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  1. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    In terms of learning to "feel" the limits of the car (and I'm speaking of being in the vicinity of the limits, not necessarily the ragged edge), I find that long turns like the carousel at MSRH are good places to experiment a bit. Playing with throttle steering there is nice for feeling how slight adjustments affect the car's balance. On maybe my third or fourth event, I had an instructor I really enjoyed, who worked with me a lot on throttle steering . It was especially helpful that we had rain that weekend, so I got to experience exacerbated effects of my lack of finesse. What he had me doing was adding throttle through the turn until the car started to push wide. At that point he'd say "make it turn," which meant to ease off the throttle and get the front to bite and bring the car back in. The rain also afforded me the ability to find out what happened when I "eased" off the throttle too much. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you approach the limits of you and the car gradually, then exceeding them can be a fairly benign event. What I mean is that if you go 1% over the limit (and you don't respond by freaking out and lifting or something like that), then the result tends to just be you going off-line and, say, compromising the exit of a turn, as opposed to going 10% over and going off, maybe sideways or backwards. This is also where knowing your desired line cold is useful - if you haven't built that consistency, then it's harder to recognize when some injudicious control input has pushed the car off-line.
  2. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    I tried taking the grass route through 11 one time. I only succeeded in starting a grass fire and getting the session red flagged.
  3. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    I should try both approaches to the keyhole next time out and actually compare the data now that I'm running a Solo. One of the fun things about this sport is that sometimes the thing that feels better isn't actually faster! Amusingly, when I run the track CCW, I put the car on the curb for keyhole. When I try putting it on the concrete, I never feel like I can get lined up properly to go back right afterwards.
  4. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    double post yay
  5. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Couple things I noticed: Try to maintain one steering input around sugar & spice. In your video, it looks like you briefly straighten the steering and then turn in again just before the second apex. I usually displace the first apex a bit in favor of nailing the second one and being able to get back to throttle for gut check. For the launch, I like to place the car about 2/3 of the way over to the left as I come out of gut check. I point the car roughly at the end of the curbing on the left and move out to track left under braking. Turn in up the hill and try to have the car roughly pointed at the apex as I come over the top. (I don't think I'm super fast through here, so a grain of salt is in order) For keyhole, I like to put the car squarely on the concrete patch, rather than all the way right against the curb. Coming around the tail end of the turn, I breathe off the gas a bit to bring the car over to track right before turning back to the left. For carousel, I aim to "apex" at the second curbing strip on the left. From there, I'm on the gas and letting the car move out to about 2/3 track right. Around the time I get to the second cross-track road to the right, I breathe off the throttle again to bring the car back left. I want to be far left when I get to the curbing strip over there. At this point, the temptation is to immediately turn right - resist! Hug that curb for half a second, then turn right. Delaying that turn to the right makes all the difference - you end up pointed further down track and the wall is way less scary. Disclaimer: I ain't that fast.
  6. Yup, they finished the work up Saturday morning. It was nice to be able to hang out up there where the breeze is usually a bit stiffer.
  7. I swear, if this tropical storm tears shit up again I'm gonna be pissed.
  8. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    I used to use Harry's Lap Timer. I think there are some potential precision issues if you're just using your phone's internal GPS, but that'll be the case with any similar app like RaceChrono as well. HLT will allow the usage of external devices if you like. One example might be a higher-rate GPS. Another might be a wireless OBDII dongle, which may get you good data on throttle position, brakes application, etc. I tried this with my car and it never worked - I eventually learned that on my car, the CAN data to the OBDII port is crippled and the rate makes it useless for this purpose. That shortcoming was one of the main reasons I invested in an AiM Solo 2 DL timer. I have it tied directly into the car's CAN bus, and so I get lots of data at a high rate. This is good for nice run videos, but it's really great for analyzing your driving and seeing where you gain/lose time. The downside is that it's expensive, and for a novice driver, possibly more information than you really need. Anyway, HLT can assemble run videos for you if you use your phone's camera to take the video. I never did that because I don't like the idea of having a phone mounted up high where it can see out the front. Instead, I use RaceRender to combine raw data (from HLT and now the Solo) with GoPro video. Over time I've gradually refined the data template for my videos; RaceRender provides the tools to make all sorts of custom stuff (@atadams has a really cool template for his videos), but there are also plenty of prefab templates to use if you're not a tinkerer.
  9. Reminds me of one of many great scenes from Justified...
  10. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Every time I start to think I might be getting fast, some jackhole in a Miata enters my life and then exits it just as quickly. It's sort of like Halley's Comet but on a much shorter time scale. For my last session yesterday, a friend of mine who was running in blue rode along, since we'd been talking about different lines in a few places. In the course of that session, I got reeled in by an FR-S, and then I decided to try and push myself (and those world-weary RE71Rs) to at least sort of stick with him through bus stop/etc. Here's how that went (skip to 10:45 if the embed doesn't do it right):
  11. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    I completely forgot that I was going to try and find you to say hi! My weekend started off fun when I had a wheel speed sensor fail Saturday morning. I was able to find one in Lake Jackson and get it installed in time to make my next run session, but it was close. Then my HR director from worked showed up with her husband - she did one event last year, got the itch, but hasn't been back since. So I hung out with them for a while, and she ended up riding along with me in the last Saturday red session. Like @lobster said, hopefully you enjoyed yourself! Don't worry about the times and the brain overload, it happens. Just work on the fundamentals, keep your awareness up, and the speed will come. It hasn't stopped being fun for me yet.
  12. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Lap time: 1:54.518 (AiM Solo) Car: 2009 BMW 335i Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3700-ish? Estimated wheel horsepower: 350-ish? Tire size and model: 245/40/17 RE71R on their fourth weekend Estimated ambient temperature: 90s Notes: Took a little over a second off my previous PB. Worked a lot this weekend on building speed through gut check and the sweepers before diamond's edge and bus stop, as well as a tighter line through sugar & spice. I think it paid some solid dividends, though they were mitigated by the age of the tires, which have definitely seen better days. No video this time, I got rushed in the grid and didn't think to start the camera.
  14. I can't offer anything other than a data point: I bought my Solo 2 DL late last year, and it's worked perfectly for me, no issues whatsoever.
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