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  1. Very crazy watching that from the paddock area- It was good to hear everyone was ok! Loved seeing the green Eldorado- It makes all outside it want to be inside it to be part of the fun gang!!
  2. ^Agreed with all the above- the transition bump is worse than I recall. However; my car handled it relatively well at full throttle. Also, a dip at end of front straight is directly in braking zone. Options are: brake before dip earlier than wanted with relatively easy braking- release through dip- and brake again after dip brake through the dip that can unsettle the car brake after dip and requires very hard braking- Carrying full speed through the dip caused my car to unsettle a bit much for me to set up for braking and turn in to #2. With a bit more run time- I might have gained the confidence/skill to handle it more better. I generally opted for #1 after trying all 3 options several times. Rattlesnake extra grip did help reduce slip, and allowed more power to be applied. The boot hill/tombstone/turn 15 area is also more grippy (from what I remember) allowing more speed to be carried. I do like the increased paving of the paddock area- So much more room! The Driver's Edge available track time is so much less than Chin. It had been a while since I ran with TDE. A lot of "sitting/chatting time" in the paddock between sessions. The Chin track time is awesome and it will be hard for me to sign up for another TDE until additional track time is offered.
  3. Prepped and ready to roll out tomorrow..
  4. Weather looks great- I have signed up to hit the big girl! Anyone else?
  5. ^Dang- I asked Marc about you Sunday morning to meet up. However; he had not yet seen you. I did the double up session thing so I was running Red, Blue and the Happy Hour sessions. Thus; I was on track a lot, and you were probably out on track when I was in the paddock area. Hope to meet you next time! I missed out on the Gold Nugget. Hopefully, I can mine it from you another time- Love to have things to practice/destruct out there 🙂
  6. Another great fun track weekend- Thank you Chin for another well organized event with a ton of track time! I enjoyed the various conversations with old and new friends! The weather was awesome, and the track conditions were fantastic. The facilities and staff are on point. I look forward to next time enjoying a weekend with you freaks!
  7. Have you thought about forming up a fiberglass tail hook to put on it? Then- I might be willing to go up in it with you 🙂
  8. Weather forecast is looking nice so far!!
  9. Max

    Goals 2021

    ^Welcome back to the disease. Good luck with tail recovery!
  10. hahahahahahahahahahaha- Now if you only had that jet to do a couple fly overs..
  11. ^My strategy is stay really good friends with the neighbors with back up natural gas and gas generators along with mine, guns/ammo (and know how to use them) stock piled, and plenty of food/water at all times stored. Self sufficient with friends I think they call it- LOL. And a stocked bar of course. 🍻
  12. Hey! How about us in Arkansas??? 🙂 We have managed to keep power/water so far. Accumulated snow/ice is ~14 inches. Luckily- Lori is a great cook and has kept us fed very well. We smoked a lot of meat when this started. Last night- Smoked chicken and dumplings was on the dinner plate, and watched a movie with the fire burning. However; I think she is about at her limit for putting up with me for multiple days- LOL. The cats are going crazy not being able to chase birds that are flocking to the bird feeder (stocked up) in the back yard. I swear I think our birds have gotten fatter during all this- hahahahahaha Hopefully the generator will not have to be fired up! Some idjuit in the mirror has not recently tested it. LOL When it started the smoke began.
  13. White stuff has cancelled Barber plans. Decided on other practice runs to keep reflexes sharp. Had this stored in the attic since the last winter accumulation in 2008. The steering is poor and the hover fans do not work as advertised-LOL
  14. It was too much fun the first time- Going back for seconds! Anyone else?
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