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  1. Bejebus! Wow, that's moving. I could figure out where 2:13 came from, but that lap must not be for the time - 2:16 is still moving. Seems to be 2-3 mph faster min speed than stock GT4 with R7s.
  2. If you've ever played the early versions of Grand Turismo on the PS2, Driveway Austin works like the drivers license in that game.
  3. It's really fast now....without the turtles in the esses. Night straight line through there ;)
  4. anyone experience extreme tire wear on the "new" surface?
  5. More info if you're interested in the IC200. Rosso has an IC-200 wired for IMSA or for Stilo. They are working on a lollypop student headset, but it's not out yet. I've been using the student headsets for Stilo wiring that HMS and Tachterion are selling (which also come in Stilo or IMSA pinout/connectors). They could use a better speaker, but are pretty solid. As Scott mentioned, rallynuts seems to be the main distributor with the best prices, although the GBP has been gaining traction as of late. The IC-200 is a modern intercom with digital filters and amps. It runs on a 9V battery or ca
  6. Ryan, is that Rob's car? I think he did a 2:20 in it that same weekend - RS is FAST!
  7. You can get an amazing deal on Stilo from Murrays (Ireland) right now. Watch the currency conversion.
  8. Car: 2016 GT4 Track name: MotorSport Ranch 3.1 Track location: Cresson, TX Lap time: 2:19.11 (Racelogic HD2) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3300 With Driver Estimated wheel horsepower: 325 Tire size and model: 265/296 19" R7 4HC Estimated ambient temperature: 65 + 40mph wind, perpendicular to front straight (yes 40mph...it was crazy...outhouses turned over, mass pandemonium)
  9. Tiny improvement. Track: COTA Date: April 1 Lap Time: 2:25.82 Car: GT4 Actual weight with driver: ~3250 Actual whp: ~350 RWHP Tires: 265/295 R7 2nd heat cycle Weather: ~80F (Magenta - this lap, Blue is old PB)
  10. Doh! I just saw these. What's the best place to find these (lowest price?)
  11. (again, that scene is a bit borked, I was getting my vbox working with the GT4)
  12. I was driving the black 012 Cayman, very sorry if we held you up. The circumstances were not ideal. It's very hard to convincingly pretend you are a intermediate student in the A+ run group, which we were out in a few times. Though IIRC that was video was from the ass-hat scenario, so really we should not have been holding anyone up, just giving people pause and reason to give us a wide berth.
  13. Only 3 passed on sat, the rest were either conditional with more exercises on sunday, needed a future check ride, had car trouble/life trouble, or failed outright (several were in that camp unfortunately). I forgot which chapter put together the ITS school - possibly a collection of guys from a few different chapters that national is supporting, but it was VERY good. I've helped with 4 different ITS groups now and the one put on by this team was the best organized and thought through. I kinda feel bad for the students....I had too much fun.
  14. Hope this is useful! The latest system from Racelogic is about to touch down. I’ve managed to get a chance to play with a HD2 demo unit, thanks to a good friend who both introduced me to Racelogic, and who has been working with racelogic to get more people looking at their products in the US. This review is for HPDE’ers and Coaches To start with, I am going to approach this review in the context of driving instruction/self instruction. Racelogic, in my opinion, after having owned a G2X, a Traqmate + Chasecam, an AIM Solo DL+smartycam GP, and Racelogic VBOX Lite, has a lot of advantag
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