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  1. When was it purchased, and how much warranty does it have left?
  2. What I witnessed was a Legends car driving past grid and heading for the track. He didn't go through grid, he went around, between grid and the track. He had to be chased down by the grid workers before he went onto a track that was under a black flag. I can't speak to any of the other stories, but when you're causing chaos in the grid, you need to rethink a few things.
  3. Miata. Learn to drive a slow car, so that your mistakes are embarrassing instead of fatal.
  4. I never had problems with heel toeing in my 335i. Every shift was perfectly rev matched, every time. Oh yeah...mine was an automatic.
  5. Actually, I looked at it and said,"They're still making those?"
  6. Y'all Corvette fanboys need to wake up to reality. I've got video of my truck passing a Corvette in a Wal-Mart parking lot on a snowy day. That's proof, INCONTRAVERTIBLE PROOF, that my 01 Tundra is superior to your sissy boy Vette.
  7. Not possible with the stock motor. The 86 needs a cold air intake and a K&N filter to make it produce Corvette levels of torque. That kind of mod isn't for the faint of heart, it takes a professional to install those components properly without endangering the manifold.
  8. That'll be the day that you buy a nice Irish wool sweater like I have.
  9. The early Tundras (00-02 I think) had a bad metalurgy on the overdrive gear. If you towed with overdrive on, it would eventually eat the bearings. I have an 01, and I disable OD to tow. It's not great for the fuel mileage, but the motor can tow all day without complaint. But I'd rather have a later model with the 5.7 motor.
  10. File a police report to let them know that the plates were stolen. Otherwise somebody's going to start racking up toll bills that will be sent to you. I know this from experience.
  11. It's a really nice car. Thanks for letting me take it for a spin at Cresson.
  12. Thanks VoBoy. I want the rails so that I can make an adjustable seat for a Sim racing rig. Where in Houston are you?
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