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  1. Gotta love that video indeed. :) Which car never cleared 115? 240? or RX7?
  2. Track: COTA Date: June 19, 2016 Lap Time: 2:39.xxx (stopwatch lol) Car: 2012 Mazdaspeed 3 Estimated weight with driver: 3450 Estimated whp: 280whp Tires: used 225/40-17 C71 Hankooks on OEM 18x7.5 MS3 wheels Weather: upper 90s, Sunny and damn hot LOL So this was my last session in the car, Silver MS3 with bright yellow 93 on the side. After 2 laps the LR bumper started to parachute out. I also was having brake issues earlier and I found out my front ball joints really didn't like all the curbs LOL. All in all a fun first day and only day I've run at COTA. I hope to take the Miata there som
  3. INTERESTED!!! :) Would you sell without tires? Those are not what I would use for my class in autocross
  4. What's the build date on the Yokohamas? Stored in the A/C I hope? Price negotiable now? :) These might be fun on my MS3
  5. Any link to the safety recall from Recaro? The only thing I can find is the retraction on the FIA rating. Which means they are legal for road racing wth a back brace in SCCA and NASA. Like all the ultrashields and other aluminum seats. Still a GREAT seat. :) http://buildraceparty.com/recaro-pp-no-longer-legal-racing/
  6. damn i wish i had a few more grand. This looks like a great deal :)
  7. So this dyno shows an S2000 making more torque than HP? Skeptical is an understatement lol :) But seriously why do the dyno numbers not match those on the graph? Also...I like the ingenuity of doing something different :)
  8. I have a brand new IMS bearing kit tool for the 986 Boxster S if you're interested in getting a deal :) Also have a lightweight borla exhaust that needs a hanger part welded on it :) And a few sets of wheels and tires I'd love to unload. We're going another direction with our 2001 S
  9. Hmm...Any idea if they fit a Mazda3? I know the bolt pattern will work :) Where in town are you? Got a contact #?
  10. I wish i had moved that guy to the fastest run group so he could drive flat out. his you tube videos are all the rage now :)
  11. I think the point is the tires are rated to 65. Most of us tow faster...but bad shit can happen. My dad replaces trailer tires every 3 years if not sooner. They are about $150/tire installed and how many thousand is the trailer and car and crap in it? Cheap investment ;)
  12. Still impressive to me when I see this...this should be under 1:50 at TWS and around 1:40 at MSRH I'd guess :) I expect it to be quicker than EP cars.
  13. I've got some OEM 14" miata wheels I'd like to sell. Interested?
  14. Greg Lucal on the NW side @ Lucas Restoration
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