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  1. Good afternoon everyone! WRL will be hosting an HPDE day Fri. Jan. 10th in front of our race weekend. This is for advanced drivers only. Spread the word! $350 for 6 40-minute sessions. https://racewrl.trackrabbit.com/Event/Details/10001794-MSR-Houston-HPDE-2020-01-10 Hope to see some of you there! -Levica
  2. Hey everyone. We are having an open track day March 4. We need around 25 cars to register (and pay) online for the event to make. Have 15 already, so just a few more. Walk ups are welcome. You can run all day 8am-5pm, or half day (morning and afternoon options available). Hope to have great weather and lots of cars! Spread the word. Direct link: https://clubregistration.net/events/signUp.cfm/event/8086 As a side note: The OTD is only open to solo qualified drivers.
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the track this weekend. Weather looks great on Saturday. Anyone planning to stay for the cookout after track goes cold, feel free to bring something to cook (or drink) or chip in for the food run that is bound to happen a couple hours before cold track.
  4. Hope everyone's 2017 is starting off well. The January PDS is coming up in a little over a week. I know it's the same weekend as NASA at Houston and several of you will be at that instead. I could use about 4 more instructors to cover the PDS. If you can't make it, but know someone who maybe able to help instruct, please have them email me. Thanks!!! -Levica
  5. Dave and I can bring our small grill and Joey will probably let us borrow the WRL grill if we need it. We can always make a run to HEB Saturday afternoon to pick up stuff as well.
  6. For most people the garages will show as waitlist for now as I always want to be sure to leave enough for the instructors. I assign them the week of the event. I will be sure to assign an TJ guys who receive garages near each other.
  7. Do I get a shirt too? :) Size Small please. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track for this event (and the Sept one for those attending that one as well)! As stated above email me to verify your TJ status and if you have any questions about the registration.
  8. Looking forward to PDS this weekend! If we get good weather Saturday we will have a cook-out/social as soon as track goes cold, brauts, burgers, beer, etc
  9. Hello everyone, We have a PDS coming up in just over a week Feb 6-7. The only group on a wait list right now is the Green run group. The rest of the groups are around 15-16 registrants each. If we have decent weather we'll try to put together a BBQ/Social Saturday evening after the track goes cold. Hope to see you all there, -Levica P.S. In case you didn't see the email, our new PDS dates for now through June are April 16-17, May 21-22, and June 11-12.
  10. Green group is on a long wait list again. The Blue just started a wait list. Yellow and White have average numbers. Could use more instructors of course :) Hopefully the weather turns out decent. Look forward to seeing several of you there. Have a Happy New Year!
  11. Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the track in a couple weeks. Still working on filling up instructor spots. Thanks to those who pass info to their friends. And yes, we will definitely have an after hours "chill and grill" (as long as there's no surprise hurricane flooding).
  12. Hello everyone, Don't forget we have a PDS coming up in December. Please sign up as soon as you're able to. The Green groups went on a wait list minutes after registration opened. Blue group wait list started a few days ago. Yellow and White have several but there's spots left. And I still could use lots of instructors please :) Here's hoping for better weather than last time. -Levica **Side note, TWS is open through June as of right now. So we will be having several PDS's in the Spring. I already have the January one on CR, which will open in a few weeks.
  13. Anyone who's not able to race this weekend, but would like to be involved, we can always use help on the staff side: tech, black flag, pit stewards, corner workers, etc. -Levica [email protected]
  14. Update on the OTD, Due to the Drag group coming in at 5:00pm, we are ending the OTD at 4:00pm. So the options are now 8:00am-11:30am, and 12:30pm-4:00pm.
  15. ***Could still use a few more instructors for this coming weekend's PDS.*** Event is looking small again. Less than 20 in each of the Blue, Yellow, and White groups. Plan on same schedule as the August PDS. I'll be sending out the schedule and garage assignments Thursday evening. -Levica [email protected]
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