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  1. After going to the track this past weekend I definitely would suggest you make the trek. Hallett is challenging but a lot of fun. I'll probably sign up for the PCA event out there in May as well. This track will have to be part of my personal track rotation going forward. It also technically satisfies my New Years resolution of visiting an out of state track this year. 😉 I will say that the tire walls were probably the more concerning aspect of the track. I'm used to Cresson where there really aren't too many things to hit going off track...so I'm willing to push harder. I definitely held back in some turns to prevent any bad incidents from occurring. Regardless, would rather hit tires than the trees on the other side of the tires. hahaha If you do come out, don't do what I did...if available to you, ask for an instructor to ride with you early on. I was able to figure out a lot of things on my own, but definitely was leaving a couple seconds out on the track. In retrospect I wish I would have tapped the PCA staff on the shoulder and asked for an instructor to ride along. Regardless, I still feel I turned in some respectable times for my stock Cayman (1:28.4). I did watch a lot of videos.
  2. Hey guys, I just signed up for the PCA event coming up in a couple weeks. For anyone who has been out there, should I stay in Stillwater or Tulsa? It seems those are the 2 spots that actually have some level of civilization after I retire from the track that evening. Both seem about equal distance from the track so figured I'd start there. Any insights as to good places to stay that are around decent places to eat would be appreciated. I was even eyeballin' downtown Tulsa. Regards
  3. I signed up as well. Still waiting to see if they let me in. Anxious to get the Cayman on the 3.1 along with it's brethren.
  4. I tried the federals and found them to be horrible for our warmer climate. After a few laps they were greasy. After 2 events I trashed them and got the Hankook’s again. Got tired of running 10/10ths for only a 3rd of a session.
  5. Congrats! I’m loving my 987.2 Cayman S
  6. They’re all good choices, and share a lot of the same instructors. My recommendation is To do TDE your first time to maximize sequential sessions with an instructor, then any other school after your first time. Something about everything clicking on that second session of the second day that I remember my first time out.
  7. Lose weight to improve my power to weight ratio Participate in 12 HPDE events this year Go to an HPDE event at ECR Go to an HPDE event out of state (probably Road Atlanta, AMP or Hallet)
  8. Robert, Thanks for having me out. I had a lot of fun and on such a beautiful day. Hopefully we can do this again next year. It was great meeting Sam as well...especially since I’m still a BMW fanboy. Merry Christmas
  9. Hahaha...I'll be driving the Cayman for sure. I went ahead and purchased some boxes to ship the wheels when they eventually get sold. Thanks for the offer, sir. I do have an appointment scheduled for 9 am to get an alignment. If I didn't eff anything up when I installed the camber arms, I may be good to go for Saturday. I essentially added about 15mm of length on the camber arms versus stock (front and rear) and man it threw the toe off big time. Had to do a quick 'eye ball' alignment just so I can drive it to the alignment shop in the morning.
  10. I'm still pretty sure I can make it. I installed adjustable camber arms on my Cayman this Saturday and of course I'm missing the 'litronics' shim with bracket for the rear. So my headlights are all wonky. The part was delayed and won't be here until some time today. With that said, gotta install the new shim when it arrives and get an alignment...then drive 5 hours to the track.
  11. Hahaha...i have a 981 sport wheel on my 987 but doesn’t workhe other way. Maybe a hula girl on the dash?
  12. I need to make a new best friend with someone that has a 2 or 4 post lift. Anybody need a new bestie?
  13. If I can swing it that day, would you all let a N. Texas TJ come join you? I haven't been to MSR Houston in a couple of years but would study up and watch lots of Robert Cope videos to refresh memory.
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