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  1. I have an NC Miata with 525f and 375r shocks and the car comes off the ground going uphill several times, causing the revs to shoot up as it looses traction (you could almost say that it’s skipping up the hill), but I still pay my dues every month in hopes that one day it will improve as it’s the closest track to my house and the staff is great.
  2. Were you rubbing on the 17 x 9.5’s before the flares?
  3. Hahaha. I don’t think that your exhaust is as restrictive as the street single according to GW. It’s probably weight saving more than anything.
  4. Got the car Dyno'd and had the operator do some extra pulls as I felt that my Street muffler was taking some power and sure enough, the car gained an average of 5 HP on the race muffler VS street muffler. That may not be much for most cars, but it's a lot for a Miata.
  5. z28pwr


    I have the 3500 and I like it. I just wish that I could drive over the ramps instead of pulling them in and out.
  6. This will be my first track event in 7 months, so I really hope that it doesn’t rain.
  7. So TT5 It is then. I found a DynoJet operator that will give me the DRF file and I downloaded a copy of WinPep so I should be good to go. Thanks!
  8. I was hoping that some fellow TJ’s could help me get my 2006 NC Miata reclassified as I purchased the car as a PTD/TTD car and I don’t have the dyno paperwork. I live in San Antonio so we’re not as race savvy as some of the other cities, but with that said can I go to any Dynojet operator or does it have to be a specific one approved by NASA and are NC Miata’s still not allowed in TT6? Thanks
  9. 0) TWS - I just loved the way the track flowed. 1) MSRC - Fun track with multiple configurations and the pavement is in decent shape for texas tracks. 2) COTA - This track is fun when you have a fast car and the facilities are amazing. 3) MSRH — Nice track but very humid and the pavement is rough in a few areas. 4) Nurburgring Nordschleife — This track is very challenging due to its massive size, elevation changes, varying levels of grip and traffic, but it’s definitely worth driving. 5) H2R — This is the closest track to me and the staff is very helpful and friendly but the track is extremely bumpy and it takes four days for the water that runs across the back to dry up.
  10. Sounds good, I'll snap a picture of the date code this weekend.
  11. I can meet you there. I won’t be participating as my Miata doesn’t do too well at Cota, but I can meet you there.
  12. I have a 16ft trailer (19.5 total length) and it fits just fine in my garage, would that be an option?
  13. I have a brand new set of four Nitto NT01's in 235/40/17 that I purchased but decided to go up to the 255/40/17. These tires are brand new and have never been mounted. The tires are located in San Antonio, but I can meet in San Marcos (H2R). $575
  14. Rumors are that it’s coming in 2020 or 2021. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a19682494/theres-a-next-gen-toyota-86-and-subaru-brz-coming-and-it-might-have-more-power/ I was about to pull the trigger on a new 2018 BRZ premium for $22,700 before I found my used 2014, so don’t pay sticker price.
  15. I would jump into an 09 or greater NC instead of an NA and if you need more room, go with the 86/FRS/BRZ.
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