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  1. As the title says, let me know if you have any expired camlock harnesses for sale for my HPDE car.
  2. From a Miata to a Corvette, and now back to a Miata. This time with the JV6 swap. Leaving Arkansas now. 9 hours to go till I'm back home!
  3. Question for the S2000 guys. I've been doing research on an S2000 as an HPDE car. Other than thee AP1 having a 2.0l and AP2 having a 2.2l, the thing I come across the most is the AP1 for what ever reason has an "unstable and twitchy rear end" compared to the AP2. Can't figure out what exactly the difference is or why it happens. If I decided to go down the S2000 route, should I stay away from from the AP1s? They are noticably cheaper than AP2s, leaving more funds for track days and consumables.
  4. Thanks for that. In talks with him again.
  5. Pmed with my number. Send me a text with some more details. Fanks
  6. Well that didn't last very long. The Vette is sold! Took the Vette our for a few track days. The car was fun, but I really missed the Miata everytime I was on the track. Something about driving the Miata as hard as you possibly could was a lot more fun than the Corvette, even if the Miata was doing slower lap times. The guy I sold my Miata to was also in the market to sell. Figured I can buy it back and get back into the Miata scene. Good news is, I sold the Vette. Bad news is, he's already parted out the hard top, roll bar, harnesses, wheels, and coilovers. So buying back my old Miata is out of the picture. Now I'm sitting without a toy. Back in the market for a track ready Miata/s2000/etc. Something in that light weight category that's fun to drive balls out. Keep me posted if anything catches your eye. #Ragrats
  7. Are there any shops in Houston that have a selection of seats on their floor? I'd like to try to sit in a few to see which fits best.
  8. Looking for a new seat to replace the factory seat in my C5. Not looking for an aluminum seat. If anyone has a Cobra Suzuka, OMP HTE-R, or anything comfortable in nature laying around, let me know! P.S. I'm 6'4" @ 180 lbs. The XL seats will be no good.
  9. I sold my track duty Miata for a stock C5 Z06. Took it out for its first track day, and it man did I miss my Miata! A lot of it was because the C5 is completely factory and felt like it was floating on the track. I actually tried putting the C5 on the market, but didn't get any realistic offers. So I figured, why not double down and turn this into another money pit! Rather than feeling bad about selling the Miata, I've decided to give the C5 an honest chance. Want to get the basics done to it so I can have some fun at MSR Houston. Plan to have this be my HPDE car i take out 4-5 times a year. I spoke to GSpeed at MSRC and got some help from them. Wanted to see if I can get some help from yall on this setup. Here's what I have in mind so far: Wheels: Speedline 18x10.5 square setup Tires: NT01 315/30/18 Suspension: I've been recommended to look at the Penskee 7500/8300 series coilovers. Though they're $4500-5500. Anything else more budget friendly you recommend? I've heard the factory leaf springs dont cut it for track use. Any options on this? Seat: Cobra Suzuka seat with AMT billet floor mount. Should give me enough head space at 6'3". Steering wheel: Sparco R383. Factory steering wheel is too big. Coolers: Need to look into all the necessary coolers (coolant, trans, engine, diff, brakes). Any suggessions? Oil Pan: Not sure if a baffeled oil pan is necessary for 100-200 TW tires. Additional: I've been reading that its highly recommended to upgrade the valve springs as they're known to crack and drop in the cylinder. This "honest chance" its going to be a pretty expensive one, but I'm thinking if I can have it decently setup, I can atleast hold back the urge to sell this for another toy. If there are any other parts you would recommend, please share.
  10. Took the Corvette out to MSR Houston today. The car is a ton of fun, but I think I've been spoiled by the Miata! Street tires, factory suspension, and factory leather seats gave me no grip inside or outside the car. I'm no where near used to the amount if power the Corvette makes. I spent most of my sessions locked in 4th gear just figuring out the new braking zones. I didn't want to dump too much more into this car, but looks like I'll need a fixed seat, square wheels and tires, and at minimum shocks from the C6 to give me a bit more confidence. Or I can buy my Miata back 😂 Down the rabbit hole I go!
  11. Been researching on the best pads to get for the C5 Z06. Most of the recent posts on forums have been suggesting Raybestos ST-43 as a good option. Others have suggested Carbotech XP10/XP8, but I had terrible experience with Carbotechs on my Miata leaving transfer material on the rotors after a few laps. The Corvette will mostly be used as an HPDE toy. If I drive it on the street, it'll maybe be once a month. Any help from fellow C5 drivers would be great! An event at MSR Houston coming up next Saturday so trying to see if I can get pads and brake fluid flush before then.
  12. I recently sold my track duty Miata for a C5 Z06. I had an aluminum Ultrashield seat in the Miata only because I needed headroom clearance. I never liked the seat. Found it too hard and uncomfortable. Always wanted a softer, more cushiony seat instead, but space was limited. Now that I have the extra cabin space, I'd like to see if I can get away with mounting a more comfortable seat in the C5. Being about 6'3 and 180lbs, is there a seat and seat mounted you recommend that would place the seat at the lowest position possible? Seat mount can be non sliders as I'll be the only driver. I fit in a 15 inch seat from Ultrashield, so a seat on the thinner side would be great.
  13. Great news. The car came with an MGW short throw shifter, but the top half was the MGW, and bottom half was the stock box plate. Mixing and matching was making it really hard to shift. They threw a factory C6 shifter in and its shifting like butter now. Thanks for the reference Lobster. On a side note, I've been driving the Vette around to work and home. The amount of power this car has compared to the lawn mower Miata is ridiculous. I feel like I'm going to have to relearn how to drive.
  14. They were the closest to my office. Gave him a call, sounds like a very friendly guy. Dropping it off to him today.
  15. The car comes with an MGW short throw shifter. Its REALLY stiff, both with left and right movements, and into gear. I might have pulled my neck throwing it into 1st. Is there a reputable corvette shop in Houston anyone would recommend? I'd like to have someone take a look at it and see if this could be a quick fix.
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