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  1. Bucees at 9am to rollout this year I’m going down 90 and avoiding the bridge and Baton Rouge.
  2. Oooo wee that’s a tight fit
  3. Hay gais I have a street/track car that I think I may turn into a street/track car OR sell it and get a street/track car to go to the track with.
  4. well ironically, GM did seem to learn "some" lessons from previous generations. Like my car operates fine without TPMS and it doesn't seem to care about tire diameter as much when the "nannies" are still on. Hopefully they'll add a provision to disable mag ride without having to resort to simulators and software tricks. There is some minor electrical dumbfuckery, like my eLSD won't function after turning the car on after the kill switch it turned back on, I have to turn the car off and back on again. (I store the car with the kill switch off) Not having steering wheel buttons has pushed me to get an AiM MXP logger as I am unable to see 75% of my gauges due to all the errors/popups but that would be a non issue had i just kept my stock steering wheel. So, I think people will be able to take the C8 pretty far as a race prepped car. I am curious to see how harnesses are gonna be crammed into the cockpit of the C8.
  5. lol I should be there. I have to test before NOLA on some software changes on the car. Which that just sounds stupid. "re-zeroing ride height trim" from the mag ride delete.
  6. i'm just joshin, not everyone is as dumb as me.
  7. Streetjunkies ? whats this nonsense about street driving.
  8. If my C7 is any indication the c6 will remain the king for a while. It takes a ton of work to keep the car from falling over itself electronically. I don’t imagine the c8 will be any better.
  9. The 3 car is the 4 car is silver so there’s that
  10. My C7 at TMS peaked at 280 oil and 230 water 105F outside that day, the car would go up a few degrees every time I was behind anyone but that wasn’t often #firstplacewinner bazing
  11. Pirelli DH slick They're both hard tires, DHC is slightly harder and was used for blancpain endurance series you can also sometimes find DH, DM, DS (hard medium and soft) but usually you're just gonna get DH. If you do get DHC just inspect them well, they're typically gonna be old I think that endurance compound was discontinued. ETA: you'll take a penalty in NASA if you run them in TT/ST btw.
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