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  1. Probably not...I believe oiling issues on Cayman's were taken care of with the 2nd generation 987's and if you're not running during summer days then cooling probably isn't an issue. You should be fine out of the box for limited HPDE participation. You may want to consider adding some camber up front. I scrubbed the outside of my front tires within 2 events. I added the GT3 adjustable control arms and now wear is even. Went from -1 camber to -3...or you can just slap on some camber plates. I think that will get you to around -2 degrees iirc.
  2. Why oh why did you list these? Now you're tempting me to keep my Cayman and buy these for it. πŸ˜€
  3. I'm doing an early listing of my 2009 Porsche Cayman S for track junkies. My personal situation has changed recently and I am proactively trying to free up some cash. In the coming weeks I'll start listing it on other sites/forums for sale. Right now it has some track oriented bits on it, that are listed below, I think a track junkie would like. I'll likely be removing them and parting out for a more 'commercialized' sale. My hope is that some track junkie will pick this car up...it's a very special car and they are actually pretty rare to come across as production was low during the period of time it was manufactured. I'm asking $32k with all the bits listed below. 2009 Porsche Cayman S (VIN WP0AB29859U780831) No accidents and I have the carfax when I first purchased that shows all service intervals) PDK 57k Miles Carrara White with beige interior Heated and Powered Comfort Seats Bose high end sound package Hankook RS4 Tires Build sheet attached (includes all other standard bits that come with cars these days) Modifications (I do have all stock parts to be included) Porsche GT3 Control Arms (Front and Rear) Several sizes of shims for adjusting camber along with Litronic brackets Rennline Adjustable Rear Toe Arms Rennline Rear Support bar with Tie Downs Porsche OE Alcantara Sport Steering Wheel (muy importante!) I've only had the car on track for 4 different events since I purchased it in November last year. It performs extremely well and is a blast to drive on the street too. The PDK shifts are crisp and fast and very easy to manage on track. The additional camber really helps reduce uneven tire wear and is a very important mod if you want to track the car. I purchased it to have a solid car for a handful of track events each year, that is comfortable on the street, and is very capable on track out of the box. This car fits the bill. You may already be aware, but this is the Second Generation 987 Cayman when the IMS bearing went away with the newly introduced DFI engine. These engines are said to be bullet proof and ultra reliable. It comes stock with the 3rd radiator up front that helps cooling significantly. Probably only other mod might be a PDK transmission cooler if you track during the summer, which I don't. Most feedback folks receive when shopping for 987 Caymans, is to spend the extra money and get the second generation. The inherent issues in the first generation 987 series are not present in the second generation. I recently did a paint correction and applied several coats of ceramic coating. It's very easy to keep clean now and always looks like it was freshly cleaned even after several weeks of no wash. No dents and only some minor rock chips on the front bumper. I have more pictures I can send if folks are interested. I'm just including a small sampling of them in this post along with build sheet and Blackstone Oil Analysis report. WP0AB29859U780831.pdf
  4. Pad knock back is definitely a thing. I had it with the stock brakes in both my E36 and E46 M3's. I think a light 'left foot' brush of brake before a turn is the ticket. Or just upgrade the fronts to a BBK and not have to worry about it. πŸ˜‰
  5. I think the instructor had his decision ready prior to getting in the car. He is probably thinking about how he should have the conversation with him during the ride along. I guarantee you they have drivers in that run group that are about as smooth or 'unsmooth' as this driver, but they're okay with them being out there because they feel they're safe. He should have just told him that since he missed 3 red flags he's out for the rest of the event. That it is a very very very serious issue. Mistakes happen but that's one of the biggest you can make. If he wants to come back they will need to arrange an instructor to ride with him to ensure he's observing the flags and is safe on the track... better than 'hem hawing' about how the car outperforms his abilities...blah blah blah. Don't state things like 'not trying to be a d**k...' constantly..then try to buddy up about participating in social events etc. As soon as he stated he had been in the sport since 2009 he comes back with 'why did you miss 3 red flags then'. It was all about safety, and should have been the core of the discussion.
  6. Shoot yeah....just signed up. See ya at the track for some wacky 2 way action.
  7. I imagine in that guy's head at the time he was thinking about how awesome he was and the folks he was racing were a level below him.
