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  1. Turn 13 liked my Miata better than I did....she is being repaired and hopefully will make private track day at Hallett next week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBQcZByVAzY&feature=youtu.be
  2. All ready for Autocross tomorrow in Tulsa. Tune has two-stage start - gets off reeeeeel fast:
  3. Dyno results came back 330 RWHP at 4728 feet at FM on E85 14 PSI ...lose 4,000 feet here in Tulsa so should be at about 375 on E85 here...
  4. Long story - should write a book. Bought as single owner in August 2015. Blew head gasket day I bought it. Blew three connector rod bearings Christmas Day 2015. Shop that re-built motor in Owasso was negligent, installing pistons 1 and 3 backwards and cam/timing gears 120 degrees out from where they were supposed to be as well as many other mistakes. (could not even get it it started initially!) This resulted in piston slap and scoring of the cylinder walls after only 3,000 miles. Flyin' Miata re-built motor using NOS '99 block and I upgraded from FMII to FMIIR turbo. Had shop in Grand Junct
  5. Done at 4700 feet. Tulsa/Owasso I am at 636 feet. Should have about 12% increase or so. So, I am at about 330 RWP...on E85 (Available 1.5 miles from my house)...installed FM radiator fans and oil coller plus a lot of other minor stuff last week at FM...great folks there...
  6. LavaMan


    Yup- just doing practice stuff though
  7. Update: Blew three rod bearings on Christmas day. Getting motor back from machine shop Monday finally. Have registered for Hallett on April 16-17 so I hope to make it. Have added graphite wing, FM Big Brake Kit, New FM suspension, FM Big Brake kit and Big Spark kit. Bought new FM pistons, rods, gaskets, fuel and water pump for re-build that should take place next week. Had little minor accident in parking lot of local shop and had to replace trunk lid and rear bumper. Plan is to paint body "copperhead" and hard top white. Have front spoiler in bound and splitter to mount to it is alrea
  8. Here's a cool new part that most likely is only on my Miata - a built from scratch replacement rear subframe brace built at Pinnacle Performance here in Owasso: (Used existing bolts and mounting points)
  9. Just put on Dyno. Best run was 228.6 HP to rear wheels. With some tuning and adjustments to PCM we think we can get 240...it's a beast...
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