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  1. Excellent Robert. A great resource, thanks. It keeps my boss (wife) happy to know the schedule.
  2. Thanks. This is a very useful resource!
  3. Does anyone know a sim computer expert in Austin. I have a Corsair box with a Asus mother board and various other components that acts flaky sometimes. I would love to have someone track down the gremlins and clean it up. Dean 512-413-5359
  4. Could Edge Addicts get added to the calendar please? I rely on the TJ calendar but always have to then jump over to the EA website. Yes I AM lazy. Thanks
  5. I did a search in the forums put couldn't find the post about the medical helmet stickers from a year or so ago. Just had the helmet painted so I need to replace the sticker. Can anyone please point me to that thread? Thanks Dean
  6. Robert, Could you add the Ride-Drive-Give charity event at COTA for March 15 please? https://centerforchildprotection.org/events/2019-ride-drive-give/ We also need some more qualified instructors as volunteers to help us out that day to instruct the donors. [email protected]
  7. May 3- 5 Cinco de COTA – Full weekend of HPDE, TT, and Racing
  8. one more please 2019 MVP Track Time Schedule February 22 - 24, 2019: Circuit of The Americas [Austin, TX] - COTA VII
  9. Does anyone know anything about the Montrose trailers? They are much lighter than an equivalent ATC aluminum trailer. I am not sure is "lighter" means "more fragile" or not.
  10. FYI, the 2018 NASA TX and WRL race schedules are published now. But no TWS!
  11. I bought one of these and have used it for 3 weekends now. Seems perfect. The separate volumes controls are a useful feature.
  12. Does anyone know anyone with a good used enclosed aluminum 20-22 ft trailer for sale? Or a good source for a new one?
  13. Happy New Year! Would it be possible to add all the WRL races to the calendar? Also I have a list of all the COTA amateur events fi you want to add those. Dean
  14. Great idea. Does it have a warranty? I would definitely buy one if it lasts longer than the Chatterbox.
  15. Starting Feb 1, 2017 we have 4 full race prep cars available for DE or race events including NASA, SCCA and WRL. Wolf GB08 (Two seater) New Wolf GB08SS (Single seat) New BMW M235iR (BMW Factory Built Race car) BMW E36 M3 The MSSW website will be updated soon. If you would like to be on our mail list email to the website. www.motorsports-sw.com
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