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  1. Max

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    ^Good luck on the hunt! I "interviewed" many candidates. Some had the X50 package but did not have great historical records, others had too many cosmetic issues, many have been modded, contacting various parties and asking questions isn't necessarily fun (some take it well, others are a$$holes and easy to dismiss, others are passive aggressive evasive). In summary, when dealing with unknown individuals- it makes the due diligence work a struggle for sure. When this one popped up and had most of the boxes ticked (great service record, one owner, low miles, very clean Car Fax, like new interior/exterior, fully serviced)- I jumped on it. I decided I did not want to wait an extended time for the "perfect one". The dealership sales representatives also helped tip the scales with their personal knowledge of the car/history/supporting documents/reputation. It came with a full tank of gas. I've driven it about 70 miles. Thus; far- zero operating costs (I'm not counting wear/tear). :0 Let us know what you add to your garage when it comes @IanIsInGarage
  2. Max

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    Just the tips..No X50. It is newly aligned with new tires. However; I don't know if they did it the "right way". They probably set to OEM spec and I'll (uhhh...more accurately- my guys) will need to adjust that out of it.
  3. Max

    2004 Porsche Turbo

    I wanted a fun car and this is what the inner voices demanded... It arrived today- On tap tomorrow is rolling over Arkansas roads in it!
  4. Max

    Penis extension car

    ^The extra 4 inches between us will be helpful ^That stuff is funny and I don't care who you are.... Oh my---I gotta get some monitor wipes to clean off my drink splatter. Further joke fodder...
  5. Max

    Penis extension car

    ^Thanks buddy! Snagged from a dealership in Maryland that sold it to the original single owner, and serviced it all its' life. Hopefully our machines can meet up some day! Transporter picking it up today.
  6. Max

    Penis extension car

    Ok- I did it! Unmolested 2004 headed toward its' new Arkansas nest soon!
  7. Woot- Look forward to seeing it for the first time!
  8. Maybe because the other usual suspects were ruled out. Kind of like the dog that did not bark..
  9. TJ family got your back @KevinDB. Let us know when you are ready to schedule your free web conference consultation session. We will work together to form a disturbing yet effective plan to punish the engine builder poser. He will never harm another engine. Our models @Captain Buddha and @Matt93SEstand ready with their impressive portfolio of drinking prowess and disturbing attire. WARNING- your eyes will not be able to unsee what has been seen, and may require radical brain mix surgery to bring you back to any type of functional state after viewing the material. I have been told the cigar brigade will be on stand by to smoke him out and enjoy the party parking lot bbq/beer bash. Back to reality- I hope you reach an amiable resolution with the ghost mechanic.
  10. ^Offer 6K (consignment of course) and flip that thing from your front yard :0
  11. Have a friend call/leave message to setup appointment with shop owner to discuss a "fanthom" large engine rebuild project. Show up with friends/police/etc. at appointed time. Otherwise, you can always go with the "You have won a reward" and we would like to present it to you ploy. 🙂 Then there is always the "hot chick" ploy (with sample photo) for photo shoot at his "cool" shop. This is usually a winner to receive a return call and appointment. Always fun when you show up in lieu of hot chick photo shoot discussion- hahahahaha Not that I have ever participated in such things...🙄
  12. The car has been hanging around MSRC without me (I think it likes it that way). It has been in extended rehab for various items- the ABS is not cooperating at the moment. Dr. Smith has it on his table. If you hear an explosion- he gave up on it. 🙂 Look forward to seeing you (well- especially the lady that hangs out with you- LOL) next time!
  13. Great seller- Highly recommend! 🙂 However; not so sure about the adult movie clip trailer selection though--hahahahaha
  14. The other drivers' viewpoint mostly seen of this car/driver when on track. Looking forward to other's videos of this thing going by them 🙂
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