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  1. Excluding my wife's cars, the only auto I've ever bought was my truck, and probably would have bought that in manual too given the option. I'm on my 7th manual car 🙂
  2. Rick mentioned last weekend that they've been working on a new website. I suspect this issue is unrelated, but they seem to be in the process of updating it to something of this millennia
  3. It's not that you're a bad driver Brad, well yes it is...
  4. I see what everybody else sees. The video in isolation shows the instructor as a dick. However, following my ignorant logic that most people are well intentioned, just misunderstood or portrayed incorrectly, I'm trying to paint a different, broader picture, and understand where he's coming from. The two videos certainly clear things up. The student's driving might seem hacky to slow AF old dude instructor, and the two videos highlight that difference. The student, as you say, clearly knows how to hustle a car. Maybe he just doesn't know how to drive 7/10ths, and that explains the discomfort in his driving? I can get behind that. If you're not driving 10/10ths, then what's the point!? Student should have gone full send, and go out in a blaze of glory!
  5. So I’ve actually watched the video now. I feel like the instructor might need some credit. He was likely told this guy blew 3 red flags, and I myself would have already have formed an opinion of the guy given that info, and the type of car wouldn’t have helped either. Now, while his driving wasn’t bad, it was hacky, always in the wrong gear, and when supposedly not driving at 10-10ths, he was sawing at the wheel like he had no idea where he was going. His lines look decent, and he was probably turning pretty quick lines, but I can imagine how the instructor might have felt. I’ve instructed students with some silly fast cars. Sometimes I feel I can trust them, they know their car, their limitations, and I feel comfortable. Other times, something, or a combination of things, just scare the crap out of me. Sometimes I can’t tell you exactly why, it’s just a general feeling, and I think that somewhat applies here. For the reasons above, and for the ones that I can’t describe, I think I would feel uncomfortable in the passenger seat of this car. Perhaps it’s because I’ve instructed people that have found their way into the advanced group because they have a fast car, and have no business being there. I had a student who turned up to his first day in a 850hp gtr - a friend of a friend that requested me. I pulled him in after the second session and had a talk about how if didn’t listen to me I’m out - we passed another car through TWS turn 7 with me screaming at him ‘no’. The rest of the weekend was okay, but told Rick, never again with that guy. He was a really nice guy, but thought he was literally a pro driver. He worked his way through to red (somehow). I’ve heard he recently bought an M4, and had it down at Msrh on a member day. Best he managed was a 2:02. Laughed my ass off. He was an extreme case, but I’ve had plenty others all that same boat. Long story short, the instructor was given information that would have ticked me off too. He gets in for a check ride, and the guy has cameras going, mics, and lap timer, blah blah, and while he was not slow, his driving was hacky, and kind of crappy for an advanced driver group, and maybe there’s a whole back story. Not how I would have probably handled the situation, but perhaps the instructor needs some credit - just saying
  6. Sit more upright? Or I expect your wheel should telescope? The first thing I adjust when I get into a new car - seat as low as it can go, and steering wheel telescoped all the way out. My latest seat in the mustang is so fricken tall I had to recline it a little more than I liked, but have a deep-ish dish steering wheel to have everything where I want it to be
  7. After re-reading my post, I've explained it poorly. The ball of my foot is still completely on the brake pedal. I rotate/pivot my foot around the ball, and still hit the throttle with my heel, but the side of my heel. So, still rotate the foot, but don't lift my knee or leg
  8. I can't imagine you having much brake feel with any part of your foot that isn't the ball. The braking is clearly the most important step at this moment, and so should be the focus. American cars, and new cars in general seem to have pedals that make it difficult to heel and toe. I've heard rumors that the gas pedal is shorter due to incidents were it gets caught on the floor mat - certainly seems that all new cars have a short gas pedal (although not really an issue with the bmw style pedal). My old S15 Silvia, 350Z, and bug eye WRX had awesome stock pedal positions, but the mustang and the challenger were woeful. I've installed longer and wider gas pedals for both of them. For the Mustang, I had to also lift the gas pedal 3/4 inch up. When it comes to the heel toe technique, I tend to use the side of my foot as I roll it over on to the gas pedal. This allows you to kind of just pivot your foot, rather than move your whole knee and leg to lift your heel on to the gas pedal. Pictures below of before/after of my mustang pedals. I should do a pedal cam one day
  9. My Dad's visiting from Aus. I've signed him up in my Mustang. He's never been on a track before, and I can't wait to show him this part of my world. And I'll be there of course!
  10. Just curious... why do you say that?
  11. So fast. You were quick in the wet too. Tried my best to keep up, but just couldn't do it. Only 200whp?! Damn. I also set a PB. Lap time: 1:48.2 CCW Car: 2004 Mustang GT Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: ~3200 Estimated wheel horsepower: 250? (like Cliff, never dyno'd, but assume close to CMC class power) Tire size and model: 255 Falken Azenis 615k+ Estimated ambient temperature: 50s?
  12. Weekend was awesome. That is all.
  13. Wife, kids, and I plan on being there to spectate on the Sunday.
  14. As the title suggests, went to that irace go kart place in Katy on the weekend. Normally I've gone to K1 as it's closer to work, but I'm irace convert now. The irace karts are next level fast. You do have to have to qualify in the novice carts before they'll unleash the full power, and for good reason, as once you're in the pro class, they are proper quick! To the point where heavy braking is required on a few corners, and even throttle modulation is a thing. It's got a second story section with a ramp up and then back down. The ramp down starts mid 90 degree turn and you can actually get air off it which is fairly exciting mid turn. I'm sure people would have heard me laughing from the viewing area every time I went over it. The karts were quite nice too. Far newer than K1, and so less beat up, but also a different brand and style completely. Still electric, but both seat position and pedal position are electronically adjustable so you can find your perfect driving position. The one thing they don't have though is the big tv showing your times. It would be nice to see them while you're doing laps.
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