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  1. Rear axle nuts can be a major PITA ... One time I had to load the car up and take it to a big rig tire shop ... Once they found a socket the nut was no match for their gun
  2. When is this beast hitting the track ?
  3. Trust me Robert , your mid life crisis is arriving today
  4. Yeah , SRF is a late addition. They limited it to 30 cars and it took a few hours to sell out. A buddy of mine got one of the spots , invited me to crew chief him. Going to run one practice session on Friday , 20 min Q on Sat , 30 min race on Sunday ... I pitty the fool that causes the wreck on the 1st lap that makes the whole 30 min race a yellow flag event ... I think they are running after the IndyCar race ... Just consider SRF as crowd / traffic control. BTW : Beaux Barfield ( IndyCar Director of Competition ) ran Spec Racer in SW Division SCCA when he was a kid ... If I recall , Beaux was on pole for his 1st race @ TWS
  5. I'm planning to be there ... Looking forward to seeing several classes I've participated in compete on a larger stage : - USF2000 ... Open wheel , single seaters , wings , slicks with talented up and coming kids passing thru - Spec Racer Ford ... Yea , SCCA's most popular class over the past 20 years. Lots of local guys trying out the concrete canyons for the 1st time Then there is the class for cars similar to my ride : - MX5 Playboy Cup And of course what 99% of every american road racer aspires to : - Indy Car Let's just hope there are a few green flag laps
  6. Not what I expected , but maybe you can stuff an old S2000 drivetrain in there. How can they build a 2000# car when most manufacturers can't come in under 3000# http://autos.yahoo.com/news/honda-source-smaller-lighter-s2000-replacement-works-170014570.html
  7. Well Done and Congratulations !
  8. Matt's car is a lot of car for $ 7,000 ... Somebody buy it
  9. Big difference between one of the TWS SM's and one of Phillip's SCCA / NASA competitive SM's $ 1,600 per weekend might not be as bad as you guys are making it out to be for a mid pack competitive ride ... Front pack potential car = $$$$$
  10. Looks like I'm going to need to sit this year's event out. Car is on the trailer and ready to go , but this latest round of chemo is kicking my butt. Hoping to make some of the events this fall a little closer to home.
  11. Where are you picking up the temp with the autometer gauge ? I installed mine on my old 95 car in the hose coming off the back of the motor. I was told later to reinstall in the front of the motor and that the back of the motor will always read about 10 degrees hotter than front. Despite my location , it never ran over about 215 I don't think I would trust the stock gauge , I forgot which years , but I'm thinking all but the very early cars , the gauge is pretty much an on / off gauge. Good Luck
  12. If you are on a stock 01 radiator you might want to go thru all the basics before you panic. Radiators of that age tend to have pinhole leaks ... be sure and check that Radiators of that age are often clogged with tons of dirt , grime and stuff or fins damaged Radiator caps of that age tend to leak Everybody seems to have a different experience / opinion on stats , but a replacement is EZ and cheap Flush & Fill and add water wetter By all means take up the top gaps , top holes , side gaps , ect to insure all that air is getting in the right places If all else fails , try the automatic radiator that Robert is speaking of , it's slightly larger capacity , it fits , it's relatively cheap and it's new ... They work great for DE duty , SM duty not so well because your tucked up in the draft so often.
  13. I see your point , but would not include the NC as an inferior version of the miata. I've had 90 , 92 , 95 , 99 and now an 06 NC ... The NC is superior in all ways other than weight and cost ... I have done very little work on mine , but I've been told they are just as simple as the older versions in most areas.
  14. You should see the piece of crap Greg LeMond won the TDF on ... Or more recently , the bike Lance won his 1st TDF on ... By today's standards those bike are soooo yesterday , but it's not the bike , it's the guy pumping the pedals Bottom Line is that a $ 6,000 bike does little to make you faster ... It may make you feel faster , but it's all about how long you can spin those pedals Much like a Spec Miata where you could put any of the top guys in an average car and they're going to beat the average guy in a top car
  15. 32" waist ... track only car ... I'm thinking 15" is as big as you want ... You want that thing to fit like a glove ... I think my old seat was a 15" and yes it was tight ( 36" / 190# ) , but it held me in place on track and was not uncomfortable My new car has the same seat , but it's a little bigger ( I think it's a 16" ) , and I flop around way more than I want to ... One of these days I'm going to fix the flop with some high density padding.
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