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  1. Hey everyone, it's been a couple of years since I've been able to get out to the track or post much due to my health but wanted to share couple of my automotive projects you all might find interesting from a technical perspective. My first project was to design a 3D printable working Sequential Dogbox transmission and it turned out really well. Now my current project is creating a full size 3D printable working F1 gearbox based roughly on gearboxes from 2009 to 2014. If you want to check it out my channel is http://www.youtube.com/c/indeterminatedesign I admit my youtube skills aren't fully polished and I'm not able to create new videos super regularly, but I'm just doing it for fun when I can.
  2. Inertia can do bilstein. There’s also an awesome place in Kalamazoo, MI called Delta Vee. They can do crazy stuff to Bilsteins and when I was looking they were actually the cheapest.
  3. 4/12 Added new items and removed sold items I don't know if I'll be able to get out into the garage anymore, so it's time for this stuff to find a new home. Located in Lucas, TX (North Dallas). G-Force GF3 Helmet Satin Black XL SA2015 with balaclava. Like new, only worn three times. $180 G-Force G5 Driving Gloves Large - Like new. $20 G-Force 6 point Cam lock harness, Mfg Date 9/16 (New in box) $100 Motive Power Bleeder for Miata (Never got to use) $50 Sunex Toolcart (Never used, heavier 16ga. steel) $75 Devilbliss Finishline HVLP Gun (with 1.3/1.5/1.8mm tips) $45 Ingersoll Rand Impact $50 Devilbliss 3/8 Air Rachet $25 Dewalt Cut Off Tool $30 Chicago Pnuematic 6" DA Sander $30 Milkwaukee 1/2" Drill (Geared drive, old school break your wrist kind of torque) $60 Skillsaw Worm Drive (New Diablo blade, very little use) $80
  4. Price reduced. Need this gone, someone out there needs a Miata.
  5. Sorry, just added it back in there. I was going to put sale pending but the buyer dropped out.
  6. Yeah I’m going to try Miata.net. Completely forgot about that site.
  7. I've sold tons of non-track cars, but my Miata has become more of a pain than I was anticipating. Where is everyone listing their cars? I've done the usual Craigslist and Racing Junk. Are there any other websites I should try listing it on?
  8. Hmm I never pushed the button on my NRG, I just pull on the collar and it pulls the button in. Maybe mine is broke. I do recommend lubricating it with fresh silicone grease.
  9. I’ve test driven over there. It wasn’t bad. I was young and they did the usual “do you think you have enough money to afford this car?” crap. The BMW I drove was way over priced. Definitely carfax the car. So many dealers here in DFW selling low mile lemons or beat up lease returns from other states.
  10. I wish I fit in a BRZ . The '14-'15 ZL1 Camaros can be beaten on all day long. I've seen them in the mid to low 30's, low depreciation and insurance. Consumables are high but with 1-2 track days a year it's not significant and if you swap to Z28 wheels with a 305 square setup the tires are actually reasonable.
  11. Actually they were built like beasts from a cooling standpoint since it was mostly parts from a car with 640hp. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/videos/a8925/watch-matt-farah-wail-the-cts-vsport-around-willow-springs/ The Camaro is sweet, I'd get a used base SS for the same price before I'd buy the V6 1LE. The 1LE V6 suspension is the base SS suspension and the V6 manual transmission feels like it was taken out of a 90's ford ranger. The 8 and 10 speed automatics are horrible and every GM engineer involved should be flogged. The STI is a nice buy too, makes you miss hydrualic steering and that is the best shifting transmission I've ever used. You want the 2018+ brakes and an oil cooler. As you can tell, I've been doing nothing but testing driving 2-3 cars a month over the last year.
  12. Oh no you want the V-Sport, 420hp (Under rated) but it has the much faster shifting Aisin transmission and you can find them all day between 25-35k used. The best part is they are a CTS-V parts bin car, big brakes and heavy duty differential they're over built for their power.
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