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  1. spectator drags are hilarious fun I'm not ashamed at all to admit my youtube watch history has an absurdly high number of spectator drag videos. Houston motorsports park circle track I think does them sometimes. I'm not sure tho. It's a recently discovery on my part as well.
  2. I will plan on this tooooo
  3. Well decent weekend at Cresson. moral of the story was to bring sticker tires next time. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 3/8/20 Lap time: 1:16.1 (transponder) Car: C7 Corvette Z51 ST/TT2 "barbie car" Total vehicle weight with driver: 3439 lbs Wheel horsepower: 425hp Tires: Hoosier R7 w 14 HC Was on pace for a sub 16 lap until I wasnt. That was about it for the tires, looking at data I can get into the low 15's easily with stickers and maaybe high 14's if I can get my head out of myass.
  4. lol seriously tho your car is lookin sharp. It's definitely on the list of cars I want to drive.
  5. i like the one that shows you holding up traffic in the esses.
  6. I must be missing something but Atlantic Canaries are native to the Canary Islands which btw @Captain Buddha are just west of Morocco if I recall.
  7. I would determine who it was at the shop and then publicly shame them for using their wrist to steer.
  8. That's neat, im hitting the zoo on Sunday with my niece. You know... a weekend that doesn't fall on a NASA weekend. Great job at not putting the track over everything else I guess.
  9. Sweet, plz don't be like the other SU tube frame cars. Set a good example. lol
  10. Seems pretty good to me for that car
  11. That thing is also bad ass JFC awesome lap
  12. I'll be at MSRH on the 28th with Driven & Blessed.
  13. I think it would be awesome to attend eventually but realistically not this year. To many trips planned already. I just plopped the HTE-R in the car you're welcome to try that one out but it's a little smaller than the WRC fwiw
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