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  1. Are there any teams based out of Phoenix? Just out of curiosity...
  2. I had a lot of fun. Despite having problems all day saturday, and maybe only getting less than 1hr on track, I still got an exhausting amount of seat time in on sunday. Thanks again Michael, for both rides! 10/10, Would Chin again.
  3. I got a phone call from them last week to confirm. Any idea who your student is? I'm all signed up in Novice. Switching to the track brakes and tires today!
  4. I can pick them up from TWS next time you're in town if they don't go before then!
  5. Sign in once a day and build up the online log-in bonus. I got it up to 200% and then did all the seasonal events. Getting all golds with a bonus built up earns a few million credits.
  6. License acquired. Lobby available.
  7. I tried to get online then realized you have to unlock the license to play online. So hopefully I'll be in next weekend.
  8. Those irons still hot?
  9. DerekTX

    Gran Turismo 6

    Hopefully I'll be able to pick one up after the holidays. Happy racing tonight guys!
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou6QGrR4GD4
  11. I would love too but I'm out of college station. I'd be more than willing to make the drive down on weekends this summer once classes are done in the spring.
  12. I've got too much hw to get online right now. If I get done with it soon I might drop in on you guys. We'll see.
  13. Thanks! Turned out the be the fuel pressure regulator. We had a spare at the shop and I have a brand new one on the self on standby. z Updates: Interesting weekend. worked on the cars on friday. Worked on the cars saturday until 4. Went to dallas for a concert. Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage. Hard to believe I've been listening to those guys for 10 years now. My car wouldn't start this morning to get home. No fuel pressure. I did this a couple weeks ago and I replaced the fuel pump. Worked like a charm until then. I don't know. I was stranded for a while. Car is still in Dallas, I managed to get home. Went to go do more racecar things to get my mind off it. On that note, I have sucessfully created a device to turn gasoline into much noise, and hopefully a few horsepowers. The Fox is alive and at least moving around. Haven't pushed it yet. And the Badger...
  14. Apologies for my recent absenteeism the past few weeks chaps. Classes and TAMU Racing have been kicking my ass this semester.
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