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  1. I check the pedal after every turn in EVERY car I drive. I've had a big brake failure and at the speeds our cars can carry, I'm not doing it again.
  2. Yeah, pretty sure Michael still has some seat cushion up his butt over 10 years later! Ginsberg/Cooke's car, the red #5, had the video where you could see him shoot by in the rear view mirror like a rocket. Scary stuff but turned out well. The brake failure was the brake line pushing out of the crimped banjo fitting.
  3. That's the one! There is another video from one of the cars he went by and you can see his car airborne in the rear view mirror. Michael made a GREAT choice and some very quick thinking based on what another driver brought up from their years of experience there at hallett. Figured I would pass that info along to others.
  4. I'm still looking for the video from Hallett so I know who to stay the hell away from!
  5. for future reference to all, there is a MASSIVE amount of runoff to the right if you have a brake failure there. Google "Mosty Brake failure at hallett" and you get a pretty detailed view of what to do if you lose the brakes there. It used to be covered in driver's meetings....
  6. These are fantastic trucks. We have an 04' 3500 and I had an 04 2500 before that. Both manuals. Best tow pigs on planet and so much better than swallowing 70k-90k for a new one that drinks DEF and has $10k trans rebuilds. Good luck with sale.
  7. We bought a C5 vette with 102k miles on it for well under $10k...already had some Z06 sways on it and removable steering wheel. find a motivated seller with a well maintained car and you have a SOLID platform for cheap ass fun at the track.
  8. Colored LED's on the face show green/red on the predictive lap to show how you are doing also. I'm REALLY stoked for the AIM solo2 because at $399 new, it should make the used original solo's on the market drop down to $200 or less. ;)
  9. Any other recent updates on H2R? Any interest in an HPDE event there?
  10. BigMatt

    MSRH Lap Times

    Thanks. Looks like I was on a cool down at that point. Oil temp goes over 285 in about 4 laps if not careful. I'm hoping the new Bigass radiator helps that problem but I have oil coolers sitting around the shop that I am going to try and plumb in before COTA. Time will tell. Hopefully the temps are not too high at COTA so I can try and see what this car will do being so stock. Guess I need to find an AIM or a better phone mount for Harry's...
  11. Tire trailer with secure storage for tools and gear. We are doing One Lap 2018 in the Vette and will be towing a trailer with spares and gear. Looking to see if anyone has a decent trailer for sale that can hold up to 85mph jaunts for 4500 miles and has secure dry storage for lots of gear, a couple tires and stuff for the journey. Prefer to stay away from the 4'x4' harbor junk model with 8" wheels and short tongue. I am considering finding a used jet ski trailer to modify and build a "dog house" on. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  12. BigMatt

    MSRH Lap Times

    Any chance anyone from Chin event get video of the lunatic in the red C5 #97 in the Red group from the 12/9 and 10 event? Just curious to see the car on track and see how it is working to start making a mod list in prep for the big event in May. Thanks!
  13. these... http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y249/danhurwitz/Wheels/Subaru%20OEM/2008STI.jpg
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