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  1. Track: 3.1 Date: Nov 7, 2020 Lap Time: 2:28.38 (Solo DL) Car: 2009 Porsche Cayman S Weight with driver: 3200 WHP: 290ish Tires: Hankook RS4's Weather: 70, Sunny Tires are at end of life. The fall off after my first session of the day was significant where I went from consistent 2:29's up to 2:32's after the first session. Maybe some stickier rubber is next for me. 🙂
  2. I signed up for Saturday. See you all out there.
  3. I'll be there all 3 days. Looks like there could be a set of 987.2S's that weekend. 😀
  4. Can't it be criminal charges if he has your property and is not returning it after multiple attempts? What if he actually just took your money and stuff and took off?
  5. Hey Rob. I might be interested in your truck, and I'd be fine you guys holding onto it until May. Let me get a good pulse on my funds that are available, but will message you directly. Regards
  6. I can tell by the hand position that he's a skilled driver. Google it...it is a thing. Seriously, you waited long enough. Just post an excruciating review on Google and share with us the name of the shop so no TJ's go there.
  7. What's the ole saying... 'a camel in the hand is better than 2 in the bush'? Or something like that?
  8. I use Discount Tire and Auto Shop in Plano near Fry’s. 900 E Plano Pkwy A, Plano, TX 75074
  9. I'm signed up as well. I'm loving Eagles Canyon...my new favorite track for sure.
  10. Love it. That shit made me start truly laughing out loud at work.
  11. Believe it or not...this is a thing. Not sure the sign is legit but we've had foreign contractors that required instruction on how to use toilets. I had caught a glance of someone squatting over the toilet in a stall with what appeared to be one foot on each side of the bowl. We would regularly get 'spackle' on the backside of the toilet...very gross.
  12. I'll be there. Can't wait as the layout looks pretty awesome.
  13. do you have a link with more detail on the car. What maintenance has been done along with info related to IMS?
  14. I might have a friend interested. I believe they should fit a 986 as well. It looks like you have the shims for the forks.
  15. It seems to be a common theme with any German car. They automatically assume that you have money to throw around because of what you drive. I had the same problem when having work done on my BMW as well. Fortunately my mechanic charges me more realistic rates without the German tax applied.
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