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  1. Up for sale is a MINT CONDITION 2014 CRG Road Rebel Stock Honda Shifter Kart. This is a complete turn key kart which was put together with no expenses spared - It has the absolute best parts money can buy. At the heart of this monster is a Swedetech built Stock Honda CR125 with an A+ 01 cylinder. The motor package which alone costs over $6000 new is FRESH and crazy fast. This is a nationally competitive kart - If you want to run up front, THIS is the shifter to have! The 32mm Road Rebel chassis is in perfect condition – not a single scratch or scrape underneath. It is 100% mint and straight, outfitted with the incredibly desirable Duraclan (ceramic) rotors and magnesium chassis components. The kart shows as new in person… It is as flawless as a used kart can be without a single spec of dirt or grease anywhere (seriously, I have never seen a cleaner kart). The body graphics all show beautifully, as do the fuel tank and floor pan. Some key details of this build include: 2014 CRG Road Rebel 32mm Chassis Swedetech built (A+ 01 Cylinder) Honda CR125 motor package Skusa SK1 pipe Duraclan brake rotors VEN05 braking system Magnesium chassis components MRC radiator and hoses Douglas magnesium wheels 1 heat cycle Evinco Red tire Fully race prepped This shifter kart is 100% prepped, cleaned, and maintained - Needs nothing to be on the podium at the next race. This package was built to run at the front on a national level and would cost over $15000 to recreate. Located and available to show in the North Houston area. $4200 takes this shifter home (kart stand not included at sale price, but is for sale separately). Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for looking!
  2. SOLD Up for sale is a FANTASTIC, like new 2017 Alpha LO206 kart. This kart has been driven for 2 practice days only, and it shows as new. There is not a scratch, scrape, or scuff anywhere to be found on the kart! This Alpha kart is 100% turn-key / race prepped with a LO206 engine, and all the right accessories to put you on the podium. If you want to run up front, this is the kart to have! The kart fires right up on the first pull, and it runs VERY strong. A few of the key features / options: 2017 Alpha "Tiger Black" chassis Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine - race prepped Fresh Evinco Blue tires Upgraded billet aluminum & anodized gas / brake pedals Upgraded billet aluminum foot rest Upgraded magnesium components Floating rear brake rotor (very nice, expensive upgrade) 50 mm rear axle "Max Torque" clutch, currently geared for speedsportz Racing Park Steering wheel "wedge" with mychron mount One glance at the metallic blue frame and you will think this kart still has the factory wrapper on it - The body work and all graphics are flawless, the frame barely has a knick on the underside, and overall it shines so bright! Please see the attached pictures, or better yet come see it in person.
  3. SOLD! Have another LO206 kart that I need to get out of the garage... Maybe someone here is ready to get into a 206! Up for sale is a fantastic condition 2017 Ricciardo LO206 kart. This is a race ready kart, and is a proven winner. Kart has very few races on it, and has won several times at Speedsportz racing park. If you want to be up front, this is the kart to have! Some key features include 2017 Ricciardo AY29Y Race kart Briggs LO206 engine Hilliard Inferno "Flame" Clutch #35 chain, geared to run at speedsportz racing park Evinco Blue tires This kart is VERY clean, and needs nothing but a new driver to put it on the podium!
  4. Nice! Glad to hear that I am planning to start running the skusa protour next year in s4. Have alot of work to do before that though! Do you ever run or practice at speedsportz?
  5. Are you going to start running national SKUSA events, poboy?
  6. Kart is Sold! Ill be on a new CompKart this weekend... you guys all need to get 206's and come race!
  7. SOLD! I know alot of trackjunkies are doing some karting, so i figured I would see if there was any interest on this one... Up for sale is a FANTASTIC, like new condition 2018 CRG LO206 Kart. This is the FS4 chassis, which is the absolute latest and greatest chassis CRG produces. It was designed specifically for the LO206 class, and is VERY fast. This kart has only been run in 4 races, and was run with frame protectors and meticulously maintained after every outing. The condition really shows, as there is not a scratch anywhere to be seen. The body work is 100% fresh, and the frame shows very well too! The low hour LO206 engine fires right up without hesitation, and is mated to a fresh Hilliard Flame clutch. The kart comes turn key with all the right parts. Over $5000 was invested in this kart when new only a few weeks ago! Some key features include JTP Motor Mount JTP chain guard JTP fuel line races Hilliard "flame" clutch Upgraded magnesium foot / pedal bar Upgraded bearings Fully safety wired and race prepped Low hour LO206 engine Large Greyhound seat Good condition Evinco Blue tires 50mm medium axle All magnesium hubs
  8. I absolutely was not one of the 5 206's out there sunday! Too much of a mess for me. I did make it out saturday and got some decent practice sessions in though. What class do you run?
  9. Looks like the series prize for the speedsportz league is a sponsored pro race in a birel 206. There is some good incentive!
  10. Just get a 206 now and be and be glad you did! Speedsportz does have garages, but they are wait listed at the moment. Alan did mention he is considering building more Itll be interesting to see what HKC actually builds. There are alot of plans from what i hear, hopefully they come to fruition. A full pro track will be awesome if it happens, But that is going to be alot of competiton with speedsportz only 30 mins away
  11. Well there is only 1 pass thru on the HKC rental track... hopefully that isnt the case I want to support both leagues... i might try both for the first race or two and see how things shake out Why dont you get a 206 now and come join the party? We had 29 206’s on the grid during the last race (not counting last weekend when it was a monsoon)
  12. I am potentially interested in that. Speedsportz has a league starting next wednesday, and it runs every 2 weeks or so like HKC. Will run both the rental track and pro track which is cool
  13. It sure is! Cheap is relative :P Compared to racing full sized cars, all of karting is cheap! Facebook groups are honestly the best place to find good used karts... There are several large groups that are very active. Craigslist is hit or miss... Not usually a ton of good offerings on there, but you get lucky every so often. GCKI also has a forum, with a classifieds section. Not super active, but it gets a couple good listings here and there (https://racekarts.com/forum32/viewforum.php?f=11)
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