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  1. Great weekend with Chin at ECR! It was my first time at ECR and I love the layout and challenges. The weather was perfect. I enjoyed the various conversations, and enjoyed catching up with a couple of you as it had been too long! A lap where I actually captured video and data.
  2. Wowza!- Thanks for sharing for the benefit of all. It can happen to any of us! As always- I look forward to our next conversation and seeing you out there!
  3. The 996 922 will be there- I look forward to seeing you freaks out there, and checking out ECR for the first time!
  4. The 996 922 is headed to Barber next weekend! I have a convoy of 1 leaving the Max nest Friday to meet up at Barber with friends. If you see us on the Arkansas/Alabama route- give a shout/wave/honk and flash if appropriate 🙂
  5. Max

    Penis extension car

    Good luck!! Someone is about to snag a fun machine.
  6. Weather was perfect. Chin put on another well organized and fun track weekend! Thank you Chin!! Anyone need a vette? Estimated retail value around $6.25 million. Great track lunch! My NCM track buddies. We try to get together two or three times a year at NCM or Barber. We opted for Saturday night Mello Mushroom pizza/salads/beer/etc.. at the track to end a superb track day adventure. Getting ready for Sunday's adventures Sunday track morning- Weather was awesome both days! Sunday driver meeting. Congratulations to all for Saturday no black flags or track stoppage. We had all our sessions both days without any stoppage except a minor 5 minute black flag on Sunday to get a car out of bad spot. Track time was plentiful!!
  7. Travel day is here! I broke away from reality's gravitational pull yesterday afternoon for pack/load up day. Meeting up with a group of friends and the weather forecast is awesome. Hopefully, the training will pay off. I also have my lucky signature pen ready for fan autographs at the stops along the way 🙂 If you happen to be driving between AR and KY and see Snoopy along the way- Honk and Wave...:)
  8. It has been a bit since I've been at the track. Decided I needed to start preparing with: A bit of conditioning Followed up with mental imagery excercise..
  9. It would be awesome to come down on the 21st and join you all for the fun. However; I will be at NCM on the 19th & 20th. I hope to make it back to MSRC soon! I was at MSRC yesterday picking up the 996 after the Quirt rehab.
  10. I find you @bobkid to be outgoing enuff...hahahahahahahaha I look forward to enjoying future track days with you!
  11. Look forward to it! If things work out, I'll be at Barber with Chin Oct 31.
  12. NCM is a buzz about the news I am headed back to their track 🙂 My car is being released from Quirt's rehab program. Thus; I am giving it this trip for earning release- hahahahaha Anyone else?
  13. We have a Hoffman 770 at the shop. Thankfully- one of the guys does the work. Works out better as I would be sure to break something on me on or the car; hahahahahaha. You might be able to pick up an used one for a decent price. Hopefully- you don't need active steer alignments- 🙂 One of those alignment systems is next up for our shop and requires quite a bit of space area. However; if I recall correctly, your shop has plenty of room!
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