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  1. Car: '00 Honda Two-Thousand Lap Time: 2:12.7 Race chrono Estimated Weight w/ driver: 2850 Estimated whp: 190 Tires: 255/40/17 Maxxis RC1
  2. Big thanks to BigMonkey for making the purchase easy! Would buy from again!
  3. Nice lap! Congrats to the promotion. You should start doing Time Attack events now!
  4. Only 7th time! Pretty damn good imo. Yeah i feel ya with those tires, i wouldn't risk my car and push it. I'd get some real rubber like r7/pirelli take offs for next time. I'm pretty sure with just better tires you'll be in the 2:1x easily!
  5. Wow! That's pretty great time there considering you're on what is a glorified all season tire. Nice job ?
  6. Thanks for sharing! I'm looking for some new hood extractors, interested in sponsoring a regional champion, multiple track record holding, national podium finishing car?
  7. Fun weekend, glad the weather held out. And as a nasa cresson tradition, i grace you a Lobsterthings sequel, more like a short clip. https://youtu.be/oxt2ce5Gudk
  8. BRZ4Science is right, the FT86 definitely punches above it's weight. If he wasn't hindered by scca classing rules he'd slap on some sticky tires like Hoosiers or Nt01 and upgrade his suspension to fortune autos and stomp that Corvette.
  9. I concur great car! If you haven't pit crewed for a WRL team, you definitely should. Its a great opportunity to be elbows deep in grass roots endurance racing! Completely worth it.
  10. Is there any Time Attack tickets left for the festival?
  11. MSR-C 1.7 CCW Date: 2/16/19 Lap time: 1:22.6 Car: 2000 S2000 Total vehicle weight with driver: ~2850 lbs w/ driver Wheel horsepower: 197WHP Tires: 255/40-17 RC1 20+ HC Estimated ambient temperature: 40 degrees.
  12. Nice car, it would be a better deal if you threw in the Corvette jacket, jorts and new balances...
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