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  1. I was saddened to see this news. I met David long ago when he was my instructor for a weekend. I had many fun conversations with him after that when I was fortunate enough to see him around MSRC. He had a great sense of humor, and I often received the "Glad you got to see me!" catch phrase at the end of our conversation! I will miss seeing him and it is a great loss for our community. I hope to see him again when I leave my body and this planet. I will adopt a child this year from the Angel tree in his honor. I wish his family and friends well during this difficult time, and wish him Go
  2. Bummer to hear about the issues with the repave so soon! The issues must have started popping up after I had left on Friday, or they began Saturday. During my runs, the track surface had held up without any cones or pieces of track coming up. However; there were only about 6-8 cars on track Friday, and a few bikes running in their sessions. Thus; it wasn't getting too much abuse for those sessions. I hope they can resolve the issues and get the track up to its' potential.
  3. ^Dang- I missed seeing you and the Corvette. Lucky you! hahahahahaha See you next time!
  4. I was at MSRC yesterday and able to drive on the new surface. Glad to report- it seems much better than the last repave. I found it to be very nice- the dip at entrance of rattlesnake gone, and the entire surface is very consistent. It is certainly a green track. However; I found plenty of grip (the new tires probably helped- hahahahahaha). However; I think they have provided us freaks a nice place to play! I look forward to being out there again, and seeing how it holds up in the short and long term. Last minute cleanup of a few dirt piles before they released us
  5. As a side benefit- It would allow "you" to take tire temps upon pit in- Just trying to help out a friend 🙂 I too would be glad to help out and take tire temps if I am there when you are there. As another option- make your next student help out. It could be part of their "track education" to get some learning on taking tire temps. hahahahahahaha
  6. ^In order to rule out driver error- I would be happy to test drive it in the name of research of course..hahahahahahaha
  7. Careful with some hand devices Careful with those hand devices. They can become habit forming- at least that is what I have been told <looks both ways>
  8. Wowza! Glad to hear your prognosis is good!! Continue on with recovery at speed!!
  9. Very crazy watching that from the paddock area- It was good to hear everyone was ok! Loved seeing the green Eldorado- It makes all outside it want to be inside it to be part of the fun gang!!
  10. ^Agreed with all the above- the transition bump is worse than I recall. However; my car handled it relatively well at full throttle. Also, a dip at end of front straight is directly in braking zone. Options are: brake before dip earlier than wanted with relatively easy braking- release through dip- and brake again after dip brake through the dip that can unsettle the car brake after dip and requires very hard braking- Carrying full speed through the dip caused my car to unsettle a bit much for me to set up for braking and turn in to #2. With a bit more run time- I m
  11. Prepped and ready to roll out tomorrow..
  12. Weather looks great- I have signed up to hit the big girl! Anyone else?
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