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  1. Loving the SM track application intent. I think I can make out the intended dirt section/jump...is the paved whoop/jump section the squiggly part just before it? Hard to tell elevations from the pic angle...
  2. For what its worth as it pertains to data analysis and building speed…I look at it like a pyramid with three layers going up in difficulty from easy to hard and from high margins to low margins, generally speaking. The bottom layer is corner exit (throttle application) with fairly high margins especially when the corner leads to a straight, like several tenths to second(s). Middle layer is corner entry (braking), not as high margins as corner exit but still usually enough to measure in multiple tenths. And the top layer is mid corner speed where margins are super small assuming entry and exit are already maxed out…like fractions of tenths. Getting from the bottom to the middle layer is what separates Joes from Pros but getting to the top by linking corner exit and entry with maximum mid corner speed is what separates Pros from Aliens, with the Alien Unicorns who can do it corner after corner, lap after lap regardless of changes in tire grip, fuel load, track conditions, etc.
  3. Totally. Looking forward to seeing what lap times the poverty spec Indy cars can turn compared to F1. My guess is something similar to MotoGP/2/3 vs MotoAmerica SBK/SSTK/SSPT lap times...I geek out on that stuff.
  4. Make sure to post on GCKI for sale section...
  5. Ha...now am curious what your first ride in Sactown would look like: a) b) c) d) e) f) ALL OF THE ABOVE
  6. This is a long shot I know...but wondering if anyone is planning, or knows anyone who's planning, on making a tow from Texas (preferably Houston) to California (maybe Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Laguna, Sears Point?) and back anytime in the next few months and could possibly pick up a SuperMoto bike for me (the other SM class ). It should fit fairly easily in front of or behind a car inside a trailer. The pick up location would be SoCal/LA area so closest to Willow. Any extra time/mileage would be compensated for to make it worth the aggravation. Thanks!
  7. PoBoyR6

    F1 2019

    An interesting subject to ponder given the trajectory of the auto industry...could/should F1 merge with FE? If so when would the time/tech be right? https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/29/motorsport/formula-1-formula-e-merger-mercedes-spt-intl/index.html
  8. PoBoyR6

    F1 2019

    Yup we had it pretty good there for a while...now its back to the bad old days of lackluster two wheeled coverage in North America. Here are your options for watching Bein via streaming services: https://flixed.io/watch-bein-sports-without-cable/ Prices for Sling and Fubo range from $25 to $40-ish per month and that enables you to use Bein Connect video streaming/replay services so you don't have to pay extra for cloud DVR add ons. For me last year I just renewed my MotoGP.com sub because I had used their live and archived video service for many years (since ~2003 or so) before proper North American Moto3, Moto2 & MotoGP TV coverage existed and I don't have to worry about cable/streaming service package jumping, media contract conflicts, cold wars, government shutdowns etc. interfering. Just go straight to the source. Its excellent, can watch on any device, no spoilers page, access to all highlight and archive videos etc. and it works out to be much cheaper per year than any of the streaming service options. For WSBK I did the same thing for similar reasons, however, even though both series are run by Dorna, there is no way to watch the races on the app, can only do it through their website...which works fine and they also have no spoilers page and highlight videos like MotoGP which is nice but its kinda weird Dorna hasn't just re-skinned the MotoGP app & tech for WSBK. You can get live timing, live tracking, live audio commentary but no video...WTF...I'm sure they will pull their finger out and add it eventually...maybe this year?
  9. Another option to consider... https://www.amazon.com/Gasoila-FasSeal-Anaerobic-Thread-Sealant/dp/B00CRKVL2W/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547222856&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=gasolia+fasseal+ats Its basically blue Loctite for petroleum applications so should be fine for ethanol, regardless if its bio or synthetic since they have the same hydrocarbon chemical makeup. I don't have first hand experience using it in an ethanol application but its never let me down in pump or race gas applications.
  10. Can't speak for before/after hours antics, but the few times I've been to GSS I showed up with a self tech sheet plus race org annual tags as backup (wasn't checked though), slicks, loud AF exhausts and no shits were given. As long as you are not a total newb, have your ducks in a row and behave the vibe was very laid back.
  11. Was there a few weeks ago. Nothing of note other than the shed, which I couldn't use to wrench out of the rainy weather because of the height of the slab and surrounding mud. Sigh. Track expansion was said not to be until April at the earliest but wouldn't be surprised if it slips...or never happens. Also don't put too much weight on the tech sheet, sound requirements or slicks restriction. Just show up and don't be a moron and they will most likely let you run what you brung.
  12. I am as pumped as you are for 2019. Haven't been this excited for a while actually...mostly due to new chassis, new engine and new helmet design (finally finished after months of impatient waiting) all coming together around the same time. Should have no excuses other than the driver...but am sure I'll think of some new ones if required.
  13. You don't live on a glorified cow patty so you may be ok. Never hurts to re-check periodically though...
  14. Unfortunately this advantage doesn't always apply if you live in a concrete coated swampland like Houston. Due to ground settlement/shifting gotta re-check pad levelness every year or so, especially if a heavy vehicle is stored there.
  15. Vinyl tiles with a sprinkling of sand between them is another option. If you aren't already, make sure the pads themselves are level in x and y directions, if I remember correctly I think the dude in the video is only levelling his pads relative to each other using a single point in the middle. I use shims or wedge more tiles half/diagonally as necessary while monitoring level gauges in X and Y then re-check overall levelness with lasers against the other pads. Its a finnicky process but was amazed how unlevel everything could be in a garage that has a supposedly flat floor.
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