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  1. Harris Hill is awesome again. Went out there for the Track Night in America event last night. All groups were sold out so there was a lot of traffic, but had a great time. The adjustments to 6 and 7 don't feel totally different from before, but you do have less options for lines you can take through there. Data shows I could hit low 1:25s on these aged out tires. I'd imagine once some rubber gets laid down on this track a lot of people will be setting new personal bests.
  2. I'm doing SCCA TNiA out there tonight so I'll let you know how it is. The event is completely sold out so I doubt I'll get many traffic free laps. Aside from getting rid of the bumps, the back section from 6 to 7 has been pulled in about a car length. So 6 is a little straighter and 7 (Mustang) is a bit tighter. Those are the only changes to layout that I am aware of.
  3. I really need to update my build thread since there's a lot ive been doing since the last update. This is my current quarantine project: Quaife 2.83 quick rack and pinion and junkyard rack rebuild.
  4. Get some end plates on that rear wing and it will be much more effective too.
  5. Thanks! That is strange and not something I'd never noticed before. It does appear the timer starts at the same location that it shows in your screen shot above, it just continues to run for a second before the next laps starts. I still plan to get a 10hz in the near future, it's just one more thing to deal with while at the track. For now the internal phone gps is good enough till I really want to start dialing in specific corners and segments.
  6. I was just out there last month and the back straight between 3-4 is pretty rough and so is the turn in before 6. They've repaved sections around there a few times in the last few years, but the problems persist. It's still a very fun layout though it's just pretty rough on cars.
  7. Track: Harris Hill Road CW Location: San Marcos, Texas Best Lap Time: 1:26.76 Weather: 90 degrees, sunny Car: 1990 Honda Civic Aero: Custom front splitter/airdam, APR GTC-200 wing Engine: B16 swap and turbo - 305hp Brakes: Wilwood 11.75" with Hawk DTC60 front, Stoptech performance rear, SS lines, RBF 600 fluid Suspension: Tired Tein SS coilovers, ST Rear sway bar, a mix of ES urathane and PCI spherical bushings. Wheels & Tires: 15x9 with 245/40/15 Front / 15x7 205/50/15 Rear Maxxis RC1 New PB for me.
  8. Date: 4/01/19 Car: 1990 Honda Civic (turbo) Track name: MotorSport Ranch 3.1 Track location: Cresson, TX Lap time: 2:29.045 (Track Addict) Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 2400 With Driver Estimated wheel horsepower: 305 Tire size and model: 245/40/15 F/ 205/50/15 R Maxxis RC-1 Estimated ambient temperature: 55 Over 2 years since I've run Cresson. Final session of the day and wasn't driving like this was going to be my fastest lap of the day. Guess that means I need try less and not overdrive my car.
  9. That's because on most cars that area where the hood meets the windshield is a high pressure zone. Hood extractors need to be further forward in a low pressure fast moving air zone.
  10. I just want a 2200lb tin can of a Honda with double wishbone suspension like the old days. Then we can stuff whatever we want in there without it feeling like a pig.
  11. HopGarage


    Looking good, are you going to lap the intake valves on #4?
  12. I'll take another look tonight. When I pulled the plugs for the leakdown test they all looked normal.
  13. HopGarage


    I actually bought all the parts to build a setup like this for my car, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I planned to just de-spring my current cap and use that nipple as a bleed off point for the system. Could you do the same?
  14. October 2018 - New engine, new problems When loading up the car for the track night at Harris Hill I noticed some smoke that went away. On my last session I was black flagged and they let me know the car was smoking quite a bit. (both idle and on throttle) Over the weekend I started messing with the car and I am pretty sure the issue has to do with coolant. After the engine warms some revs shoot quite a bit of water out of the exhaust. Even after 7-8 fan cycles I get a few spits of water. Though i have not really seen any signs that I'm losing coolant. I ran a leakdown test came back with a pretty healthy engine: Cyl 1: 3% Cyl 2: 1% Cyl 3: 0% Cyl 4: 1% With numbers like this, the only logical place that oil could smoke like this would be valve stem seals, but I replaced those when I swapped the valvetrain from my old engine. The turbo is also fairly new with only 4-5 track days and a few autocross on it. There are really only 2 ways for water to get into the combustion chamber on this engine. The intake manifold gasket (hoses run through here near cylinder 1) or the head gasket. I run a Hondata intake manifold gasket that was in good shape when I dropped the engine in, so I doubt that's it. I retorqued the nuts on the manifold to be sure. So as it looks now, I'll be pulling the head to inspect and taking this opportunity to install ARP head studs while I'm in there.
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