm not really sure if bus stop means 8 or 9.
  15. The right after sweeper is 62 for me
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