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  1. the March event is smack dab between two NASA events and the April date is the immediate weekend after a NASA event. oooo weeee that's gonna be rough. I'm probably going to have to skip "something" to make it happen without killing me and my tire budget.
  2. I've been talking to Chet about potentially making a barber trip. I'm definitely interested. Need to figure out my schedule tho, between NASA, Gridlife PPIR and attending Indy500 & F1 Montreal...also disneyland my schedule is hectic in 2020 so i probably won't know until a little closer.
  3. To each their own or whatever, but really seems like listening for other traffic tire feedback mechanical abnormalities would be more important than music while driving on a track. I'll also wait for @cabowabo to come and attempt to justify it.
  4. I'm making a few adjustments/changes before next season and hope to get back to MSRH before the NASA season opener to test gonna be tight on the schedule tho. I need to remove the control arms and ship them for the sphericals to be custom fitted and then shipped back. So I may not get to test at all but i could probably do the test and tune day i suppose.
  5. you can tell because of the pixels.
  6. Another smallish update. destroyed a rotor at NOLA but won a tire! 2nd place in TT2 won the first ST2 race and retired early in race 2 from aforementioned rotor issue (at the time thought it was more sinister but looking at it at home showed the worst grooving ive ever seen. Probably could of finished the race knowing that and just compensated for the pulling under braking but err'd on the side of caution. I have also ordered an OMP HTE-R halo seat. Having the some more front aero bits fabricated some good old fashioned spats. Additionally I've ordered AMT spherical bearings and an AMT camber kit for the car.
  7. I was almost one of you but @Hollywood talked me out of it.
  8. well at this rate ill never get on track again this year. Car "may" be ready on the 21st... in ft worth... then I still need to replace the rotors and pads on it and ship my control arms off for some spherical goodness then install a camber kit. Maybe ill just rent the pro kart track at Speedsportz they apparently open it up to cars in exchange for money.
  9. I was planning on it but doesn't look like the car will be ready.
  10. I went to the lone star lemans in 2016 and it was fantastic watching them run at night. Im a sucker for glowing brakes, neon lights and cars from the future tho. LMP1 at night is as close as we can currently get to FZero. I'm really looking forward to the hypercar class.
  11. sucks about your bearing sir
  12. Automobili is in le shoppe else I would attend this fine gathering.
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