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  1. Here’s a thought: Mk1 Audi TT Roadster 225 Aged well (full disclosure I own one) Depreciated 4cyl 225hp with plenty of parts available 6 speed manual Best looking interior Built really well Priced well under $10k Spend some $ in refreshing suspension and bushes and you have a canyon carver that’s also super safe (and faster in turns) in the rain
  2. Last PDS event on August last year. Never thought it’d be the last though
  3. Super fun event! Drove the CW configuration for the first time...it’s like going an entire different track which made it interesting! Just a few cars on track so almost no traffic at all. Plus being a one day deal still leaves Sunday to get stuff done. Lowered by PB in the pig audi TT to 1:56.70 on the CCW config [emoji106] Good seeing speedracer and Edison out there
  4. Awesome Saturday! Good to see some of you out there and meeting new people. Sunday wasn’t as good as I only got on the morning session, then everything was delayed due to lightning :( and I had to leave at around 2pm right after it poured hard. Disappointed I didn’t get to yellow check ride but on the plus side: lowered my time in the TT 3 secs to 1:58. Nothing great but I’m moving in the right direction. Proper point bys and passing etiquette were a challenge this weekend...but I enjoyed driving on the wet track! Took this one while riding in a 1979 911
  5. Last PDS in August last year, right before Harvey. I have more somewhere but this one was handy
  6. Thanks! Not really sure. I thought the line/hose had split, but looking closer at the cut it looks like a perfect straight cut in the middle of the hose rather than a split towards the end.
  7. john? Glad you achieved the milestone!! I had a great time out there for being my first time at MSRH, so much to learn! Lowlight: road debris cut my power steering line on session 7 sending me home early :( Highlight: got promoted to Blue solo [emoji106]
  8. I’ll be there, right across from karting facility [emoji106]
  9. It was hot today but regardless had a blast! Subaru wagon blew engine during 1st Blue session and a brake caliper banjo went loose on session 3. Still managed to enjoy today!!! First time at TDE and at MSR and learning lots! I’m in yellow TT feel free to say hi tomorrow
  10. Just wait listed for MSR this weekend! Hope to join y'all out there. Would be a first time on track since 2017 and a first at MSR.
  11. It was definitely a hot weekend! The TT struggled with high engine and tire temperatures... front passenger tire died by Sunday afternoon :(
  12. Went to TWS for open track day last Saturday and the back section is as good as it was on April [emoji106] lots of trees are down on the back straight...they are definitely working it up. Didn't see the bulldozer...
  13. I saw this in my inbox earlier today...I wonder if it's due to track conditions along with track closing later in the year
  14. Forgot to mention: Had the opportunity to go on the "track walk" on Sunday at noon...by far the best experience at TWS I've had after instructor feedback and visiting the tower. We got to walk around turn 7, 8, and 9...feel the track and see it in a whole different way! Good work TWS!
  15. Had an amazing weekend out there even though the Audi was battling cooling issues. At some point I was alternating between a flying lap and a cool down lap to save the car. Still managed to reach my goal, getting the yellow TT pig under 2:09...i feel like there's so much more in it though!
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