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  1. PoBoyR6

    Racing Suits

    Go to Winding Road and try on every suit they have. Failing that I would get a custom Stand21 suit if I was in your shoes. I don't have personal experience with their suits (off the rack AStars leathers and driving suits fit my Italian-esque frame perfectly) but I worked with some guys in Europe a while back that were very happy with their custom Stand21 suits and the company certainly has the pedigree/quality you're looking for...and Captain Buddha seems to like his Stand21 suit...if I'm interpreting the all caps and exclamation points correctly...or it might just be some sick joke...
  2. For what its worth there are guys in their 50s and even 60s running TORCS. Obviously the better shape you are in helps with reducing fatigue and bike placement in the more technical sections, but you certainly don't have to be in motocross shape.
  3. Street or track? If track I'd say you're unlucky, if street I'd say you're lucky to have so few near death experiences...
  4. My suggestion...accept that the disappearance of your car is a sign you belong on two wheels. Install a skid plate and hand guards to your shiny new bike and enter some TORCS enduros. Urges for 'The Track' may become a distant memory...and think of the pile of money you won't have to light on fire in a never ending car quest.
  5. So happy for you Denis! And with all the challenges and setbacks you had to endure KG says it best:
  6. Cool glad to hear they are nearing completion. Sounds like I need to contact the track to find out who might be running the SM races.
  7. Any update on completion of the track? And what org will sanction the SM races?
  8. Note 1HP loss is a worst worst case...my calcs were based on peak draw of 25A and normal draw of 18-22A as per the site specs. If an adventure touring bike can handle a 30A accessory draw a Miata (or any car made in the last half century) should handle it no probs.
  9. What are you basing several HP loss on? My napkin calcs show less than 1 HP draw worst case and that is with very conservative 50% efficiency losses...in reality I think the draw should be closer to 1/2 HP under most conditions. Thanks for the info...how hot does it get in those NASCARs...130-140F-ish? I would think you'd want to put a fresh air feed to the unit in addition to mounting it with an air gap to the floor board in extreme cases like those but it might still get toasty if sat on the grid too long in southern summer climes. In this case it would be for a touring bike application so convection cooling won't be much of a concern. Let me know how it goes when you get your system running.
  10. Anyone have experience with the chillout system? www.chilloutsystems.com Specifically compressor & electrical reliability, glycol consumption, general cooling performance, etc. Thanks!
  11. Framing John DeLorean was recently released and is available now on Amazon. Not exactly a motorsport doc, but a very worthy auto related biopic that had some failed attempts by Hollywood to produce over the years since his death...Baldwin did well with the part and although they didn't pull any punches with the story, DeLorean is not portrayed as a villain, they saved that for Chapman (Lotus fanboys beware!) Trailer: On the proper motorsport docu-drama subject, keep an eye out for Ford v Ferrari which is set for a mid November release this year...but am guessing most folks here are already aware of it because of the marketing push Fox has already started ramping up. The niche gearhead flicks gotta get some mainstream attention somehow to make real money... Trailer: As usual post up any other new or favorite flicks for those of us with race fuel in our veins.
  12. PoBoyR6

    Go Kart

    At Houston club level 4-6 in any class is a decent turnout...even 206 sometimes doesn't have much more than that...but generally 206 does have the most entries, usually about 10 give or take. With shifters it really doesn't matter how full the class is, most of the challenge is setting up and driving the kart consistently throughout a race without losing pace due to physical fatigue. You don't really want a bunch of randos out there just making up numbers because of the challenge involved to drive them at the limit properly. When you get to regional or national level with 10-15+ shifters per class, it can be pretty chaotic with expensive/painful multi kart wrecks, flipped karts, etc. If you aren't able to take Jay's sons kart for a test you are welcome to try mine out next time I head out to GCKI. Both me and Jay's son are about the same size as you so seat/pedals should fit pretty well. Jay's kart likely won't have fresh tires, but I will put some fairly fresh rubber on, even though the track won't be rubbered in, so you'll get an idea of what you're getting into. To put it in perspective, when I'm zoned in sometimes I start drooling and it flicks off my cheek to the side of my helmet...I'll show you some simple neck exercises you can do at home to be able to handle the g's.
  13. PoBoyR6

    Go Kart

    On a good day you can get 4-6 shifters, most are masters now since SKUSA announced the 175cc IAME. No one is running it locally or even regionally. That has dropped Senior Shifter kart counts since the youngsters want to wait until that engine is proven, both for tuning and reliability. Stock Honda for Master Shifter is the way to go though, proven, reliable, powerful Honda engine with plentiful cheap parts for those of us who are not chasing the impossible dream of being a pro racer. As for tracks locally its Speedsportz and GCKI, waiting on HKC to finish. More shifters turn up at Speedsportz cause its faster/newer/better facilities but I personally love running at GCKI. The tracks/surface/setup are completely different between them.
  14. PoBoyR6

    Go Kart

    Sent you a PM...I know of a Stock Honda for sale at a really good price. Let me know if you want the contact info assuming its still available. I'm currently racing Master Shifter (over 30 years old) and can answer any questions you have on the class.
  15. Here's an article that discusses the Supra vs Z4 suspension given Toyota's claim that it was developed in isolation. Basically HDA is right (again)...its a bit of a stretch for Toyota to be making that claim. The Supra is essentially a Z4 3.0 with a few pieces from the Z4 M4.0, with the only real differences being the front lower control arm to achieve slightly more aggressive alignment, adaptive damper tuning **SPECULATION ALERT** and steering rack programming **SPECULATION ALERT** So its still very much a Z4 in mind and spirit. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/05/16/2020-toyota-supra-suspension-share-bmw-z4?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Daily_News_Monday_May_20
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