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  1. "You should just give him a badge"
  2. We don't hate you, we've grown intolerant of overly academic questions with little real-world application and iracing flaunted as real experience. One of the things that makes this forum unique is that for the most part, we all know each other in real life. As a result, we have an exceedingly low tolerance for bullshit, and will call it out without hesitation the same way we would in person. If you think that I would have worded anything differently having that conversation in person, you're grossly mistaken. I may be a grumpy fuck, but I'm a competent grumpy fuck, I'm not trying to flatter y
  3. Interesting, with the pro driver who helped develop the LMP2 chassis kinematics for Ligier, the difference between digressive and non-digressive shocks was within lap to lap noise in the data, and he's, you know, a professional with tens of thousands of laps where we were testing. So, just because I'm curious, what shocks were you testing? Are you looking at shock pot data to actually verify the shocks are making you faster or are you just comparing lap times? Two things... 1) That's why you don't get paid to race cars - that's pretty indicative of your skill level as a driver moreso than
  4. I don't care who you are, that's funny.
  5. Want to know how I know you work for Big Oil?
  6. You should spend more time driving, and less time worrying about shock dynos. Knowing all the stats and mechanics is great, but the odds of you being able to implement your knowledge is pretty small. Furthermore, lap speed percentage terms, the difference between more and less digressive shocks is minute at best, even with professional drivers, most of whom can't tell a data engineer (which I've done for multiple IMSA teams) which shocks are on the car. The ONE guy that did was Nic Jonsson, and that's because he worked for Ligier developing shock packages for the chassis. Put another way..
  7. 6:58, 351NP, 29.8 mph avg. Bicycle.
  8. This is the link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHFA3oFJpps And it was more a splash and go - so NASCAR?
  9. Yep. That’s what i was told as well, and the reason I stuck around another season. Oh well.
  10. Actually glad I didn't get assigned RD for them this time. Hopefully I can convince Blitz to behave...
  11. Yes. Because way stronger than C60, better gears, etc. yes, it’s just motor mounts. Yes. If you’re serious, I’ll provide contact info. No. You have the block redrilled. Takes a competent machine shop 20 minutes and $200 of your dollars.
  12. I can store it for you if it doesn't move before you do.
  13. Update - i have two more bikes in process right now.
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