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  1. As a side benefit- It would allow "you" to take tire temps upon pit in- Just trying to help out a friend 🙂 I too would be glad to help out and take tire temps if I am there when you are there. As another option- make your next student help out. It could be part of their "track education" to get some learning on taking tire temps. hahahahahahaha
  2. ^In order to rule out driver error- I would be happy to test drive it in the name of research of course..hahahahahahaha
  3. Careful with some hand devices Careful with those hand devices. They can become habit forming- at least that is what I have been told <looks both ways>
  4. Wowza! Glad to hear your prognosis is good!! Continue on with recovery at speed!!
  5. Very crazy watching that from the paddock area- It was good to hear everyone was ok! Loved seeing the green Eldorado- It makes all outside it want to be inside it to be part of the fun gang!!
  6. ^Agreed with all the above- the transition bump is worse than I recall. However; my car handled it relatively well at full throttle. Also, a dip at end of front straight is directly in braking zone. Options are: brake before dip earlier than wanted with relatively easy braking- release through dip- and brake again after dip brake through the dip that can unsettle the car brake after dip and requires very hard braking- Carrying full speed through the dip caused my car to unsettle a bit much for me to set up for braking and turn in to #2. With a bit more run time- I m
  7. Prepped and ready to roll out tomorrow..
  8. Weather looks great- I have signed up to hit the big girl! Anyone else?
  9. ^Dang- I asked Marc about you Sunday morning to meet up. However; he had not yet seen you. I did the double up session thing so I was running Red, Blue and the Happy Hour sessions. Thus; I was on track a lot, and you were probably out on track when I was in the paddock area. Hope to meet you next time! I missed out on the Gold Nugget. Hopefully, I can mine it from you another time- Love to have things to practice/destruct out there ?
  10. Another great fun track weekend- Thank you Chin for another well organized event with a ton of track time! I enjoyed the various conversations with old and new friends! The weather was awesome, and the track conditions were fantastic. The facilities and staff are on point. I look forward to next time enjoying a weekend with you freaks!
  11. Have you thought about forming up a fiberglass tail hook to put on it? Then- I might be willing to go up in it with you ?
  12. Weather forecast is looking nice so far!!
  13. ^Welcome back to the disease. Good luck with tail recovery!
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