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  1. thats pretty stinking good for a Bimmer! Testament to the driver!....I'm kidding, well done.
  2. Hi everyone I'm taking the opportunity to use this forum to introduce myself to the other members at MSR. My name is Mark Ammerman and my 16 year old son Nathan and I pilot the orange Ferrari 360 Challenge thats appeared lately. I had been on the waiting list at MSR for some time and my name finally came up in April, Kurt hooked me in to a great garage over in 211. Most of my experience is driving Ferrari street cars at COTA and I've also done the Lamborghini Corsa and BullRun also at COTA, so Ive been spoiled in the past. I'm enjoying getting the regular track times and I'm out there most weekends lately. Great way to spend some time with my boy. When you guys see us out there please come by and say hello would like to meet you all.
  3. Matt! You were very kind, too, Thanks for that help in getting through the first day. He's referring to coaching my 16 yr old on his first try at MSRH, incidentally he did a 2.0 flat this past Monday in the Ferrari, I've got to get him out to Drivers Edge as soon as school permits.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to MSRH since April, have a garage there and that bright orange Ferrari Challenge, I found your forum because Ive got my car set up and getting the track line figured out. Last week per the smartycam turned in a 1:50.04 lap time and googled to see what representative lap times were and found this site. I look forward to getting to visit more in the future with y'all.
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