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  1. A few pics strung together of the trip. Filled up at Cane's mid-trip and failed to fill truck- LOL. We made it to a pump before she went empty-hahaha. Car show at the hotel was added bonus along with Grump burgers Friday night followed up with pool fun.
  2. Great track weekend- Lots of fun conversations and track sharing fun! I look forward to next time friends! My nephew had a blast enjoying the track weekend experience with a great group of folks.
  3. Too bad about this weekend- It would have been great to share track time with you again. I have a couple golf outings that conflict with the Edge adventure- Otherwise- that would be an excellent plan!
  4. Out- Weather is not being nice..:(
  5. Yikes- Sad to hear a motor bites the dust. My car is at the shop. Thus; while up on the lift tomorrow oil cooler lines (and others) will be on inspection/preventative tasks. Thanks for sharing the information and making me go p (Preventative). ;0
  6. No takers?? Jeez- what could be better than meet-up at Max house?? hahahahaha The car is at our shop being prepped for NCM along with a few other patients...
  7. Max

    Inspection w/o abs?

    Grab a load of scrub tires, open space, and have fun smoking some tires.- Shouldn't take too long to figure it out..;0 edit: We will need video of the education sessions to help critique and provide positive constructive feedback. Any spectacular smoke shows will be appreciated by the viewing audience.
  8. Stepping away from reality for a few days- Woot!! Anyone else want to meet at @Max house for the short 6 hour journey? We (myself and inner voices) will be leaving early Friday morning to let the NCM Museum enjoy my presence for a few hours Friday afternoon- hahahahaha
  10. It was good to be back- Quirt Racing fixed up the 996 (corrected an issue I had chased a long time) and provided awesome support over the weekend. I highly recommend them. Great guy and goes beyond the normal call of duty. I enjoyed bugging some of you with my chatter @bobkid and @brz4science and others. @brz4science I was the idjuit next to you in the Denali (the car was parked in Quirt's garage). It was good to meet you but did not realize you were THE brz4science until the next day when you were gone- LOL. The 2 rivers made things interesting again. Bring your A game to keep the pedal down thru the river and trust you will have grip and time to brake/trail/turn in for Rattlesnake. @bobkid it was good to chase you around. You are hauling the shoe and I look forward to seeing it in action again. Your wife is a sweetheart (and dang good driver!) and way out of your league- hahahahaha Until next time....
  11. Already packed up- Car and trailer are at MSRC- Early preparation guarantees at least 3 items left behind- hahahahaha. I look forward to seeing my fellow crazies in our natural habitat...;0
  12. Bad news- I'll be around to bug some of you...;0
  13. I'll be your wing man any time...;0 I miss @@Hastarock interaction. My memory bank routinely replays the F1 adventure at CoTA with the buzzing bees! I am fortunate you talked me into going before the awesome engines sounds were gone. I thought about heading to MSRH for SCCA a couple weeks ago. However; my car remains in rehab due to behavioral issues. With some luck (well your bad luck-hahahaha) our paths will cross in 2019!
  14. Please don't test drive a RS6- the AWD torque will have you opening your wallet...;0 It does not fit your criteria regarding non-German and manual...but what the heck it does have flappy paddles to swat at..;0 Good luck on the hunt and I look forward to seeing where you land!!
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