  8. At the PCA event last month someone parked their 40 foot RV toy hauler thing lengthwise on the cement. Probably took up over 10 prime spots facing the track. I made a comment about it to someone I thought was part of the organizing group but got a weird stare. I think he was the offender...hahaha in the end people need to practice situational awareness. If you’re attending an event with 140 participants then parking is going to be tough. There are areas reserved for RV parking typically...be a good neighbor and park there.
  9. I'll take the AIM Solo. I live in Frisco, so right next to you.
  10. I never had an issue with my E36 or E46 M3. The issue I had with my E90 M3 was that the brake and accelerator pedals were too far apart. Never worried about the E90 since I didn't track it. I found my track cars had the brake pedal just slightly over the height of the accelerator at around 50% pressure applied to the brakes. It was perfect for heel/toe using just the ball of my feet. I could pop my leg to the right and hit the accelerator perfectly. I did have an aftermarket clutch so perhaps that played into it being aligned well for me when heel/toeing. The E36 had an M5 clutch installed and the E46 had a Clutchmasters FX300 installed iirc.
  11. I may end up going. I'll probably wait until last minute to make sure my car is in good shape from the weekend before running with Apex.
  12. I used the following items to light up my garage. I bought 2 sets of lights and they're freaking bright. It's brighter than the Griswald's Christmas lights (will add pics later). I put them in a rectangle pattern over each car in the garage. I'll add pics later, but install took me about an hour to complete. Was really easy and just tapped into my existing single bulb light fixture in the garage. Basically, they're track lights. A single screw into each bracket and pop the light in. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HBT3BVM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071D6N6L1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. I actually had an E90 M3 when I had my E36 M3 and used it for my daily, but never tracked it. It's still my most favorite DD I ever had, except for the gas mileage. From a stats perspective, I believe the E90 M3 is about the same weight as an E92 M3. So you don't really lose or gain anything between the two models. Another thing I like is that the enthusiast community for BMW M series is really wonderful. You can find so many DIY videos and detailed write ups on how to do just about anything on these cars...plus folks are always selling tons of aftermarket parts. If you want a new suspension, just sit tight as a someone will probably list something soon. I know there are several folks on this forum that track their E9x M3's regularly that can probably give you some better insight. A lot of what I read indicated that although they are heavier they are still very tossable through the corners. I'm sure if you're coming from a much lighter car over to the E9x, it could be a bit jaunting.
  14. If you're partial to BMW, why not an E92 M3? None of the same issues with subframe or vanos as the E46. Just put in some new rod bearings and the car will scream on track for you for quite some time. Consumables will be on par with the Vette and E46 M3...and that screaming S65 V8 sounds amazing. Also, they're quite a pleasure to drive on the road too. πŸ˜‰ You can find several good examples of higher mileage E92's sub-$20k these days. That would have been my next track car if I didn't decide to try out Porsche first. I started with E36 M3, then E46 M3 and now a Cayman S. I spent a lot of money sorting out the E46 and make it ready for the track. E36 M3 = Will last for a very long time. Mine had over 220k miles when I sold it. E46 M3 = better performer on track, but more items to sort out to make it suitable for track duty E92 M3 = better performer on track out of the box. I feel like they sorted a lot of the problems from the E46. This is definitely a more refined car than the prior generations. Get peace of mind by replacing the rod bearings.
  15. After going to the track this past weekend I definitely would suggest you make the trek. Hallett is challenging but a lot of fun. I'll probably sign up for the PCA event out there in May as well. This track will have to be part of my personal track rotation going forward. It also technically satisfies my New Years resolution of visiting an out of state track this year. πŸ˜‰ I will say that the tire walls were probably the more concerning aspect of the track. I'm used to Cresson where there really aren't too many things to hit going off track...so I'm willing to push harder. I definitely held back in some turns to prevent any bad incidents from occurring. Regardless, would rather hit tires than the trees on the other side of the tires. hahaha If you do come out, don't do what I did...if available to you, ask for an instructor to ride with you early on. I was able to figure out a lot of things on my own, but definitely was leaving a couple seconds out on the track. In retrospect I wish I would have tapped the PCA staff on the shoulder and asked for an instructor to ride along. Regardless, I still feel I turned in some respectable times for my stock Cayman (1:28.4). I did watch a lot of videos.
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