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  1. Miata. Learn to drive a slow car, so that your mistakes are embarrassing instead of fatal.
  2. I never had problems with heel toeing in my 335i. Every shift was perfectly rev matched, every time. Oh yeah...mine was an automatic.
  3. Actually, I looked at it and said,"They're still making those?"
  4. Y'all Corvette fanboys need to wake up to reality. I've got video of my truck passing a Corvette in a Wal-Mart parking lot on a snowy day. That's proof, INCONTRAVERTIBLE PROOF, that my 01 Tundra is superior to your sissy boy Vette.
  5. Not possible with the stock motor. The 86 needs a cold air intake and a K&N filter to make it produce Corvette levels of torque. That kind of mod isn't for the faint of heart, it takes a professional to install those components properly without endangering the manifold.
  6. That'll be the day that you buy a nice Irish wool sweater like I have.
  7. The early Tundras (00-02 I think) had a bad metalurgy on the overdrive gear. If you towed with overdrive on, it would eventually eat the bearings. I have an 01, and I disable OD to tow. It's not great for the fuel mileage, but the motor can tow all day without complaint. But I'd rather have a later model with the 5.7 motor.
  8. File a police report to let them know that the plates were stolen. Otherwise somebody's going to start racking up toll bills that will be sent to you. I know this from experience.
  9. It's a really nice car. Thanks for letting me take it for a spin at Cresson.
  10. Thanks VoBoy. I want the rails so that I can make an adjustable seat for a Sim racing rig. Where in Houston are you?
  11. If there are no takers I would love to have both sets of seat adjusters. I don't need the seats, just the adjustable rails. I'm in Austin but I know people in Houston who could pick them up.
  12. I've got no idea. I just stick an orange triangle on the back of my car and put my hazards on. #Miatapowernation
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