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  1. I haven't seen anyone post their tow vehicle lap times, so I'll post mine. 🤣 Lap Time: 2:08 CW (on back to back laps) Truck: 2022 Ram TRX (100% stock, stock tires, Sport mode, full auto shifts) Weight: Heavy AF 702 hp 82F ambient (Mar 2022) Video: https://youtu.be/RUVeF2MAXpA
  2. Been a while since I posted an update. New best lap time on Dec 28, 2016. 1:43.8 CW (ran two of these lap times, different sessions). 2014 Dodge Viper TA Stock tires, stock suspension, stock alignment (Pirelli PZero Corsa) Mods: Headers and catback, Mopar PCM (approx. 580 rwhp). Carbotech brake pads. Timing: VBox In the video, you'll probably notice a few areas where I coast it instead of an executing an upshift. I've tried it both ways, shifting, accelerating a very short distance, slamming the brakes, and then downshifting. No improvement on lap time on those areas. The c
  3. Nice lap, lobster. Looks like I was accurate on the 1:49 estimate that I made a few posts earlier. Well done. Tony
  4. I would think a C7 Z51 (stock) should easily be capable of 1:45 with great driving, 1:49 with above average driving - once you have learned the line of the track. It honestly isn't much slower than the C7 Z06 on this track, since the track is too short to really get an advantage with the higher horsepower of the Z06. That Z51 might actually be one of the most perfect cars for MSR. Super Sports are a great tire, until you keep pushing them hard about 20-25 minutes. Then they turn greasy and start to understeer a lot. But, excellent for a street tire.
  5. Thanks! Glad I found this forum, has a lot of useful track info. Here is my other car: Lap time: 1:51.1 CW - Harrys Lap Timer Car: 2014 Camaro SS 1LE Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3850 Estimated wheel horsepower: 360 Tire size and model: Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 285/35-20 front and rear (stock) Estimated ambient temperature: 80F and sunny Notes: Vehicle 100% stock, as purchased. Video Both cars on track (my wife and I split)
  6. Lap time: 1:45.3 CW - VBox Car: 2014 Viper TA Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3600 lbs Estimated wheel horsepower: 540 Tire size and model: Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires 295/30-19F and 345/30-19R Estimated ambient temperature: 74 and cloudy Notes: Vehicle 100% stock, other than tires (my street tire combo, harder than stock) Video Tony
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