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  1. Niiiice. One of these days® I want to build an Exocet. First I gotta finish the airplane project though...
  2. Meanwhile, at MSR Houston, the various awnings that were damaged 18 months or so ago still haven't ben replaced.
  3. N546RV

    Wall Art

    Can't be accurate, all I see are normal hand tools, not a BMW Special Tool 1986434585982304 in sight.
  4. lol, well, I'm carrying like 85mph through that kink, pretty sure I can get that up with some work... I used to go way deep into diamond's edge before turning in, it was a more comfortable line for me when I was first running CW, but was consistently a spot where I seemed to lose time to other cars. This past weekend I finally worked on bringing that line in a bit. I'm still displacing the first apex by half a car or so, but ending up with a much tighter line around the second apex. I also started going down to second again now that I've done some brake pedal "mods" to make heel-toe work better, and that let me get much better drive out of there. Previously I was running in third and doing a fun turbo-lag timing game to get decent drive, but it was always a slow spot. Actually the pedal work I did helped a lot, I used to be reluctant to upshift if I could avoid it, this past weekend I started hitting fourth gear into the carousel and through gut check. I used to just lift a bit to stay at the top of third to avoid dealing with a downshift.
  5. Yeah, the issue of braking after that turn has definitely occurred to me. Right now, at the speed I'm carrying through, the space I have to get the car straight and then brake for the slow part feels "cozy" but not "tight," if that makes any sense. But I do think that if I start carrying much more speed through the sweeper, that zone is going to get interesting. I'd figured, as I think you're alluding, that I'd likely get to a point where I'd have to start braking before getting the car completely straight. I suppose next time I'll work on braking less and less and see how things go.
  6. Been doing my usual post-event Youtube searches for interesting videos (ok fine, videos that have me in them). Ran across Lance in his Fiesta (who I rode with at MSRC earlier this year), and one major difference I noted comparing his driving to mine was his entrance into the sweeper just before Diamond's Edge. We both come to the end of the back straight with relatively similar speed (~110 for him, ~115 for me), but whereas I'm getting in a brake application to scrub off some speed, he doesn't seem to be touching the brakes at all, just lifting and letting the turn-in scrub off speed. Thinking it through, this does seem like potentially a much faster way through the turn. I don't think I've recently felt that the car is getting wild when I turn in after braking, which tells me that I'm probably overbraking. And it does seem like replacing the braking with an early/slow turn-in might just work. Basically, I'm just curious what everyone else is doing here. Heavy brake, quick brush brake to set the front, or just a lift? Obviously there will be some variance here depending on what kind of speed you're carrying down the straight. I think I might make this one of my things to work on next time I run CW.
  7. Seems to be back now.
  8. N546RV

    MSRH Lap Times

    Date: 5-18-2019 CW lap time: 1:53.262 Car: 335i Est weight: 3500ish Est WHP: 400ish Tires: 245/40R17 RE71Rs with a couple weekends on them Temperature: 80s Notes: Dunno where I pulled this lap from, it's almost a full second faster than the rest of this session where I was doing low-mid 54s. Conditions must have been good though, even my out lap was a low 54... Oh, and I also got myself into the red group this weekend. 😄
  9. If you're in the Houston area, check out Track Time Performance up on the northwest side of town. Steve and crew will get you inspected (for an extremely reasonable price) and handle any issues that might come up now or in the future.
  10. Yup - when I started the long journey that ended with my truck purchase last year, I pretty quickly concluded that I wasn't going to be buying anything new. I ended up with a 2015 Silverado with 55k or so miles, and even that ran me around $30k. I did end up getting one that was a little nicer than I planned on - I was shopping lower-ish trims with cloth seats, but ended up with an LTZ with leather. I definitely understand the whole "massive" comment. After daily driving my 335i for 4+ years, a 4x4 crew cab Silverado was a bit of an adjustment. I'm mostly used to it now, though having to kind of plan ahead when it comes to parking is still a thing. What sucks is if I drive it to work I can't even park in my regular deck, the overhead is too low. I have to go to a special oversize lot. Fortunately I rarely drive to work (I'm a bus commuter) so it's not a huge deal. Now that I'm used to the truck, when I get in the Bimmer I feel like I'm in a go-kart. 😄
  11. I've thought about this too, but I don't want to give up the ability to haul tall objects back there. It's basically why I bought a pickup and not an SUV. Instead I have a Bakflip F1, it's reasonably weatherproof and I can get a reasonable amount of stuff in there. When I towed the car up to Cresson in March, I got all my stuff back there (including four wheels) without having to get creative at all about arranging stuff. The wheels probably wouldn't work quite as well for you Corvette dudes, though.
  12. As an additional data point, it appears that that particular instructor is one of the chief instructors for that PCA chapter's DE program. http://pca-ggr.org/about/club-contacts/
  13. Ditto on the storage space point. Our hangar is even bigger than your shop, yet somehow we seem to not have enough storage space. The place came with four sections of decent-size steel shelving, but it's only about 7' high, so I've been looking into buying some super tall warehouse pallet racks. There's a ton of vertical space that's being wasted right now. And in case you haven't already reached this conclusion, you definitely want insulation, even in the non-climate-controlled areas. Our building isn't insulated and it's a goddamn sauna in summer. Need to get that taken care of one of these years...
  14. That song has been stuck in my head for a full day now. Just randomly walking around work and I catch myself singing "it's YOU, homeslice" under my breath.
  15. I didn't count the flags, other than to notice they were visible at every corner worker station I saw. I did count him passing ten cars over the course of two full laps under yellow. If he'd made one bad pass, I'd be way more willing to nod with the "teachable moment" idea, but this was just hilariously egregious.
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