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  1. Already packed up- Car and trailer are at MSRC- Early preparation guarantees at least 3 items left behind- hahahahaha. I look forward to seeing my fellow crazies in our natural habitat...;0
  2. Bad news- I'll be around to bug some of you...;0
  3. I'll be your wing man any time...;0 I miss @@Hastarock interaction. My memory bank routinely replays the F1 adventure at CoTA with the buzzing bees! I am fortunate you talked me into going before the awesome engines sounds were gone. I thought about heading to MSRH for SCCA a couple weeks ago. However; my car remains in rehab due to behavioral issues. With some luck (well your bad luck-hahahaha) our paths will cross in 2019!
  4. Please don't test drive a RS6- the AWD torque will have you opening your wallet...;0 It does not fit your criteria regarding non-German and manual...but what the heck it does have flappy paddles to swat at..;0 Good luck on the hunt and I look forward to seeing where you land!!
  5. I realize you said stay away from German. So.....I say give a Audi RS6 a look for a crazy option. You can snag one around the 10-15K. Sock the other 20-15K away for maintenance and you are good to roll. I have put about 204K miles on it. Yes- I put about $6K in it this year for some major maintenance items (timing belt service, rebuilt turbos, etc.., etc..). However; it is ready to roll for the next 35K miles with routine maintenance. It can have repair headaches (coolant pipe, transmission, timing belt service). The engine is crammed in the car with a shoe horn and does not offer much room to work on it. However; planning can group these maintenance items to reduce cost/down time. Here is a great site for the good and bad: http://www.rs6.com/forumdisplay.php/2-RS6-S6-RS7-S7-S8 I am on my 3rd transmission. However; it did see a ton of track time. Thus; not too surprising as it is the weak link in the car. It has been retired from track duty. Summary- 4300 pound car with 4 doors. It will pull 0-60 near the 4.0 second mark (APR tune and couple other items) with its' 550 horses, and will easily reach 175-185. I've heard it will go this fast (looks both ways) in comfort down the 4 lanes. There are less than 800 in the U.S. and you will not cross paths with many of them on the road. The rarity is a two edge sword as parts may become more difficult/expensive as time marches on. Again, crazy thought and probably not the right choice- LOL
  6. I have this one from Axia and it works for me. https://axiaalloys.com/product/17-wide-panoramic-rearview-mirror-1-5-arms/
  7. ^It should have come from the factory this way...;0 Good luck wrapping it up!
  8. Max

    2002 996

    Yes sir! The motor has been a strong ox from day 1. I've had other gremlins (mainly electrical). No oil leaks, oil analysis comes back all good, no strange items in filter. Thus; so far- all good with no leaks, no strange noises, or any work done to motor. Flat Six Innovations and Jake Raby are awesome. Jake stays in regular contact with me to this day, and I am happy to consider them my friends.
  9. Max

    2002 996

    I've had a few things added/repaired to the car since the last post. I'd rather not list the details- it just hurts too much to relive- LOL. I am looking forward to enjoying track experiences in 2019, and giving everyone their opportunity to pass a Porsche- hahahaha I appreciate all of you that participate in this crazy hobby! Without all of you, there would be no tracks, stories, car thing headaches, departures from reality world, and my wallet would have too much to carry around. Thus- Thank you Track Junkies for choosing to Dance!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  10. Max

    German Beetle car

    ^Awesomeness...!! https://youtu.be/C1r0_rYSVjY
  11. ^If he continues to underperform <looks both ways>- you know where to reach me- hahahaha Great run and thanks for sharing!
  12. A girl doesn't air her dirty laundry.... But since I can trust you not to tell anyone- The wiring around the rear relay panel needed TLC and a couple relays had issues. A few other items that reared up are also being tightened up while in the surgeon's hands.
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