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  1. That’s a little too stretched for my taste, but I error on the side of caution.
  2. Congratulations! I hope that mom and baby are doing well. You need to buy another P car to celebrate 😁
  3. I learned about the Porsche Tax this weekend. I tried to get pricing to install a catback exhaust and the cheapest quote came back at $350 and the highest at $600. I did what any other TJ would do and picked up the QuickJack 5,000 and installed it myself.
  4. @edison_GTI I'm waiting for you to sell me Casper 😄 . @lobster I miss the car, but I wasn't using it that often and when the Cayman arrived, I couldn't justify having 5 cars for 2 people. I may convert the FRS into a dual duty car, or sell it and buy a dual duty NC as the other car wasn't street legal. The only good thing is that a fellow TJ got a great deal on it.
  5. I sold my NC track rat and have some NEW in box brake pads left. Front HAWK DTC-60 $100 SOLD Rear HAWK DTC-60 $90 SOLD Rear HAWK DTC-30 $85 shipped
  6. I thought that the water pump issues were on the 987, are the 981's also having the same problem? Mike, they added a digital gauge with oil pressure and oil temperature to the 981, which I'm happy for. My track rat is a Miata, so the Cayman will be mostly reserved for COTA. http://www.porscheownersmanuals.com/2014-cayman-manual/9/102/Cockpit-Cooling-system-temperature-gauge Glad to hear that. Unfortunately it didn't come with PASM. I'm probably going to do the same thing as you and add the lower control arms to avoid killing the tires.
  7. You're right, the poor BRZ/FRS/GT-86 get's no love. I still have mine as a daily driver. Thanks Rev! Congrats! I love that color, it's easier to keep clean too. Yup poor man's 911 :D... I'm hoping that ceramic coating will help keep it clean. I know that the brakes are a must but is the rest needed if I'm only doing 3 HPDE's with it a year?
  8. Good point. If I would've purchased the 911, it probably would've been why didn't I get the turbo or the GT3... I saw your SPB for sale and it was very tempting, but the Miata is just so cheap to run, that I couldn't justify making the switch. I'm glad you found a new toy to take it's place. I'm looking forward to taking her to H2R once it cools down a bit and I put on some decent brake pads.
  9. Thanks. It's good to hear that from somebody that knows their way around these cars. This is my first Porsche, so I had to do quite a bit of research before making the purchase. Thanks. It's slowly coming together. Congrats on the Cayman. What do you suggest for dual duty brake pads and reliability mods?
  10. Thanks, for a second there I was wondering if I should've purchased the 911, but I'm quite happy with the Cayman. @Hollywood Pics are right of the trailer so it's dusty:
  11. I was looking for a weekend car that would be fun and engaging to drive and after lots of research I decided that the sound of a flat 6 screaming at 7,800 rpm's coupled to a 6 speed manual transmission would be the ticket and seeing that the Cayman was mid engine with better weight distribution I purchased a well equipped six speed 981 Cayman S, but I haven't even had the car for a day and 3 different Porsche enthusiasts have told me that the 911 is better in every way, and that Porsche only builds the Cayman because they needed a cheaper vehicle.. WTH??? Is the 911 really that much better or are these guys just in love with their 911's and can't accept anything other than that? This car is so much fun, but I feel like I missed out on something.
  12. Pretty soon the F150 will tow 1.25 Million Pounds 😂.....
  13. I have an NC Miata with 525f and 375r shocks and the car comes off the ground going uphill several times, causing the revs to shoot up as it looses traction (you could almost say that it’s skipping up the hill), but I still pay my dues every month in hopes that one day it will improve as it’s the closest track to my house and the staff is great.
  14. Were you rubbing on the 17 x 9.5’s before the flares?
  15. Hahaha. I don’t think that your exhaust is as restrictive as the street single according to GW. It’s probably weight saving more than anything.
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