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  1. DM'd you, please ping me back ASAP if you can. Thanks!
  2. Still available? Text me at two14534three4twozero if so please.
  3. We were group 1 as I recall and I think it was 27 deg F ambient when our race started. Insane, especially in an open cockpit car.
  4. From memory, I ran 10-15 laps on a cool day back in 2013 in an SRF (pre-SRF3) and was mid-low 2:06. Conditions were very good as I recall.
  5. I sure hope they get this all sorted. It's a neat track with some good elevation and we sorely need another track in Texas with the loss of TWS. Fingers crossed that this happens, and soon.
  6. Just got referred here from the M3 forums by 'surly'... thanks! 2010 E92 M3 DCT Completely stock Michelin PS2, 245/19 front, 265/19 (?) rear Settings: DSC off (no nannies), "power" throttle, "normal" EDC, all else standard. Conditions were excellent: ~60 degrees, tail wind on front straight Best time 1:58.9 Top speed front straight: 141 GPS, ~145 speedo Car pushed like a pig so I had to drive around that. After reading a bit, it appears that this is standard for the E92 with a stock set up. I have a lot of laps at TWS in an SRF so it took a bit of getting used to in a heavier, mediocre-handling car. I expected the tires to have more grip than they did. I coaxed some oversteer out of her to try and optimize exit speed but it wasn't a cake walk to do so. These were my last couple of laps out of maybe 12-13 hot laps total. Even with the nasty understeer, it's a really fun car to drive. I can't imagine it on decent tires and a square set up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckOrXyxi0OI
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