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  1. lol it was a joke, MSRH sucks at doing anything.
  2. fixing a transmission leak, or at least finding out if i can live with it. AMT lockout kit so i can in theory, stop doing alignments constantly. AIM MXL dash I think. eventually widebody so I can lower the car a bit and get better ground effect. Penskes... The car is really coming together for me and im doing a bit of gitting the gud myself.
  3. you must be spoiled from how well MSR Houston communicates and how quickly they make repairs!
  4. I disagree with this. NASA operated on a false pretense that the timing loop on the infield was operational. This event was handled very well and the amount of communication was better than every previous event combined as NASA utilized the new SMS messaging service to keep everyone up to date with whats going on and we were informed at every opportunity from informal encounters at drivers info to the drivers meetings and emails. The "blame" if you want to call it that falls squarely on TMS. First failing to insure that the loop was operational and secondly assuming that the infield configuration was setup in a layout acceptable to them. In spite of the issues and understandable frustration the event was good and I think with the 2 things fixed for next year (and a better date not in the 100 degree heat) would make this one of the funner events of the year. For any failings of NASA you may of heard about or experienced previously I don't see this as one of them Obviously it's up to NASA to make right with the DE/TT groups that got the short end of the stick. also RIP S2K. F
  5. i should slap on some manufacturing news racing logos on my car and go
  6. The big delay was them trying to fix the timing loop the cancellation was from a de1 car exposing a risk to the nascar lights they didn’t want to risk so they want barriers in front of them for next time.
  7. that would be nice, alas I have prior plans on the 25th and driving 4 hours isn't on my list of things I want to do that weekend. I'm only going to cresson for testing since my car is already up there then its a short trip to TMS.
  8. I've been invited as a guest to MSRC on the 15th and am tentatively planning on being there around 8 or 9ish. anyone else gonna be there?
  9. I do believe it, just because I believe your story doesnt make the minimum weights change from state to state. If somehow those 3 cars are under the weights established after the adoption of the federal commercial motor vehicle safety act of 1986 it doesnt mean shit whether or not they think its a commercial operation or not. That is my only point... I've been talking about weight this entire time and how its the same from state to state. ETA: look im sure im not articulating well enough, believe me I know what you're saying im just not talking about that and interpreted your comments as being contrarian to an established capacity already determined across the US that individual states would supersede their own existing laws based on a standard .
  10. I'll probably be there. Testing at cresson on thursday afternoon is my current plan
  11. jesus this is why i hate the internet. you heard some shit on the internet about some mystery violations and heard a story second hand from a cop that "educated" someone on a law that is 100% counter to the actual law thats been adopted by virtually every state and then you tell me to do my homework. I guess ill tell my OTR employees to go home, they obviously need to defer to Matt for state by state insight because they've been violating matt law when doing pickups/deliveries. I'm not going to argue that the sky is purple and made from chocolate. just do your homework. for the record, I also understand that states have varying statutes regarding trailering/towing etc. a combined weight of over 10K doesn't automatically make it a commercial vehicle. In some states however you can be required to stop at weigh stations. Some states determine "commercial" or not based on whether or not you received services or payment for the transported load. Some states don't give a crap unless you're towing/hauling under the umbrella of a company. The weights governing commercial vehicle requirements are adopted nationwide to elminiate the nonsense you think is happening. When in reality whats happening is that states can have stricter definitions of what they constitute commercial or require weighing regardless of commercial or not. but im done.... I'm gonna go sell all our trucks and trailers now.
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