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  1. Yeah, I mean, I looked at the video and didn't feel like it looked like 100MPH. But nothing else passed the sniff test for me - like what are the chances that @strengthrehab has never noticed the ridiculous inaccuracy of the speed, or that it worked fine before but just happened to go awry for this video? I sure as hell wouldn't start a crusade on those grounds...
  2. N546RV


    Well there's an idea I'll be stealing...not that I have that many cordless tools, but I definitely haven't figured a good place to store them. Putting them on a shelf in a cabinet just doesn't rub me the right way.
  3. 5 minutes? That's a pretty shitty pit stop time right there...
  4. N546RV


    The potentially-wasted space caused by those wall girts definitely annoys my OCD. I've just finished up building a Big Ass Shelving Unit in our hangar, and one of the reasons I built it custom instead of just buying pallet racks was so I could butt the shelves right against the wall, rather than having that 8" gap. Previously there were some short prefab steel shelves in this spot, short enough to go under the girt, but that annoyed me even more due to the wasted vertical space. This gives me at least twice as much storage, which matters since we don't have an attic for rarely-used stuff.
  5. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    You joke, but a friend of mine actually did that one time:
  6. ^ Same. I've run both MPSS and RE71Rs in Texas "winter" with no issues, back when the 335 was still on DD duty.
  7. N546RV


    NICE I'm of the opinion that shop lighting is like horsepower: the amount you need will always be about 110% of the current value.
  8. N546RV


    Bolt: "challenge accepted" I was working on my plane a while back, removing some control surfaces. Among the fasteners was a bolt that also had two carefully-hand-fitted spacers on it. When I removed the bolt, I marked each spacer, put them back on the bolt, and added the washer and nut to hold it all together. Then went back to the other series of bolts. It could not have been more than 15 minutes later that I went to collect that bolt with its spacers to group with the other bolts for storage. I couldn't find it. Searched all the workbenches multiple times, looked under everything, moved shit around, shined a flashlight everywhere...I never found it. It didn't even show up after I bought a replacement and made up two new spacers, so it must be really and truly gone.
  9. I don't have a lot to add here, other than being interested in the answers as well. On the topic of gut check, I suspect I can take it flat out, I just haven't grown the necessary balls yet. I've never braked there, but have definitely been a serial lifter. I've been working on making those lifts smaller and smaller.
  10. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Your co-driver definitely didn't seem to have any problems with the throttle. Pretty sure I have some solid footage of him drifting the hell out of that thing under power right after passing me on more than one occasion. And 1:40s certainly sounds reasonable given the insane speed differential, he was cooking.
  11. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Was that Mark who spun it in gut check on the out lap? That was fun to watch. 😛
  12. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    I forgot to mention this to you yesterday, but have you generally being doing any trail braking? I was watching you from up on the deck one session and noticed your brake lights were off before turning into S&S. That corner, for me, practically begs for a ton of trail braking. And it might really benefit you given the braking performance issues we were talking about.
  13. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Hm, this actually goes to a pretty solid point about the line there. All weekend I was struggling with hustling the car through the pre-keyhole left. I quit braking for that turn a while ago, after I got used to having the car moving around there, but this weekend I was carrying enough speed into there that the magnitude of "moving around" started to move towards "one of these days I'm not quite going to collect the car in time." I even wussed out and brush-braked a few times there. Anyway, towards the end of the weekend my launch line had me nearly clipping the first bit of curbing (before the little access road) and then hugging the second, but that points me more towards the apex of the left. Going for a more rightward positioning before turning left could give me a little more leeway to carry more speed through that left. Now I just have to remember this when I run CW again, which will probably be in about six months.
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