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  1. Weather was perfect. Chin put on another well organized and fun track weekend! Thank you Chin!! Anyone need a vette? Estimated retail value around $6.25 million. Great track lunch! My NCM track buddies. We try to get together two or three times a year at NCM or Barber. We opted for Saturday night Mello Mushroom pizza/salads/beer/etc.. at the track to end a superb track day adventure. Getting ready for Sunday's adventures Sunday track morning- Weather was awesome both days! Sunday driver meeting. Congratulations to all for Saturday no black flags or track stoppage. We had all our sessions both days without any stoppage except a minor 5 minute black flag on Sunday to get a car out of bad spot. Track time was plentiful!!
  2. Travel day is here! I broke away from reality's gravitational pull yesterday afternoon for pack/load up day. Meeting up with a group of friends and the weather forecast is awesome. Hopefully, the training will pay off. I also have my lucky signature pen ready for fan autographs at the stops along the way 🙂 If you happen to be driving between AR and KY and see Snoopy along the way- Honk and Wave...:)
  3. It has been a bit since I've been at the track. Decided I needed to start preparing with: A bit of conditioning Followed up with mental imagery excercise..
  4. It would be awesome to come down on the 21st and join you all for the fun. However; I will be at NCM on the 19th & 20th. I hope to make it back to MSRC soon! I was at MSRC yesterday picking up the 996 after the Quirt rehab.
  5. I find you @bobkid to be outgoing enuff...hahahahahahahaha I look forward to enjoying future track days with you!
  6. Look forward to it! If things work out, I'll be at Barber with Chin Oct 31.
  7. NCM is a buzz about the news I am headed back to their track 🙂 My car is being released from Quirt's rehab program. Thus; I am giving it this trip for earning release- hahahahaha Anyone else?
  8. We have a Hoffman 770 at the shop. Thankfully- one of the guys does the work. Works out better as I would be sure to break something on me on or the car; hahahahahaha. You might be able to pick up an used one for a decent price. Hopefully- you don't need active steer alignments- 🙂 One of those alignment systems is next up for our shop and requires quite a bit of space area. However; if I recall correctly, your shop has plenty of room!
  9. Max

    2002 996

    Update- Quirt has put it back together. It has a few cosmetic touch ups, and it will then be released. I look forward to putting my paws back on it and having some track fun with you folks!
  10. ^Ouch!! Good luck on the repair!! Note to self: Double decker tool boxes have right of way
  11. Hmmm..maybe that is why the Chin lunch was from 11-12 😂 However; sound has not been mentioned (Chin or Rezoom) and I've never heard anyone complaining about it at Barber. At NCM, the sound levels are a constant discussion (aka silencer issues with them flying onto track, installation, distance, sound data logging, yada yada yada) with signs posted. The sound guardians are easily seen holding their booms at NCM. However; Barber would not do something so visual (they probably have the mics in the hanging lady's skirt- hahahahaha).
  12. My dang car (and many others) were not required to observe Sunday quiet hours I assure you- My car is noisy and likes to show it... Cars were firing up as earlier as 7:30 and possibly earlier. I have not seen any sound enforcers, and sound limitations have not been discussed during the driver meetings I have attended- and I usually listen sometimes.
  13. I've never had an issue with the sound at Barber. Mine requires silencers at NCM (I run right at 104-105) so say the NCM sound trolls. However; no issues at Barber running with Chin and Rezoom. And...there were louder cars than mine always out there when I've attended.
  14. Max

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    Took it out for a short lazy fun trip with the lady that puts up with me up Hwy 5 last weekend. It is a nice road with curves and elevation changes. The car is a great driver's car with the engine sounds, sitting low, and rowing gears. Hit the RPM in the sweet spot and let the turbos do their thing. Combined with classic 70 and 80's music it was a couple good hours to be me- And no masks required!!
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