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  1. I bought a C5Z to become my track car about 5 years ago. I bought one of the nicest ones I could find, w/ low miles, stock ex. a K&N air filter. It was a good street car, not so great track car, so I threw wheelbarrows of money at Texas Track Works and other vendors. First problem was the seats, they're beyond terrible, so I got Recaro race buckets and 5 pt. harnesses. Next, the cooling was as bad as I've seen in any car on track. EVERYTHING overheated - engine coolant, engine/transmission/differential oil, and brakes. Thousands of dollars of coolers and ducting later, that was
  2. No thanks to another job, I'm probably unemployable now! It would be awfully hard working for anyone else, even if it had to do w/ tracks and sports cars.
  3. Have you ever dreamed of owning a trackside condo? Here's a great opportunity for you! This Texas Motor Speedway luxury condo comes fully furnished. Stunning views of the track from the wall to wall windows or the fabulous walk out balcony. Perfect for entertaining or full time condo living. All furnishings, memorabilia and most decor included. Ready to move in! HOA dues include use of clubhouse, fitness area, pool, tennis courts, 2 covered parking spaces and parking for golf cart. Condo comes with 8 tickets per race. Tons of new shopping and restaurants right across the street. Buyer to verif
  4. I'm not sure about the date code, as I don't see one as expected per the date code reading tips I found on the web. Here are some of the markings: DOT V40X to the right of that, I see "DA2859", then "PC108AC" They were shipped by Tire Rack on 2/5/18. I did ECR once and MSR twice with them, always skipping the last session and usually cutting my sessions short to keep oil temps in check (an engine oil cooler was on my to do list had I kept my BRZ). Sorry for the delayed response, I was in Austin all weekend for the World Rallycross Championships.
  5. These great wheels are made exclusively for the FT-86 twins. They're light (17.8 lbs.), hub-centric (which means no centering rings), and clear big brakes, including the OEM Brembos that come w/ the Performance Package. https://www.apexraceparts.com/wheels/arc-8-wheels/17x9-et42-apex-arc-8-fr-s-brz-wheel.html These wheels and tires have only about 1k miles (including a couple of track days), and are in great shape. I just traded in my BRZ for a new car, so no longer have any use for them. Together, these wheels and tires create insane levels of grip and look great. $1200, come pi
  6. It's plenty fast stock, and comes w/ a 100K warranty. I'd rather keep the OEM reliability and the warranty intact!
  7. Stinger GT has LSD available in RWD. I've driven a couple of them, and they're great cars for the $$$.
  8. We need more tracks w/ 220V outlets, or even better, Tesla Superchargers!
  9. I use my BRZ as my only car, and love it. The seats are comfy, it has a great AC, and good visibility. The ride is on the stiffer side, but the damping is well controlled. When I got 17x9’s w/ sticky rubber, I initially thought I’d run them full time, but I found that I actually enjoy the stock “crap” tires more on the streets, as it makes the car feel more playful. BTW, I’m 52 and previously daily drove an E90 M3, so I’m not some kid who doesn’t know better.
  10. Agreed, it's amazing how well suited they are for track use for such a low priced car. I used to own a Cayman S, and it feels like 80% of that car for 1/2 the price, w/ the added benefits of easier maintenance, a back seat, cheap on consumables, and plenty of cargo room for tires, bikes, etc.
  11. I bought a ‘17 WRX w/ the goal of consolidating my C5Z track car and Civic Si DD into one car. There was a lot to like about it, but it was a big letdown on the track, except in wet conditions, where it was awesome. The turbo bearings failed after the first track day, the seats had insufficient support, and the brakes didn’t hold up well. On the street, it was great, except for it falling flat on its face before boost kicked in. I traded it for the BRZ after 7 months, and am very happy with the change.
  12. Yes, it was my favorite DD ever apart from its gasoline addiction. My wife saw 20 mpg once or twice, but I never did.
  13. I love it dearly, and had planned on giving it to my son for his 16th birthday, but keeping it doesn't make much financial sense. I'm heavily leaning towards selling, but will make a decision once my new car arrives. W/ 0-60 in the low 3's, 116 mpg-e, near self-driving capabilities, free "fuel", and a pretty promising track mode, I suspect I'll be OK having the M3 Performance as my only ride.
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