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  1. I think it speaks to what we all feel.... A real loss for the racing community is about to take place. After more than 40 years as a site for all types of racing,Texas World Speedway will go the way of the dinosaurs and be plowed under for the sake of a few hundred new homes in south College Station. I hope to make my last weekend - this weekend - at what I consider one of the best road courses in all of the US a good one. COTA may be fast, but no track has ever scared me as much as TWS...period. And fear is the primal driver of all racing. So soak in the true loss that is TWS' demise.
  2. I got the schedule yesterday, maybe I'm a special guy in Denise's eye :) LOL - just focking with you Nathan
  3. Sorry for the delay, just saw your note. Rears are between 6 and 7 32nd's, fronts between 4 and 5 32nd's. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. Hah, the old girl was just feeling her age, I'd dropped almost 3K in repairs on her in the last 2 months so had to move on. The latest fix was a new, watercooled alternator. Those pieces of german @*^%$, I mean engineering, are not cheap and that was the straw that got me into a 335i :) She did well the 3 years I had her, and will be missed! See you at Martin's Friday night!
  5. Traded in the 540i and bought a late model 335i with Run Flats. Hated the ride quality so swapped to non run-flat Pole Position S04's. Already happy I did, the handling and feel are much better! That said, I've got this set of run flats I need to get rid of. They are staggered, fronts are 225/18/40, rears are 255/35/18. There's well over 50% tread left - the rears are closer to 70% - so I'm asking $300, OBO. A new set of these run over $1200 from Tirerack + shipping, so less than 1/4 the price of new. The date of manufacture is 2012 according to the side stamp meaning they are about 2 years old. Nothing wrong with them, run flats are just what were on the car when I bought it last week and not my cup of tea. Check the pics and message me with questions. Yes, that's a quarter I'm holding to show tread depth in the pic :) This ad will be on CL Austin and Bimmerforums, too.
  6. Spoke to Memo last night, he's happy to work with you on picking a time for you to come up and try and install it. As a heads up, he's actually north and closer to Conroe...to me it's all just Houston :) I'll PM you his email
  7. PM me with your email and I'll connect you and him and see about getting it set up before PDS. I'm not headed to Houston between now and the event - I'm in Austin - but maybe the two of you can work out a time to try and install it at his new shop! Thanks!
  8. I'll have to get with Memo and see what power sources we have left in the interior. When he gutted the remainder of the center console, that removed the cig lighter and its power connection. There's power somewhere (given how much loose wire is hanging all over the place), I just don't know where we can tap it nor what's hot vs. not. Honestly, it might be better to look for an alternate test subject. Like Jander, I've got a cage, a wink 5-panel mirror hanging under it, and a shift light on the dash so we may end up in the same place he did. Plus given I'm only one day and most likely will have 2 students (Martin's payback for being a 1-dayer), the fact Memo is bringing the car up Saturday morning from Houston, and we'd still have to find and tap power it sounds like it could be a real rushed/imperfect experience. Anyone else want to volunteer their vehicle? Jander did email me and say he could bring it no problem...
  9. Cool, I spoke with him on the last day of the event earlier this year and he said that he knew not having the same instructor for students was not ideal and they'd work on that this time around. Betting having only 2 day entrants will help with that quite a bit, too.
  10. Let me email Jander about the install. He already had it in his car last time, so was not sure how long it took him to get it in there. Given I'm Sat only, want to make sure that I'll have time to do it and manage my students and track time, if that makes sense. Also, what power source do you need? I don't have a 12v port in my car any longer after Memo gutted what was left of the interior to get it ready for WRL. Thanks for the offer John and @@Just_Hayes I'll let you know what Jander says...
  11. Sure, I'd like to try it out. The thing is I'm only in for Saturday since this event is so close to Christmas. Got to get back to Austin for family coming in town and prep the house, etc. I've told Martin that I'm working on the wife to see if I can pull 2 days since there are so many students and not many instructors signed up, but not sure that's going to have a lot traction with her as an argument for staying Sunday :)
  12. Dang, was hoping you'd be there. I saw the set up in Jander's car - it looked very cool - but he couldn't make it work given space constraints. Wanted to see if it may fit in mine. One thing we both realized was that any car with a cage is going to add complexity to making the set up fit. I think there's a little more room in my car - even with a cage. Unfortunately I'll be out for the Jan and Feb PDS' as I'm at COTA with Chin in Jan and COTA with BMW CCA in March, and the PDS in Feb is the weekend following Chin so can't make that work with 2 kids and a wife :(
  13. Hey Bruce Per our thread on this after last year's event, was there agreement at the higher levels that having one instructor for the entire weekend is better for the students than having a different instructor jump in and out each day? Already signed up for the event, would just like to know if we will avoid potentially having 3 different students over the 3 days. As mentioned in that thread, I think - and everyone I instructed seemed to agree - that one instructor for the event is a better, more consistent experience. Totally get that there'll be one-offs, but as a whole it'd be better for students to stay with the same person - and keeps us from having to re-adjust to a different driving style and learning curve each day. Thanks
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