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  1. I’m sure the guy was told this by someone, but I think someone was peeing on his feet and telling him it was raining. If the the owners want to do this they should have plenty of money now to “recondition” the track from the money they raked in from the car storage.
  2. Keep the ideas coming guys. Really appreciate them. It's tough right now to get much track time on local tracks, hence the reason for me asking about ones that are further away. I doubt PittRace would be on the list, but for what it's worth, I just spent two weekends at Mid Ohio, and heard nothing but good things about Pitt.
  3. Just wondering how many of you PDS regulars would make a trek to Hallett for a PDS event? NOLA? Cresson? ECR with improvements?
  4. No way we will ever let him off the hook!
  5. Don't forget to thank ShadenFred for grilling up the food Pam prepared. The dude worked his butt off at the grill.
  6. That's my coaching tip for the weekend.
  7. There is a Radical Cup race at COTA that weekend. Cup car brings VPRacing fuel with him.
  8. Rate and time has changed. Those that signed up before the change get the new times and the old price.
  9. FYI for everyone, I'm capping all run groups except red at 25 cars. This should keep the traffic down enough so we can still run double sessions for the advanced drivers. I expect it will be a bit crowded for some of the sessions on Saturday morning, and then folks will realize that they can't do every session without passing out. We will talk about that at the drivers meeting. The following groups currently have room left Green -- 3 slots Blue -- 2 slots White -- 2 slots Red -- ~4 slots If you have not been confirmed for a slot in one of these groups, it either means you ha
  10. This times 1000! We will have our traditional beer boiled brats and chicken legs waiting to be grilled, beer, and some other munchies. We definitely could use another grill, and more importantly another grill master. Pam pre-cooks the brats and legs, so they just need to be finished up on the grill.
  11. Do both! Chin's events are lots of fun. I'll be there coaching Pam in the MX-5 Cup.
  12. Chin runs good events with lots of track time, but this is an apples to oranges comparison. Dependif upon the number of people who sign up, we may run the OTD as true open track. I. E. Only one run group with 50min sessions. We will run from 8:00-2:00 with each session starting on the hour. We can fit probably close to 50 cars into this kind of event without splitting tinto groups, since few can last 50mins on the track in August. It's great because you just get in and drive when you feel like it. Note you must be solo certified to run.
  13. As the folks younger than me (which is everyone) say, it's complicated. There are nine people ahead of you waiting for confirmation. Since you have not driven with us before, we will need to put an instructor in the car with you at first to confirm that you are ok to run solo with PDS. Because we combine blue solo drivers with yellow for some sessions, we have to be careful about who we put out Solo. I've seen VERY bad things happen over the years. I'm leaning on the instructors to register so I can add people. There are nine people who registered before you. Hopefully we can ge
  14. Garages go like this: Instructors as long as they sign up before the day I do assignments 2-Day garage customers by registration date 1-Day garage customers by registration date Usually we have enough for all 2 day customers plus some 1-day. Most likely not for this event. But as I've mentioned before, there is plenty of room in a garage for folks to get out of the sun. If you have a garage and don't offer some shade to someone who does not, you're going to be a victim of your karma. Cars can sit in the sun. People can't.
  15. I put everyone on wait list for garages until one week before the event. There are too many changes that happen in the interim. If you don't get a garage, there are lots of people with garages including myself that invite folks that don't have one to hang around in the shade.
  16. LOL, I've got a job for you... It would be a LOT easier if instructors would sign up early!
  17. I might have bought mine from MurrayMotorsports instead of demon-tweaks, but I got one from the UK for $322.
  18. And don't tell us you don't have the coin. If you're life isn't worth $322 to you, I'm not quite sure what to say! http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/fhr-hans-devices/hans-iii-hans-device Seriously, not trying to be a dick, trying to be a friend.
  19. Great weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  20. Looks like there were at least 50 people there watching.
  21. Passenger is an instructor. If there are two people in the car with PDS one of them MUST be an instructor.
  22. I'll either have the Miata or the 944. To the extent I can drive you will have someone to pick on.
  23. My guess it that he knew he was going to catch the GTR at 15 when he saw him as he was coming into 12. He's that far ahead of everything. GTR did nothing wrong, and I don't think Andy was upset with anything other than the bad luck of catching someone at that spot on the track. He's also very tough on himself. I've got a lot more video of him driving, and he's almost never happy with his lap.
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