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  1. did you pay for the spot?
  2. Gotrax GXL (mine & Janders GXL2 for fred)
  3. lol I want a miata for a daily now. Glad you got the shifting sorted!
  4. would be nice to check out harris hill one day... im glad to see you going to the track tho.
  5. Just so you know, NASA is running the TMS roval this year.
  6. I would call that a little rain. There wasn't enough to diminish grip tho.
  7. congrats on not winning in california... seems like you belong there.
  8. @joesurf79 I called the track and spoke with Deb, she said that drop off after 5pm is fine.
  9. now i feel bad 😞 i was joking about orange peel the paint looks fine to me. I was planning on dropping off friday afternoon/evening... so is it or is it not okay to do that?
  10. you notice the helmet I notice the orange peel, you would think Honda would put a little more care in their upper trim accords.
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