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  1. Maybe just different locations? I picked the nearest one to me, in I-10 in Katy. The email I got implied that it was possible I might have to go to a different location (maybe that location will be Sugar Land). I'm pretty sure I'm fine, I just have a slight obsession with creating backup plans.
  2. I reserved a Uhaul trailer a few days ago. According to them, there's "high demand in the area" and so I won't know until about 2 days before whether they actually have a trailer for me. So today I compiled some alternatives that I can work on if need be. Worst case, the car is street legal and capable of the drive, it's just not my preferred option for a longer trip like this. You may also choose to read this message as "have truck, will tow," if it suits you.
  3. I saw this in the other thread too, but I'm not seeing the notes...are they supposed to be in annotations or the video description or something? All I'm seeing is just the in-car video.
  4. Yeah, I got that email from Rick on the 6th, so over a week ago.
  5. Good stuff, this nicely fills in some of the gaps. I've gotten a decent idea of what the line around the track looks like, so adding in some notes about how the brake/throttle/etc inputs figure in is another leg up. I figure it's a good sign of my learning so far that I could visualize every part of those notes without referring to a video or anything. Yup, this was the first thing I found that's kind of been the foundation of my learning. Like you said, quality isn't great, but it's a decent primer.
  6. Roll call time, who's in? I'm making the trip up from Houston. Only my second time coming to MSRC, and my first time on the big track. I've been a little surprised at the apparent lack of any solid notes for the 3.1, though I think I'm picking up some good starting points from assorted run videos. I'm taking a much more disciplined approach to learning the track this time - when I came up for the 1.7 last year, I read some notes and watched some videos, called it done, and in the end wasn't too happy with how things shook out. This time I'm taking about half an hour or so every day to watch run videos and really get the knowledge internalized. After about five days I can decently visualize the track, though I'm still working on starter reference points. I think I'll be in a pretty solid place by next Saturday.
  7. I had the same problem trying to get the fun data out of my E92 into Harry's; I could get a few things like RPM and maybe pedal position, but it was literally like .2Hz or something ridiculous. The Solo does much better by tying directly into the CAN bus, which not only gets much better rates but also way more stuff (like I can look at speeds and brake pressures for each individual wheel). Unfortunately I think the E36 is pre-CAN, so no joy for you there. I very, very briefly considered writing my own input protocol for HLT, since I was already getting good high-rate data to my phone through the JB4 tuner box and its bluetooth adapter. But it would have been a really steep learning curve for me; the dev work I do is a lot more abstract.
  8. I really like the data overlay on that video, I find it way more informative than the pseudo gauge clusters that most people (including me) use. Is that done in RaceRender?
  9. I don't think I've ever seen anything, though I haven't looked hard. I got the much-anticipated download link today, it's always fun to see how he finds like twice as many shots with me in them than I ever see browsing the photos. I did a quick crop and edit of the wheel-lifting photo, I think I might end up getting a print of this to hang in my office. There's one wall that's devoid of artwork, it's high time I fixed that problem. It'll be a good companion piece to my work-issued P-51 artwork. :D
  10. I pretty much always buy the entire batch of photos with me in them. With the early bird discount it's basically the same price as buying 15 individual photos, and it's easier than trying to pick the ones I like with the watermarks. But I also just want to do my part to make sure he keeps coming out, because I appreciate the work he does.
  11. Dear sweet jesus do those E92 V8s ever sound great.
  12. Blair's photos are up, and it seems I've finally managed to put some daylight under a tire... http://www.hart-photography.com/photocart/index.php?do=photocart&viewGallery=16329#image=4523926 This appears to be turning towards the keyhole, and i was regularly hitting the curb on the right turn, so I assume this is the result of that little bump, not just me organically lifting a wheel.
  13. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    This was one of the new things I tried this weekend - I used to always try and be far left for the bus stop entry, but after reading some comments here, I started aiming for mid track there instead, and I felt like that let me carry significantly more speed through the sweeper, especially towards the end. I just did a quick comparison between this weekend's PB and a run video from last September, and I'm actually 15+ MPH faster before braking for bus stop. Of course, the fun with this approach is similar to T1/2/3 at TWS - once you started carrying proper speed through 1 & 2, you suddenly found that that little straight before T3 was a whole lot shorter. So far I haven't had problems getting the car stopped there, but I can see it becoming a concern as I keep working up my speed there. September: Last weekend:
  14. Incredible, thank you. You're almost making me hope the May TDE event is CCW again so I can try some new stuff.
  15. Good thoughts. Heel-toe is something I need to work on/get more rigorous about. Doing it on the track where I'm super deep on the brakes requires me to use a substantially different/semi awkward foot position on the brake pedal compared to normal driving. I can do it, but I have to force myself, and all too often I just do the lazy thing as seen in this video. Sunday I did get better about forcing myself to try and get a solid heel-toe on every downshift. Something I've considered (but never seriously looked into) is adding some kind of spacer/pad to the brake pedal to make the foot position less awkward. Your point about downshift timing is good, too - I've noticed I have a tendency to try and start the downshift as soon as I start braking if I know one will be required, which isn't always a great choice. I did better with this on Sunday as well, with the shift down to second into diamond's edge being the really obvious spot to make use of it. For the sugar/spice entry, I get the comment about starting out pointed the opposite direction - do you try to get the car far right there, but in line with the curbing, or enter from ~mid-track instead? I've never felt like I could get the car far right without doing the pointing-right thing, particularly as I carry more speed out of gut check. Seems like probably I need to examine my line through gut check itself if I'm going to improve my position for the s/s entry. (this also figures into your fourth point) I'll have to tinker with not braking into keyhole this direction. So far it feels like I'm carrying too much speed, but I used to feel that way about entering keyhole from the opposite direction and eventually got over that. Same goes for exiting keyhole CCW - I used to brush a little brake there, but last time I ran this direction I got to the point of just lifting as I turned in to rotate the car a bit and get it pointed where I wanted to go. I think I can also get on the throttle more/earlier over the launch; over the course of this weekend I worked out some reference points to help me know that I'll be pointed right over the crest so I can have the steering more-or-less centered and plenty of track to my right. In this PB video I'm still being pretty timid and not committing until I actually come over the crest and see what I want to see.
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