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  1. Jay

    FS: 2 Post Lift

    Porsche is fine. VW might be another story.
  2. Jay

    FS: 2 Post Lift

    I've got a 2 post lift for sale. It's a 9KOH from Greg Smith Equipment. I bought it new 4 years ago. It is currently installed, so you can see it work. This is the lift: http://www.gregsmithequipment.com/Elite-9KOH Asking $1100. Located in north Austin.
  3. I have 2 R3 wheels with tires for sale 1 is almost perfect, with one small paint chip in one of the lug nut holes. The other has several paint chips and one spot with very minor curb rash. The tires are Bridgestone RE050A with about 3/16 of tread remaining. I'm in Austin, TX, but I'm willing to ship if buyer pays shipping costs. $150 each
  4. Jay

    Enkei RFP1 wheels

    I have 6 black Enkei RFP1 17x9 wheels for sale. 5x114 bolt pattern, 45mm offset These fit Mazda RX-8. No idea what else they fit. They have some scratches, but are in good shape otherwise. 4 of them have Mazda TPMS sensors and Hankook Ventus V12 tires. The tires have very little tread left. $150 each Located in Austin, TX
  5. I've got a workshop in North Austin - near Braker and Burnet - a few blocks from Winding Road. The guy I share it with is moving out and I need to find someone to take over his share. It's 25x50 -1250 square feet. It's got running water, toilet, sink. Plenty of shelving. I've got a 2 post lift, air compressor, welder, press, other shop equipment. I'm willing to split it 3 ways - $500/ person or 2 ways - $700/person. I might be able to be a little flexible on that. Since I'm living in CA right now and mainly just use it for storage, I'd even be willing to move most or all of my stuff out and rent the whole thing. It could be available as soon as October 1st.
  6. I'm looking for an aftermarket hardtop for a Miata. It cannot be OEM. Any condition.
  7. Jay

    H2R Challenge Miata

    The car is still available and passed tech for 2016.
  8. Jay

    H2R Challenge Miata

    In the last 2 races of the season, the car got a 3rd and a 1st, winning the championship again.
  9. Jay

    Free Miata leftovers

    @ I do not have the 1.6l catalytic converter.
  10. Jay

    Free Miata leftovers

    I don't think I have the original one. I think I do have an aftermarket bolt in cat for a 1.6l Miata. I also have the exhaust for a 1.8l Miata that has a cat welded in. I'll check tonight to make sure.
  11. Jay

    Free Miata leftovers

    Going, going, ...
  12. Jay

    H2R Challenge Miata

    Way. I'm not 100% sure I want to sell it, but it's probably the smart thing to do. I'd rather have someone driving the car than have it sit. I see you sold yours. Want to buy this one? :-)
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