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  1. Back in 2006, I owned a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR. It’s the one car I wish I never let go. As of recent, and old facebook photo popped up displaying its license plate number. I ran a Carfax on it wondering where it ended up. Come to find, it’s been recently purchased in Hammond, Indiana, maybe 15 days ago. I’m trying to figure out with the information that I have, if there is there some way I can find out the owners name. Wanted to see if I could be a creep and find him on Facebook, and possibly keep in touch so when he decides to sell, I’d like to buy it back. Please let me know i
  2. Finally getting around to removing the fender flares that came on the Miata. I've never been a big fan of them. Looks like the previous owner drilled holes for the rivets and cut off a good portion of everything. The front bumper and front fenders are cut, so I'll need to replace those. Rear bumper is also cut, but not sure what to do with the rear quarter panel. How does this work? Do I have to buy and entire quarter panel? Where would I even begin looking for one? Wheels are Going Dekagram 15x10 ET25. On Maxxis VR-1 245/40/15. Can a wheel this size even fit under a fender? I
  3. In for November 23rd if the Miata is ready.
  4. With the guys at MSR Houston throwing their eyes on it, I'm sure they'll find anything else that might be of concern. Though I'm pretty confident this should be it.
  5. Talking about that. Sent the Miata over to MSR Houston so Jim and his team can give it their blessings and deem it safe for track use. Had a few things to button up as well. After throwing it on the lift, we noticed the subframe wasn't square and the steering rack sat lower on the passenger side than the driver's side. Might explain the darty feeling I was experiencing. Went home and started doing some research on whether this is normal or not. Came across an old post on the JV6 Miata Facebook group from one of the previous owners. They had gone over a bridge and ripped the oil pan
  6. Why not do a first come first serve deal?
  7. I’ve been on the search for a used drive shaft and came across these sites so far. Not too familiar with the local junk yards, so I wanted to make a list to make it easier to shop around in the future. Here’s what I’ve got so far. Any other recommendations, please let me know. www.partsgroup.com www.planet-miata.com www.treasurecoastmiata.com
  8. Looking for a drive shaft for my 99 Miata with a 6 speed. I hear any 99-04 drive shaft will fit fine. Currently have an after market drive shaft with what looks like bad U Joints. Getting hard vibrations at 60mph. Would rather swap a factory one in and call it a day. If theres any places you know where I can pick one up or have it delivered to MSR Houston, please let me know.
  9. Have you thrown the FRS around on the track yet? If not, take it out for a couple of track events and see how you like it. If it’s not to your likings, get back in the Miata!
  10. I spoke to Ed at 949 racing earlier today. He took out some time to educate me on the Xidas. Chances are I’ll go that direction once I find out how the Flatout Suspension Coilovers handle.
  11. PM the info on your rear sway bar. I’ll reach out when I get around to dumping my retirement into the suspension ?
  12. TWS was the first track I ever put tires on. It sucked me into this money pit of a hobby and introduced me to you crazy bunch. Still waiting for a circle track full of turn 7's. I'll be the first to sign up!
  13. My new Miata has a J32 swap and coilovers from a company called Flatout Suspension with external reservoirs . Haven't read much on them except they used to be big in the Subaru world, and are now out of business. My previous Miata had Ohlins as per the recommendation from Gas Head Motorworks. I was happy with them, no complaints. Then again, I never had anything else to compare them to. Wanted to get some feedback on what you would consider the best coilovers/sway bar/end links setup for a track use only Miata. Will only be participating in the National HPDE Championships. Will never be driven
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