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  1. Name Change Application Submitted Old Name: Randy New Name: buddys
  2. Heck- I pulled a 1:15:xx in a rented mid engine, corded tires, a/c, full interior, no nets, Chitti Chitti bang bang blaring on the radio, hover craft the other night with our dog Max riding shotgun. Stupid birds woke me up. Timer: Dreamland <Aim was down> No video- Forgot to snap the brain cam on when dozing off
  3. Yes- Sounds like a great idea to me...😉
  4. Get a second hood-..Chop up at will
  5. We had a bit of shop floor work done over the recent holiday break.. Looks more better with customer cars back in it 🙂 Back in Business- Looks better with client cars in it ;0
  6. Max

    2002 996

    Clean up on aisle 996..... Further updates when it becomes fully dressed
  7. Reminds me of someone...;0
  8. My first DE track event was a 3 day at Daytona. A friend on an Audi forum said "You can drive your car on Daytona". I said "Whaaaaaaaaaat Did you Say?". When he repeated- I signed up and the adventure began. Drove the RS6 there from Arkansas (15 hours approximately), ran it on track for 3 days. I had no spare tires, no significant tools, but plenty of water and enthusiasm. 🙂 Drove all night to get to the driver meeting just in time to hear about blend lines and folks running by at 150-170 yada yada yada. My self preservation voice was screaming at me "Get OUT now! Tell em family emergency, make a mess in your pants, just get out now!". I choked the little inner voice and had too much fun. What a fantastic experience and I hope to get the 996 out there when the stars align.
  9. It appears I have talked myself into it....;0 Roster Max
  10. Fortunately for you- you can call it "Mine"....;0 Congrats on the earned reward!!
  11. Fantastic track- a bit warm- but a great weekend overall with a passing (I gave it a point-by) Sunday afternoon thunderstorm. Chin put on another well run event with tons of track time at a beautiful track. Barber is about to be repaved. Their poor track condition is called excellent at other tracks..;0 Cooking at Barber---hahahhaha No real damage just a bunch of smoke and coolant on track from what I was told
  12. Decision made- Barber will have to endure me...;-0 Meet up at Max's house Friday morning- all my inner voices are excited about the adventure
  13. I may head East to Barber for this weekend's Chin event. If luck, weather and my schedule cooperate- I will be in my black box cooking at Barber! Anyone else?
  14. A few pics strung together of the trip. Filled up at Cane's mid-trip and failed to fill truck- LOL. We made it to a pump before she went empty-hahaha. Car show at the hotel was added bonus along with Grump burgers Friday night followed up with pool fun.
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